Insured Trading Review – Another Binary Scam?

Looking for an Insured Trading review? Keep reading…

I’ve put together this review to share the truth about Insured Trading.

Chances are you’re looking for a review because you heard about Insured Trading and you’re wondering whether it’s a legit system. I’ve reviewed 100’s of binary systems and can tell you the truth about this one.

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Okay I’m going to jump right in.

Insured Trading is a SCAM and I’m not recommending it.

To start with the whole name “Insured Trading” just screams scam. It’s impossible to insure your losses when you are trading binary options. It’s just NOT going to happen. The next reason is that I know FOR A FACT that the software robot won’t make a you a penny. It’s designed to lose.

When you sign up to use this software you have to make a deposit of $250 or more. When you do this you can start auto trading with their software robot. I guarantee within a few hours (at most a few days) you’ll be left with nothing in your account. The software will literally trade away your money.

It’s actually quite sad but this is what the binary options niche is all about. It’s full of scams! The brokers literally work WITH the scammers. The brokers provide the scammers with a software, and all the scammers need to do is create a fancy sales video that gets you to make a deposit. It’s all about deception and getting you to part with your hard earned cash. When you make that $250 deposit the binary broker pays a referral commission to the creator of the system. The software trades away your cash, and then these guys will call you up and try and persuade you to deposit more cash!

These guys will literally take your life savings if you let them!

My advice… avoid!

Don’t invest in Insured Trading. It’s a scam.

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Mark Charles is the founder of NoBSIMReviews and has been making a 6-figure income online for over 10 years.

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