Parallel Profits – Don’t Buy It Yet! [Honest Review]

Welcome to my review of Parallel Profits by Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton.

So you’ve heard about Parallel Profits and now you’re wondering whether it’s legit? Or perhaps you just want more information on Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton’s new product known as Parallel Profits?

Well I have good news because I’m sharing my honest review and giving you all the details.

Before I start…

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Parallel Profits - Don't Buy It Yet! [Honest Review] 5

Parallel Profits Review

Parallel Profits is a new product from Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton. These are 2 guys who have been behind some pretty successful product launches over the past few years but you don’t really care about that do you, and why should you. After all, all you care about is whether their new product Parallel Profits will actually deliver the goods and really teach you how to make money as it claimed.

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So can you trust Parallel Profits? 

Is this a legitimate product or is it a scam like the 100’s of others I’ve exposed recently? Well it’s not a scam that is for sure, and I’ll share the exact reasoning on why down below.

How Does Parallel Profits Work?

Parallel Profits is not some 1 click wonder or BS system that claims you can make a fortune overnight. It’s one of few real products launching in the marketplace and to be honest the only other launch that comes close to the size of the ones Aidan and Steven do is the launches that the ASM guys do.

That being said, the product is completely different since with Parallel Profits you are not actually learning anything about e-commerce products and businesses but instead focusing on selling services to local businesses. I actually really like this business model and it’s one that I have experience in myself.

It’s quite similar to the product offered by Tai Lopez known as the Tai Lopez Social Media Agency program where he teaches you how to do social media marketing for small businesses.

What is different about Parallel Profits?

Well to put it simply they are showing you how to create a $100,000 per year business from just 7 sales. That is crazy but when you actually see how it works it makes complete sense.

There are 3 big twists that will make the product completely different to anything else that is on offer, and make it unique!

Here is how it works:

  1. When you follow the Parallel Profits training you’ll actually be invited to work with the Parallel Profits team (Aidan and Steven) as part of a franchise. This is such a cool idea because you don’t need to think about creating a brand and coming up with things like videos, copywriting and all that tech stuff that holds people down and ultimately gives you a headache when you are getting started. Think of it like McDonalds for digital marketing, because with Parallel Profits you will get a ready to go brand.
  2. The next twist is another unique one and one I personally love. So there are dozens of people selling courses on how to do digital marketing to get clients even if you are a newbie but how do you actually deliver what you are selling if you are completely new to digital marketing? Well you either outsource it, or you do a bad job yourself I guess! But with Parallel Profits they have a full team in place as part of the package so you don’t need to outsource it. How cool is that!?
  3. The final thing that makes it unique from other offerings is that they have a unique client capture system so as a customer of Parallel Profits you don’t need any face to face interaction with customers which means you don’t need to try and sell the services as there is built in lead gen systems and they do the selling process for you. Again this is great and removes a huge headache from the equation of getting clients and selling them a service.

These are the 3 twists that make Parallel Profits unique from anything else in the marketplace and for me it’s a huge win.

Should You Buy Parallel Profits?

After taking a closer look at what Parallel Profits has to offer I absolutely believe you should buy it.

If you like the sound of this business model where you are selling local businesses digital marketing services then it’s the best product in the marketplace to teach that in my opinion. There are alternative products out there from the likes of Tai Lopez and others which are quite a lot cheaper than Parallel Profits however whilst these alternative products are good products they are not as detailed as what is offered by Parallel Profits.

I have never before seen any product that actually offers the “3 twists” like what Parallel Profits is doing and I think that will be a complete game changer for this product.

Parallel Profits Verdict…

In my own personal experience of launching a digital agency there are 3 real headaches which are putting together a brand including a website and the copywriting and everything that goes into creating a website.

Next headache is actually getting the clients and the final headache is delivering the digital marketing service to the client.

It’s hard enough trying to do these things when you are a full time digital marketer with years of experience like myself, but trying to do these things as a newbie is near on impossible.

BUT… thanks to Parallel Profits you don’t need to “go it alone” as their 3 twists basically cover those 3 core problems.

So yes I am absolutely 100% happy to recommend it.

Before you leave…

If you’re tired of scams and want a real solution for making money online check out my recommendation below.

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Parallel Profits - Don't Buy It Yet! [Honest Review] 5

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