Millionaire Profit Club – Scam or Legit?

Millionaire Profit Club is a brand new “free” system that I’ve just been taking a closer look at. I joined myself since it’s free and have been taking a closer look at the members area and now I can share all the details with you.

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Millionaire Profit Club – Overview

So what exactly is the Millionaire Profit Club all about? I decided to take a closer look and noticed that the man on the video for the website is Bob Beckett. I don’t know Bob personally but I do know that he’s been in the internet marketing game for quite a while and ran a traffic selling business with his business partner James Starr called Human Eye Balls. I’m not really sure whether that is still going or whether Bob is concentrating on Millionaire Profit Club now.

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The image above is one you might recognise as it’s the Millionaire Profit Club website. You are prompted to enter your name and email address so that you can register for the free membership. After doing that you are forwarded to another page where you need to watch the video giving you instructions on how to check your email to verify your email address. Once you do this you land on another page that looks like this one:

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This was simply a “thank you” page however I noticed that it redirects to a random affiliate offer. I have no real clue why Bob thinks this is a good idea since it actually distracts people from his main opportunity but I guess he sees it as another way to bring in some extra revenue. Personally I think he’d be better off just creating another video and telling people to re-check their email to get the membership login details.

What Do You Get With Millionaire Profit Club?

After logging into the Millionaire Profit Club website I started going through the training. I’m pleased to say that it’s actually some pretty legitimate training. You don’t learn a great deal however the main strategy that is being taught does work in theory although there are some negatives. I will take you through how it works and give you my honest opinion based on my experience using this exact method (not Millionaire Profit Club but my own version of this method).

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Step 1 – Free Mentorship

This step is the first step (obviously) and in this video Bob Beckett encourages you to join his Facebook group. It’s a private group you can join and this will allow you to stay up to date with updates that Bob brings out and generally just allow him to communicate better with you.

Step 2 – Overview (Super Important)

This is another video that essentially just talks to you about how important it is you go through each step and implement each step.

Step 3 – Free Website Setup

In this step Bob encourages you to get your “free website” which basically means you need to sign up to ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a website / funnel builder (I use it myself) and when you sign up via Bob’s link you’ll be able to get some pre-made funnels. This is something that ClickFunnels introduced a while back to make it easier for people to recruit others into the ClickFunnels membership, so essentially Bob is going to give you some free website templates when you sign up for an account. Accounts start from around $97 a month so you should bare this in mind. It is a great tool though!

Step 4 – Setup Your Email System

In this step I noticed that Bob is recommending an email system called Now Lifestyle. Now Lifestyle is actually a brand new business created by a guy called Joel who has been behind other similar email marketing and training systems in the past, most notably GOGVO. I don’t have any experience using Now Lifestyle since it’s brand new but i do know that they have an income opportunity attached (like an MLM) so this is probably why Bob is recommending them.

Step 5 – Icing On The Cake…

This step is all about making money and in this video Bob tells you to join a program called Email Coalition. It’s a paid training course that teaches you how to make money with email marketing.

Step 6 – How To Get Traffic

In this final video Bob talks about traffic generation and recommends a resource called Traffic For Me. They are a paid traffic source for buying solo ads. I have spent over $50k with Traffic For Me in the past buying traffic and they are one of the better sellers of solo ads out there. That being said, I’ve actually moved away from this kind of traffic as I noticed it’s responsiveness drop massively. I am a little surprised that Bob is recommending Traffic For Me though considering he did run a traffic agency himself called Human Eye Balls. I can only assume that he has moved away from selling traffic.

Millionaire Profit Club – Conclusion

So is this a good program? Well here’s the thing, this is a free membership so that’s a good thing since you don’t actually have to pay for it. However that being said, there’s a reason it’s free and that reason is because Bob wants to get as many people into his membership as possible so that he can sell people into the products and services that he recommends. Sure he is offering some value, but ultimately his “Millionaire Profit Club” website is a funnel designed to get you to sign up to a bunch of services that he will earn money on such as ClickFunnels, Now Lifestyle, Email Coalition and Traffic For Me.

My opinion is that Millionaire Profit Club is an okay starting place to learn about affiliate marketing but ultimately if you’re a newbie you’re not going to see success and you will definitely need further training and mentorship to actually have success. It’s for those reasons that I won’t be recommending Millionaire Profit Club because I personally think you will have much more success by checking out my no.1 recommendation (See below).

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Millionaire Profit Club - Scam or Legit? 11

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