My Next Aim – Scam or Legit?

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I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing my honest review and opinion on this page. You can see the full review down below.

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My Next Aim is a site that claims to help equip you with the the necessary tools to succeed in online business and earn good money. From the information contained on the site, you sell e courses and recruit members to earn commission.

But is My Next Aim worth all this hype? Does it really help you to build an online business,? And does it sell educational courses?

I set out to dig deeper to establish the truth in this. This is what I found:

Who are My Next Aim?

The site came to be on exactly the 19th April 2017. Thais is according to the information I got from Who. Is,, I couldn’t get the identity of the owners,though, because the site’s registration is set as private.

More digging, and I came across another site, My Ads Leader, which bears a direct connection with My Next Aim.Little wonder then that My Ads Leader has, of late, been running social media campaign adverts for My Next Aim.

I am sure you’re seeing something fishy here; I did too, and sought to know what this other site was that seemed affiliated to ‘My Next Aim’. Coincidentally, The Ads Leader started to experience a financial free fall in march, just at about time when My Next Aim was started.

Apparently, the owner of My Next Aim started the site to recoup what they lost in The Ads Leader. Right now, members of the former site are only able to withdraw 200% of their funds. This tells a lot about what happened at the former business.

I also managed to get the name of the owner of My Next Aim through social media. He is a one Ali Azlan. As to why he set up a new business and abandoned the former sinking one is not clear, but your guess is as good as mine.

So, are the products on the new site, My Next Aim?

Unfortunately, no products are there, not even the ecourses they purport to sell. From what I deduced about the site, it’s just another of the infamous MLM business models, if you know what I mean. And here is the reason why:

By becoming a member on the site, you will only earn money after recruiting new members. But you will pay a fee to join, of 10 dollars. This will put you in the Dominion matrix, one of the three matrices on the site. The next step is to recruit two people, for which you earn $7. That’s level one. To get to level 2 you will need four more members to come onboard,and you will earn $0.5 for each of the four new members. On filling some other 8 positions with new members,you move on to level 3 and so on. The amount you earn for each knew member keeps dropping as their number increases. The final level, level 5, requires you to recruit 2016 members, which is not as easy as it sounds. This earns you $0.20 for each recruit.

The other matrix, Spectrum, requires you to cough up to $100. It works just like the first Dominion matrix, earning some small amounts for each new member recruited.

The third matrix, Victorian requires a membership fee of $300. But for this matrix, you only need to bring in a maximum of 1792 members, much fewer than the other two matrices

What’s my final verdict concerning My last Aim?

Clearly, My Last Aim is not the way to go. It’s more of risk than gain. You wouldn’t be able to recruit so many people, especially seeing that not many people would want this type of business model. There’s is money from membership fees yes, but only the site owner gets the largest slice. In fact he almost gets it all.

The business model on this itself ring the bells of danger in you, because you’re paying and not getting your money back, like would happen in a normal investment where you get money back plus gains from the investment.

And whats more is the English used on the site. It looks like owner of English the site is struggling with the English language. I couldn’t help seeing that, and I should say it put me off. I don’t know about you, but to me, bad English on a site doesn’t portray honesty and credibility.

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My Next Aim - Scam or Legit? 5


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