Hyperspeed Commissions – Scam or Legit?

Hyperspeed Commissions is a new product which just launched on the WarriorPlus network but can this product really help you make money as it claims, or is it just another rehashed scam you should avoid? Keep reading below and I’ll share all the details with you.

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Hyperspeed Commissions – Overview

After taking a closer look at Hyperspeed Commissions it’s clear to me that this product is teaching you how to run cheap Facebook ads. Facebook ads have become huge in the past couple of years and many marketers have jumped on them with great success however many still struggle. I’ve personally struggled to crack the code to Facebook ads despite trying many times. I’ve only been successful running Facebook ads through 1 specific niche which has nothing to do with internet marketing.

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So can Hyperspeed Commissions be the answer to you finally making money from Facebook ads? After checking it out I think that this looks like a pretty decent product and one that can help you get started. I do think some of the claims they make are a little unrealistic like saying you can start profiting $150+ a day starting with just $5. Sure I mean you can technically start with just $5 a day ad spend, but you’ll need to spend more and test various ads before you really make money.

It’s not as simple as just turning on the system and seeing the profits roll in. If they are actually suggesting that it’s possible to do that then they are lying. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you will always need to test various ads to find the winning formula. If it were as simple as turning on the machine then we’d all be experts running Facebook ads for high end clients making a fortune, but obviously that isn’t the case.

Is Hyperspeed Commissions A Scam?

It doesn’t look like it to me. I’ve reviewed many products and systems right here on this blog and the scams are easy to spot. Take for example the Online Profits Breakthrough or Steal My System. These are obvious make money scams that have zero value, but Hyperspeed Commissions is nothing like those. They actually offer real training, plus it’s super cheap and they even have a 14 day money back guarantee. So rest assured that it’s definitely not a scam what you are buying here, so there’s pretty much no risk.

How Does Hyperspeed Commissions Work?

The product works by teaching you how to run Facebook ads with a small budget and utilise the Facebook pixel. A while back Facebook came up with this ingenious solution to tracking ads by creating a pixel. The pixel is one that you place throughout your funnel and you can track a number of actions such as leads, webinar registrations, purchases etc, the list really goes on. This allows you to track the whole funnel, I mean you can even track how many people add to cart, how many buy, the conversion from the add to cart page. All this provides Facebook with an amazing amount of data that allows them to optimise their entire platform.

It’s quite scary when you think about it how much Facebook actually knows. For example: you go onto one of your favourite websites and buy something. You might not have even been on Facebook but because you’re logged into Facebook and the website you bought from is using the Facebook pixel, they now know that you are a buyer. You’ve been added to Facebook’s huge list of buyers!

Now as a consumer this is quite scary what data Facebook actually knows but as a marketer it’s amazing. Plus you could argue that it’s better because it means you’ll received more targeted advertisements and not just random ones that are completely unrelated to you. It’s clever stuff though and it’s because of this pixel that people have been able to have so much success with Facebook ads, because you can now optimise for conversions. So when running ads you can basically tell Facebook you want sales, or you want leads, and how much you want to pay for them. Obviously you need to be realistic with it, but Hyperspeed Commissions will show you how to do this on a small budget, it’s pretty cool.

Should You Buy Hyperspeed Commissions?

To be honest that depends. In my honest opinion if you are looking to learn more about Facebook ads and you want a cheap product to help you do that, then go ahead and buy it because you will learn about how to run these ads on a small budget and potentially make money.

On the flip side if you don’t really care about Facebook and you simply want to make money one way or another then I wouldn’t recommend it. I personally think that if you are a newbie and you don’t already know much about Facebook you’ll probably struggle to have success here, and you’d be better off checking out my recommendation below.

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Hyperspeed Commissions - Scam or Legit? 7


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