Linkedtify Review – Scam or Real Deal?

In this review I’m taking a look at Linkedtify which is a new product to do with LinkedIn. It’s a cool looking tool that I’m going to be sharing more information about, so if you want to learn more go ahead and keep on reading as I’m giving my honest review and opinion down below.

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Linkedtify Review - Scam or Real Deal? 5

Linkedtify – Overview

Linkedtify can be defined as a type of suite software whose objective is to optimize the profile for LinkedIn. This is a tool that is mainly employed to enhance engagement with any prospects. Linkedtify offers a greater potential for customer loyalty and sales through the increase of quality as well as quality of the leads and connections.

Linkedtify – Creator

The author of this tool is Jonathan Oshevire whose is an expert in online marketing and sales. He is also credited for several digital products that have been successfully developed in the past such as ListEditor, Sales Graphic Assets, Sales Video Assets and Offline Niche Onslaught.

Features and benefits

There are quite a good number of features and benefits that I think consumers stand to enjoy when using this product, these include the following:

Banner creation

This feature completely eliminates the need of me hiring a costly professional designer to create a professional banner for my LinkedIn profile. This is because Linkedtify is perfectly capable of creating a cutting edge professional banner for my business or my personal profile on LinkedIn. This is important because it will assist me in attracting clients. Furthermore, this feature is very easy to use and takes me a brief duration to execute from start to finish.

Headline generator

I believe that the persuasive power of a headline can never be underestimated and Linkedtify knows this fact very well. This is because it entices viewers to spend a significant quantity of time reading through my profile. This can be beneficial to my business as it can showcase my services and products to consumers in a way that is appealing and very captivating. This is very likely to move the conversation forward.

Built-in optimizing apps

Linkedtify provides consumers with several built-in LinkedIn optimizing apps. This is what I consider to be the best feature of this tool. The apps comprise of the following:

• Recommendation App – This app can offer my target clients both suggestions and advice.
• Linkedtify Message App – This app is geared towards sending effective messages so as improve my engagement.
• Who Viewed Me App – This app provides me with alert notifications whenever my profile is viewed by somebody.
• Connection App – This app allows me to generate swipes to aid in the communication with the target audience.
• Referrer App – This app helps to refer the 2nd connections for more exposure.
• Follow Up App – This app functions to produce instant response for each and every message that is coming.

How it works

Linkedtify is a tool that is considered to be LinkedIn marketing’s comprehensive suite. It is a convenient platform on which LinkedIn users like myself can successfully manage as well as improve the performance associated with their profile. All the built-in apps and features are ready to use on activation. This means that I can generate increased engagements, connections and awareness to my business using the built-in features and apps. This is because the primary goal of this unique tool is to optimize conversion. This software can be bought by any interested individual. This is because it does not require me to have any special technical experience or skill to navigate. It is ideal for LinkedIn marketing optimization by anyone.

Linkedtify Pros

There are some pros that I associate with the use of this product, some of the notable ones include the following:

i. It was designed by a reputable author.
ii. It is relatively affordable. This is particularly useful in such tough economic times where every dime that is saved can go a long way.
iii. It is user-friendly even for those who are considered to be newbies.
iv. It is characterized by useful comprehensive features.
v. The software is quite easy to use, manipulate and even to navigate.
vi. The software is inclusive of a training that aims at ensuring usage that is problem-free.

The comprehensiveness of the software is the property that I liked most. This is because it provides me with everything that a marketer requires in LinkedIn campaigns. It is the best way by which I can guarantee maximum exposure for my brand without undergoing any frustrating technical procedures.

Linkedtify Conclusion

Linkedtify looks good to me. So if you feel this is something that can help you and your business then go ahead and consider picking it up.

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Linkedtify Review - Scam or Real Deal? 5

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