Instant Income System Review by Judy Greer [SCAM!]

Looking for a review of the Instant Income System by Judy Greer?

The Instant Income System (aka Instant Income Generator) is a new system I recently came across and today I’m writing this review to share my honest opinion and expose this scam. You can keep reading below and get all the details on Judy Greer’s Instant Income System and exactly why I’m not recommending it.

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Instant Income System Review by Judy Greer [SCAM!] 9

Instant Income System – Rehashed Scam

So what is the Instant Income System? After taking a closer look at the Instant Income System it became clear to me that this system is just an old rehashed scam. Once I started watching the video and going through the steps to join I realised I had seen this scam before going by the name of Home Earning System. It was only a few months ago when I exposed it right here on this blog and now it’s back with a new name trying to fool you once again.

I must admit that I had to laugh at their sales video. I took a screenshot below and they basically tell you to stop falling for the same old get rich quick scams, yet what they are offering you is exactly that. It’s your typical get rich quick scam that offers zero value and will not make you a penny.

Instant Income System Review by Judy Greer [SCAM!] 10

They state “it’s true, and this is why buying all of the Biz Opp/Get Rich Quick schemes will NEVER work.” That right there is the reason why you shouldn’t bother spending your hard earned money on this system. They just told you that these schemes will never work and I can tell you from my experience reviewing 100’s of programs over the past few years that Instant Income Generator is not different at all to exactly what they are describing!

How Does Instant Income Generator Work?

Let me explain a little about what will happen and probably how you found the Instant Income System program. The owner of this website has listed it on a number of affiliate networks. This means that affiliate marketers can sign up and promote the Instant Income Generator and earn commissions. Chances are you heard about it from an affiliate of theirs who probably emailed you. Email marketing tends to be the biggest way that scams like this spread. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with email marketing, I personally do it and many others do to promote legitimate products and services but unfortunately (and naturally) scammers adopted it to spread their scam too.

So as I mention you probably heard about it via an email, clicked that email and landed on their website hoping it was the real deal. Obviously you didn’t fall for it because now you are here on my blog looking for a review. But if you did fall for it you’d have signed up, paid some money to access their program and then be disappointed. After you buy their “Home Earning System” program you are put through a series of up-sells designed to get you to spend more money. These up-sells are pointless too and they won’t help you make money. Up-sells do work and they are good when used properly but many scam get rich quick systems have loads of pointless up-sells simply to get more money out of you!

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Instant Income System – Fake Endorsements

One of the things I noticed which many get rich quick scams use is fake testimonials and endorsements. This particular sales video actually doesn’t have fake testimonials in which is nice. It doesn’t actually have any testimonials however it is using big brands like CNN and USA Today to try and gain your trust. I really hate it when these scam systems use this big logos to try and gain your trust. The fact is when you use big brands on websites it increases trust and makes it more likely you will sign up. However you should only use these if you have legitimately been featured or endorsed by them. But unfortunately the majority of people will never verify that they have been featured so scam websites like this use them to convince you to sign up.

One other thing I’ll mention about this program is that it says there are “limited positions”. This is another big red flag because there’s definitely no limited positions here. They will allow as many people in as they want. They will literally allow an unlimited amount of people to join because 100’s of affiliates are promoting their website and they are not fighting over 30 sales. That’s just a lie and false scarcity to get you to buy.

Instant Income System Conclusion

Obviously I am not going to be recommending this program as in my opinion it’s a scam. Rather than waste your time on this program why not check out my recommendation below.

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Instant Income System Review by Judy Greer [SCAM!] 9


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