Jane Marshal’s Wealth System Scam – Avoid It!

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is a new binary options scam and I am writing this post to warn you about it. If you’ve been taking a closer look at this and you’re wondering whether it’s legit I am here to tell you it’s a complete scam.

This system won’t help you make a penny, it will only end up costing you money. Jane is an actor and the real people behind this system have been behind a number of scams over the past few years. You can read my full review on this page and learn the real truth about this system.

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Jane Marshal’s Wealth System – Real Truth

So you want to know the real truth about Jane’s Wealth System? It’s a complete scam and if you sign up you will lose all your money. I am 100% serious when I say that you need to avoid this system because it will not help you make any money at all. I’ve reviewed 100’s of binary systems like this over the past few years and non of them work. Not a single one has actually made me money yet I have heard from 100’s of people personally who have lost money.

Jane Marshal’s Wealth System is just 1 of 100’s of binary scams that launch each year. In the last week alone I’ve reviewed around a dozen of these systems like Tesler Software and they are all a complete joke.

jane marshals wealth system

So let’s look at “Jane Marshal” who is the face of this system. What you might not know is that Jane is not a real person. Okay well she obviously is real however she is not the real person behind this system. The image that they have used to portray Jane is a stock photo. This person won’t even know that she is the face of this scam system.

Check the image out that I was able to find. The image is taken from a stock photo website:

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How Does The Jane’s Wealth System Scam Work?

It’s your typical binary options scam. It starts with you visiting their website, getting sucked into their fake sales pitch and then being told you need to sign up at the binary broker they recommend. Of course they will tell you about how you can make a fortune and all you need to do is use their magical software for trading binary options. The whole backstory behind their system is made up, it’s a complete lie and it’s known as “a sales script”. It’s literally just a made up story designed to convert you from a visitor to a sale.

Now you’re probably wondering, “but isn’t this a free system?” and I’m here to tell you it’s not free. They market it as a free system but once you sign up you will need to deposit $250 or more at the broker they recommend for trading. The reason they do this is because they get paid when you sign up to the broker. That’s actually how the whole system works, they design their website to convince you to sign up at the broker and deposit money because once you sign up and deposit they get paid. They don’t care at all about your success, all they care about is getting you to deposit money.

After you actually make your deposit you will get access to the trading software but it won’t work as advertised. The software will actually just make random trades and lose you money. You’ll probably think it’s broken because ultimately IT IS BROKEN however it’s designed to lose. This thing is a complete scam and it won’t make you a penny.

Fake Endorsements & Testimonials

Another thing that is super fake about Jane’s Wealth System is all the fake testimonials on their website. You only need to look at Jane Marshal’s Wealth System website and you’ll see it’s packed with endorsements and testimonials. They list that they are endorsed by big brands like Entrepeneur and even have fake testimonials from social media. It’s obvious to tell that these are faked as I could not find them when looking on the social channels and also they are clearly photoshopped.

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Check out this fake testimonial, this person put in $250 and they now have $45k just 4 months later. Yeah right, what a complete joke, this website didn’t even exist 4 months ago. Honestly this system is laughable and you need to stay well away from it because it will scam you and take your money.

Verdict = This System Is A Scam

It should be obvious that I am not recommending this system. It’s clearly a complete scam and won’t help you make a penny.

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