JetCoin Review – Scam or Legit?

Today I’m taking a closer look at JetCoin! Jetcoin is a form of investment dealing with Bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC). It promises up to 200 % return on the initial capital invested within a period of 40 days. In some cases, it can take up to 50 days. Is this really a legit way for you to make money or is this just another scam? I’m taking a closer look and sharing my honest opinion with you on this page.

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JetCoin Review - Scam or Legit? 5

JetCoin – What Is JetCoin?

I recently learned that there is really no information when it comes to who the owner of Jetcoin is, or even who the operator is. When you look at Jetcoin’s website, there is absolutely no information as to how you can contact the company with regards to a phone number. There is also no address stating where exactly Jetcoin Company is located. Furthermore, there is no mention as to who the person in charge is. This is a little worrying to be honest, usually this information should be freely available.

I think that that was all done intentionally seeing that details regarding the company’s registration also do not reveal any relevant information. I found that the site came about in early May 2017. A private domain registered the site. This was a smart move on the part of the person who registered the site because now it is even harder to find out their identity.

These kind of opportunities are certainly becoming more common, as we recently found when reviewing iCoin Pro and many others we are currently investigating right now.

What Is The JetCoin Product?

With Jetcoin, I found that there really isn’t a “product’’. This is because it simply bills itself as an opportunity of BTC (Bitcoin) investment. Consequently, people who are interested in investing have the option of choosing one of Jetcoin’s investment packages. The packages work in the following ways:

· a deposit of 0.05 BTC for JC1

· a deposit of 0.1 BTC for JC2

· a deposit of 0.3 for JC3

· a deposit of 0.5 for JC4

· a deposit of 1 for JC5

· a deposit of 2 for JC6

· a deposit of 4 for JC7

· a deposit of 8 for JC8

The investments under JC8 and JC7 usually double up in only 40 days. All the others double up in 50 days apart from JC1. This JC1 does not really add up to anything, it only allows the person interested in investing to participate in the scheme.

JetCoin Opportunity…

This company offers affiliate programs so as to maximize the investors’ potential earnings. I have noted that this is the common trend among programs of this kind.

Sponsoring and even recruiting these affiliates usually creates a compensation structure that is binary in nature. As a result, the investor’s daily investment activity is compiled across the entire structure. The percentage of the weaker binary is then paid out as residual commissions. The rates of the commissions are as follows:

9% commission on JC1 and 3 bitcoins monthly

10% commission on JC2and 6 bitcoins monthly

11% commission on JC3and 18 bitcoins monthly

12% commission on JC4and 30 bitcoins monthly

18% commission on JC5 and 60 bitcoins monthly

20% commission on JC6 and 120 bitcoins monthly

22% commission on JC7 and 240 bitcoins monthly

25% commission on JC8 600 bitcoins monthly

JetCoin Conclusion & Recommendation

I think investing in Jetcoin is like handing over your money to a complete stranger you meet on the roadside who promises to pay you double that amount after a few weeks. I have said it before and I will say it again: any company interested in you to invest with them without identifying themselves is probably a company that is not up to any good. Furthermore, JetCoin does not explain to the investor how it manages to double up your money in only 40 days. This seems pretty suspicious and leads me to believe that they could be operating a ponzi scheme here. My personal advice is to avoid it and check out my no.1 recommendation for a genuine way to make money online.

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JetCoin Review - Scam or Legit? 5

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