Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam – Don’t Trust It!

Nasdaq Inside Trader has just gone live and what a huge scam it is. I’m surprised this has launched at this time of year, after all it’s Christmas time but I guess the scammers are trying to take advantage of people at all times of year and they really don’t care who they steal from. I’ve been taking a closer look at this system and it’s without a doubt a huge binary options scam. Don’t go anywhere near it and read my full review below to learn the real truth.

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Nasdaq Inside Trader – The Full Truth

I’ll be honest I am writing this review quite late at night and I’d like to go to bed however I really want to get this out to the world. I need to share the real truth about the Nasdaq Inside Trader before anyone else loses money to it. I’ve already heard multiple accounts of people losing anything from a few $100 to even $1,000’s and this scam is only going to continue to gather momentum over the coming days. It’s similar to other scam systems that launched recently like the Tesler Software system. The Nasdaq Inside Trader throws around big words to try and convince you that they are legitimate and they have many claims of income on their website but ultimately it’s a complete load of horse poop. Yes I went there! Don’t bother investing in this software because you won’t make a penny and you will only end up filling up the pockets of the scam artists behind this system.

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Look at this website for a prime example of them being a scam. How would you like to make over $180k this month? Are they actually serious? As I am writing this it’s boxing day the 26th of December. Do they really expect that you could make $180k by the time this month is over in just a few days? Do they even expect that you could make that kind of money using the Nasdaq Inside Trader in January? It’s a complete lie and there is absolutely no chance that you could earn that.

Real Truth About Nasdaq Inside Trader

Their website was only registered recently and is only registered on a 1 year term. That means these guys have no intention of helping anyone long term and their whole website is a joke. Really what happens is you sign up, deposit money and you lose that money when their bogus software starts trading. Do the research on the 100’s of other reviews I have put together and you will see that this happens with literally every binary options robot. These things do not work and they are even designed to lose money.

The scam starts with you visiting their website and getting sucked into their fancy sales presentation that promises you can make a fortune. All you have to do is follow along with their instructions and before you know it you’ll be pulling in the big bucks. Just use the Nasdaq Inside Trader software they tell you and you will of course be rich. No the real truth is you will lose your money and you could lose $1,000’s if you let these guys in. Binary options is a huge scam industry and whilst the authorities are slowly catching up with some scammers in truth many will never be caught because they operate out of countries that have little authority or care for what these people are doing. However when you look into the facts the binary options scammers including the brokers have made 100’s of millions scamming poor innocent people. The majority of people can’t afford to lose any money but they invest their last dime on binary options in the hope it will pay off. Of course it never does and these people are left more disappointed then before they started.

Binary options scams like this one have even cost some unfortunate people their life savings. I read a story about a similar software to the Nasdaq Inside Trader costing one USA man over $500k which was his full life savings. This person even suffered from dementia and his life’s earnings had gone, just because of a nasty scam like this one. So you should stay away from it, and be super careful. Avoid all these systems and look for real money making opportunities by doing thorough research, don’t get sucked into this crap.

My Conclusion – Avoid Nasdaq Inside Trader

Don’t waste your hard earned money on this system. It will only leave you disappointed and wishing you never came across it in the first place.

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Nasdaq Inside Trader Scam - Don't Trust It! 7

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