Are Quantum Glass Battery Stocks Legit? [Matt McCall]

Matt McCall of InvestorPlace released a presentation that has been getting a lot of attention with a header that reads:

Breakthrough ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery Will Ignite the Global $3 Trillion Electric Car Revolution.

According to Matt, this new battery technology will replace lithium ion batteries as the de-facto battery due to an array of factors. This will, of course, impact the electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

Here, we take a closer look at Matt’s Quantum Glass Battery presentation to learn more about it as well as how he proposes you go about investing if this is something you are interested in.

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Are Quantum Glass Battery Stocks Legit? [Matt McCall] 3

Quantum Glass Battery Review

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Introduction to the Quantum Glass Battery

The “Quantum Glass Battery” presentation by Matt McCall is an ad for his investment research service, Investment Opportunities. That notwithstanding, it is about a new innovation that could “ignite the global $3 trillion electric car revolution.”

It is all about a new type of battery he calls the “quantum glass battery” that he says will usher in the next energy revolution and give investors a “chance to be a part of the single-largest legal creation of wealth of the last 25 years.”

Quantum Glass Battery by Matt McCall

If those claims about the new batteries are not enough to pique your interest, that’s just the beginning because he says this about them:

And THIS is a prototype of a mind-blowing new type of battery insiders are calling a ‘paradigm shift’ in energy technology…

A ‘forever battery’ that will usher in the next great energy revolution.

Even going so far as to call it the ‘Jesus Battery’ because the properties it exhibits are so miraculous.

Forbes calls it simply, ‘The battery that could change the world.’

From that excerpt, you can tell that Matt can’t speak highly enough about the battery if he goes as far as referring it to the “Jesus Battery.”

Matt McCall is referring to a Solid State Battery.

He says that a quantum glass battery (a term that I will be interchanging with solid state battery) is safer than li ion batteries because it is less likely to explode. He even shows a video demonstration of a prototype quantum glass battery taking three gunshots and continuing to charge a phone.

We have had similar predictions recently regarding battery technology with Nomi Prins suggesting Liquid Energy could be the real future to battery technology.

Who is John Goodenough?

Dr. John Goodenough, who was instrumental in developing the lithium ion battery technology we use today, is also endorsing the new technology.

john goodenough

John Goodenough is not only known as a co inventor of the lithium batteries in use today, he also played a part in developing RAM memory that computers use.

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What is a Solid State Battery?

solid state battery

The battery that we currently use extensively (commercially) is the lithium ion (li ion) battery. It is used in smartphones, Electric Vehicles, power tools, and a host of other areas. While lithium ion batteries have served their purpose and keep improving (and getting cheaper in the process), they are still limiting. For example, they are heavy, expensive, and they take too long to charge.

They have major flaws that limit their ability to usher us into an era of EV dominance not to mention large scale energy storage. On large scale energy storage, better batteries could make renewable energy even more feasible because most energy sources (like the sun and the wind) are intermittent.

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Lithium Ion Batteries vs Solid State Batteries

There are also safety concerns with li ion batteries because they come with the risk of battery damage such as swelling due to temperature changes or leakages when punctured.

Matt points this out when he compares the two types, saying:

But before I show you what happens when these two forces collide, let’s first consider these examples of folks piercing lithium-ion batteries—the best and most advanced battery on the market right now.

These are the batteries currently inside everything—smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, power tools, portable chargers… all the way up to Tesla’s electric cars, and even NASA satellites.

These videos reveal that it doesn’t take much to short circuit these batteries and turn our everyday electronics — even electric vehicles — into dangerous explosive devices.

The new batteries are thought to be the solution because they have a solid electrolyte and not liquid like the current battery tech. This gives them an advantage because a solid electrolyte is more stable due to the solid structure, hence it is safer.

Matt’s example exemplifies this when he talks about a quantum glass battery taking bullets:

So, what happens when not one, but THREE bullets strike the world-shattering new kind of battery Fortune is calling the “Holy Grail” of energy storage?

Not only does this battery take all three bullets to the gut like a champ—

It continues to generate power flawlessly—without skipping a beat.

Safety is not the only improvement the new battery technology brings, according to Matt.

He says that it charges faster than it takes to fill a tank of gas:

According to automotive industry insiders, one creation using the “Quantum Glass” Battery technology can fully charge an electric car in as little as 60 seconds.

He also alleviates concerns about the mileage you can cover on a single charge, something that detractors of electric vehicles have used to dismiss them. On range, he says:

Soon you’ll be able to kiss so-called “range anxiety” goodbye — the fear that an electric battery cannot take you as far as a gas tank.

Because the technology behind the “Quantum Glass” Battery pushes everything we thought we knew about energy storage to the limits…

According to insiders, consumers will be able to go 1,000 miles on a single charge…

This makes it a big improvement on what the EV market currently has.

It also improves on another limitation current batteries have:

Have you ever noticed how current batteries are notorious for having such short lifespans?

How they barely hold a charge after just a year or two of use?

That’s because the average life of today’s lithium-ion batteries is between 300 to 500 charge cycles—that’s the number of times you can fully charge the battery before its energy storage capacity begins to degrade.

But the revolutionary new ‘Quantum Glass’ battery can be fully recharged, get this… over one hundred thousand times — without losing strength.

We’re talking about a battery that could realistically last for 150 years!

This means that electric vehicles will have a long enough lifespan to rival internal combustion engine cars since they’ll no longer need frequent battery replacements.

They have a higher energy density as well, meaning they hold more energy in the same volume than electrolyte-based batteries.

The battery technologies have held the sector back, but this new information could allow the electric vehicle to be more mainstream as the price barrier to entry would be lower for all making combustion engines a thing of the past.

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How does the Quantum Glass Battery Work?

As we’ve already established, the new battery is made up of something Matt is referring to as “Quantum Ion” glass. This material replaces the liquid electrolyte in lithium ion battery cells.

quantum glass battery image

Lithium ion batteries have a separator that keeps positive battery electrode and the negative one apart with a liquid solution. Solid state batteries, on the other hand, replace the liquid solution with a solid electrolyte that also acts as a separator.

This electrolyte is what Matt keeps referring to as a “quantum glass” and as we’ve seen, it is just a solid electrolyte.

The new batteries are not flammable, are sturdier, and more importantly, cheaper. Since production costs will drop from $1,000 per KwH to $30 per KwH, electric vehicles will be cheaper and more affordable for the masses.

The battery will be in high demand as it will be used to power not only an electric vehicle but also technologies such as AI systems, Internet of Things systems, Airplanes, just to mention a few.

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Impact on the Electric Vehicle Industry

According to Matt, the quantum glass battery will transform electric car manufacturing from the fledgling industry it is right now into an industry worth $3 trillion.

He says that traditional carmakers are already starting to face up to the reality of a future dominated by EVs and that they acknowledge that the new EV battery technology will spearhead that. More from the pitch:

Already, behind the scenes, the world’s biggest auto makers are inking blockbuster deals to get this new type of battery into their fleets as soon as possible—General Motors… Ford… Toyota… BMW… Volkswagen… Honda… Mitsubishi… Mercedes… Nissan… Hyundai… Audi… and Porsche… just to name a few.

These automotive giants are ready to unload millions of electric vehicles on the global car market in the next several years.

He also says that Tesla, the name almost synonymous with the electric vehicle, will be negatively impacted by the new batteries. He even calls it “The Tesla Killer” because it will make the li ion batteries Tesla is working on in its new Gigafactories obsolete.

Applications beyond electric vehicles

Matt points out that the changes won’t just impact Electric Vehicles. For example, he notes that the aviation industry could also go electric aided by the new battery technology:

One of the world’s leading airplane engine companies is backing the technology behind the ‘Quantum Glass’ Battery too — as experts predict this could be the battery that finally unlocks electric aviation…

That’s right… planes, helicopters, even flying cars that run on batteries, not gasoline or diesel!

And then we have the devices we use every day that have batteries.

And as you’re about to see, it’s even being slated for use in the multi-billion-dollar smartphone, tablet, laptop, and Internet of Things markets.

For the investor, the only concern is to find a company that will be at the center of this revolution and profit from its growth. And Matt has one company he wants us to consider.

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Who is behind the Quantum Glass Battery Presentation?

Matt McCall is an author and the founder of Penn Financial Group.

I recently reviewed the Early Warning Summit 2020 where he and Louis Navellier (creator of Quantum A system) chart the future.

Matt McCall Background

Before he retired from Wall Street in 2002, Matt was working as a broker for the investment firm, Charles Schwab. He was doing great for himself but he wanted to do a more fulfilling job.

So, he decided to quit and focus on helping the average investor make money rather than help the rich get richer.

Other noteworthy achievements include:

He wrote a book on investment called The Next Great Bull Market and co-hosted a radio show called Winning on Wall Street.

He has made over 1,500 TV appearances on networks like Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and CNBC.

He trends to focus his attention on up and coming tech hence his interest in the electric vehicle and his content shows that too.

How to invest in the Quantum Glass Battery

Amid all this excitement is a tiny company that is working to bring the Quantum Glass Battery to the masses. According to Matt, very few people outside top-level scientists, engineers, and industry insiders know about this firm.

Here are a few things that make it a viable investment opportunity for small investors:

Its patents have already been granted and approved in SIX major automotive markets across the globe, including—

The United States





Great Britain

Which is why one of the biggest car companies in the world — a $198 BILLION multi-national behemoth — has sought this tiny firm out.

This auto giant produces 10 million cars a year and commands a leading 9.2% of the global car market.

They’ve forged an historic partnership deal with this tiny firm to fast track the production of the technology behind the Quantum Glass Battery… to get it into their cars and bring it into the global mainstream.

And they’re not the only ones doing deals with this firm…

Another is the 4th largest auto company in the world who produces more than 5 million cars per years… 20 million motorcycles… 6 million power products.

And yet another company is one of the leading luxury auto manufacturers in the world — a name that is synonymous with status and prestige.

Each of these deals alone could be worth BILLIONS of dollars to this tiny firm—which is thousands of times greater than its current value.

Additional Clues…

This tiny company is off the radar of just about everyone, including the big boys on Wall Street…

Just check out how many Wall Street firms own this stock: ZERO.

That’s because big institutional investors — like mutual funds and investment banks — are forbidden from buying stocks this small.

These huge firms need to buy a lot of shares to make it worth their while.

This Quantum Glass Battery company is so tiny that if a big Wall Street firm tried to buy shares they’d send the share price through the roof—they could never get in at a good price!

Because Wall Street doesn’t follow this tiny company (yet, neither does mainstream news!

As you can see, this is a scenario that can work incredibly well in your favor.

You see, Wall Street analysts and big investment houses will probably begin a massive buying frenzy in this company soon – but only after it’s at least TRIPLED in size.

In other words, only after early investors have at least tripled their money.

When you do the math, it’s easy to see why Wall Street is desperately waiting in the wings to load up on shares…

Let’s say this company’s battery captures just one half of ONE PERCENT of the global electric car market in the coming years…

That will be enough to boost its revenues to more than $2 BILLION when production and sales are in full swing…

That’s an incredible 27,746% increase from where it stands today.

A revenue surge that big could rocket shares into the stratosphere. We could easily see a share price surge of 12,000% or more.

With all those clues provided by Matt, we can distill them into four main points:

  • It has secured patents for the production of the battery.
  • It has struck deals with big car manufacturers who want its batteries to power their cars. One is a $198 billion company that produces 10 million cars a year and commands a leading 9.2% of the global car market. The other is the 4th largest auto company in the world who produces more than 5 million cars per years… 20 million motorcycles… 6 million power products
  • Due to the high demand for its batteries, revenues could reach up to $2 billion if it only controls one half of one percent of the global electric car market. With a market share of half of one percent, shares could rise by 360,000%.
  • Big institutional investors and funds cannot buy its shares yet because it is a penny stock and the law forbids them from doing so. Therefore, they are still relatively cheap.

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What company makes the Quantum Glass Battery?

Can we find out the name of the company from those clues?

Sure we can, and it is called Ilika (OTCMKTS: IKIKF).


Ilika is a small company based in London. Ilika defines itself as a pioneer this niche. It was formed in 2004 and was spun out from the School of Chemistry at the University of Southampton. It set out to develop novel materials and secured commercial partnerships with companies like Toyota, Murata, Asahi Kasei, Shell, and Applied Materials.

In 2014, it started developing a new range of batteries for applications in consumer electronics, electric vehicles, IoT, and MedTech. It has had three venture capital financing rounds and an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. Its stock price has gone up since it went public.

The Biggest Battery Breakthrough In A Century

To learn everything about it, you need to read Matt’s report titled The Biggest Battery Breakthrough in a Century: How to Cash in on the $3 TRILLION Electric Car Revolution. It explains everything you need to know to invest in the pioneering company.

There’s also another report titled The Secret Battery Set to Drive the Multi-Trillion-Dollar Internet of Things Industry that introduces another company that has made smaller batteries to be used in IoT nodes.

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If you become a member, Matt will send you investment opportunities regularly, urgent portfolio updates, and access to the customer care team.


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Is Quantum Glass Battery Legit?

The Quantum Glass Battery is legitimate. Although many notable individuals have endorsed this new battery, it is Dr. John Goodenough’s presence that will bear the greatest significance.

In fact, he is part of the team trying to perfect it to make it fit for mass production.

If you still need some convincing, 97-year old Mr. John Goodenough is the oldest person to earn a Nobel Prize (in Chemistry) for his work on the Lithium-ion battery. He also invented RAM (the ubiquitous memory used in computers).

If the man who invented the Lithium-ion batteries we use today in all our gadgets (like the device you are using to read this) and electric cars has endorsed this new battery (and won a Nobel Prize for it), we must take it seriously.

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Does it make sense to invest in this niche?

The appeal of such a novel technology is obvious.

When someone talks about a battery that will fully charge in one minute, drive 1,000 miles on a single charge (which is farther than any electric vehicle in the market), and have a longer life span (won’t have to be replaced because it will tackle the problem of lithium dendrite growth), people will take notice.

Solid State Batteries are expected to replace li ion because they will take care of the safety hazards that have riddled batteries so far — they can handle a higher temperature range so that you don’t have to worry about short circuits exploding them, they will accommodate more charge cycles, and will have higher energy density. They may not only replace li ion but also the internal combustion engine.

Are Solid State Batteries the future?

Solid state batteries are widely considered to be the future of the electric vehicle because they will vastly improve functionality and customer experience. Many researchers except EVs to dominate the transport industry and tech companies like Samsung, Panasonic, and Tesla are working hard to help realize this.

While all this sounds great, it typically takes time for such ideas to transition from the lab to the market. In the past, such developments have tended to roll out slowly because commercializing a new product is complicated. Factors like the materials science needed and the massive investment needed to reach manufacturing capacity have to be taken in account before such changes hit the vehicle market.

Therefore, before you listen to sweet-talking marketers, you should consider such things before you invest in these companies.

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Quantum Glass Battery Verdict

Being the first to disruptive companies is the dream for most investors; you buy cheap and if you are lucky, you mint a fortune.

If that’s the kind of scenario you dream up, the Quantum Glass Battery should interest you. To the investors who know this firm, they will be in for a great opportunity; to buy its shares while they are the stock price is still cheap and watch it soar when the battery hits the market.

Electric car manufacturers are trying to get it inside their vehicles and the US government is keen on its development to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Matt believes that you still have the chance to buy shares on the ground floor before big investment firms start buying and sending these shares soaring.

The caveat is that Ilika is a startup and investing in it comes with greater risk than investing in a blue-chip company like Samsung or Tesla. Bar that, the rewards can be disproportionately massive if it ends up becoming a successful company.

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Are Quantum Glass Battery Stocks Legit? [Matt McCall] 3

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