PRIZM Tech Review – Legit or Another Scam?

Welcome to my PRIZM Tech review!

If you’re on this page you’ve probably heard about Prizm Tech and now you’re looking for a review! Well keep reading because I’m about to reveal the TRUTH about this new system!

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The truth about Prizm Tech…

I’m going to jump straight in here and tell you the truth. Prizm Tech is a scam and I’m not recommending it. Sorry to burst your bubble but this new system won’t make you a penny and it will only end up costing you money!

Prizm Tech was created by the guys who have been behind a number of binary options scams over the past few years and not a single one of their softwares actually makes money. These guys are not binary options pros as they would lead you to believe, they are affiliates for binary options brokers and their primary goal is to get you to deposit money at their recommended broker.

To start using their software you’ll need to deposit at least $250 at their recommended binary broker. You’ll be encouraged to deposit much more though because ultimately the more you deposit, the more money they make.

Don’t be fooled by their website…

These guys are pros hence their professional looking website. But ultimately this is just a marketing tool to get you to believe their BS so that you sign up and deposit money. I’ve seen 100’s of systems like this, and to give them credit their website is one of the much better looking ones. However that doesn’t mean their software is legit, it’s just like the rest and their track record tells me you won’t make a penny from this.

My advice… Avoid Prizm Tech!

If the guys behind this software were legit they would be using it to make millions. Instead they are selling access to you because they make more money by referring you to binary options brokers.

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