iCoin Market Review – Scam or Legit?

iCoin Market is the latest opportunity I’ve come across that is built around bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are booming right now and more and more of these opportunities are being created but are they legitimate and can iCoin Market really help you? I’ve been checking it out and now I’m sharing my honest opinion.

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iCoin Market – Overview

So after taking a closer look at iCoin Market I can see that it’s still in it’s pre-launch phase so there will be a lot of hype surrounding this opportunity. I’ve noticed an interesting trend recently because more and more of these kind of programs have been popping up and others have faded away. Over the past few years the biggest opportunities out there have been revenue share opportunities however to be honest these were all scams and many have collapsed already. Now since there’s so much hype around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies more opportunities like iCoin Market have popped up. Just recently I reviewed iCoin Pro which is a similar opportunity.

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How Does iCoin Market Work?

As you can see the iCoin Market opportunity is still in pre-launch and there’s 28 days left until the official launch. I heard about iCoin Market through a contact of mine who is heavily involved in these kind of programs and often promotes the “latest and greatest”. He makes a lot of money promoting these kind of programs but I’m personally more interested in the legitimacy behind them and whether they can really help a newbie to make money. The truth is that any experienced marketer can jump onto a program like this, promote it and make money but can someone completely new who wants to make money join iCoin Market and make money?

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The first thing I noticed which is good is that you can register and receive $10 in your wallet. It’s nice when programs do this because it basically gives people a reason to join since they know that they will immediately receive the reward. Of course you’ll need to actually spend money if you do want to profit, money doesn’t just “grow on trees” as the saying goes, and nobody will give you it for free, but to be honest cryptocurrencies are booming right now and it’s probably the easiest way to make money fast and literally double or more your money overnight sometimes. On the flip side it’s also the easiest way to lose money, as if you enter the market at the wrong time you can just as easily lose money as fast as you can make it too.

That’s where iCoin Market comes in because it allows you to make money from this booming market without actually having any experience in it. It’s like investing in a hedge fund and letting the pros do the hard work of making money for you. When you join you can decide how much money you want to invest, and then you can just leave it and iCoin Market will do the hard work for you delivering returns into your account. Obviously there’s risk involved and my guess is that you are going to experience some down days as well as up days but if they know what they are doing you should see profits.

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iCoin Market – Business Opportunity

You might be wondering why you are being sent emails and promotions asking you to join iCoin Market. That’s because there’s a business opportunity attached to the program and people can refer others and earn commissions in order to make money. That’s why so many of these affiliates are promoting it and getting you to join because ultimately they will earn more money from the crypto currencies by referring you.

Is iCoin Market A Scam?

From what I have seen so far I don’t believe that iCoin Market is a scam however it’s really hard to tell for sure because they are still in pre-launch so they don’t actually have a long term record of success. Plus this industry (crypto) is booming right now and has a lot of hype surrounding it which means that many opportunities like iCoin Market are popping up and I’ve already reviewed others like iCoin Pro. The question is, how do we know which opportunities are legitimate and which ones are just ponzi scheme scams. After all how do we know that the people behind iCoin Market are really trading and aren’t just operating a ponzi scheme.

The truth is we don’t really know, and it’s hard to tell. So I would proceed with caution. It’s okay to join and put some money at risk to see what happens but definitely do not under any circumstance put all your money at risk. Personally I wouldn’t put my money into this because I would not be in control of it, and I’d rather make my money from other methods that are more sustainable and aren’t relying on a bubble.

iCoin Market – Conclusion

I’m not recommending iCoin Market because I believe it’s too new to really know if it’s legitimate.

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iCoin Market Review - Scam or Legit? 7


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