Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022]

Lately I’ve been seeing Sam Ovens consulting ads all over the place on YouTube and Facebook.

So I decided to do some digging and learn more about the man himself so I can share my honest review and opinion.

Sam Ovens is an online marketer and the founder of both and SnapInsect. His ventures have earned him a place in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur’s list, which is massive considering he started in his parent’s garage.

He runs the flagship service of called Consulting Accelerator. It is an online training program that has churned out 25 millionaires, 500 six-figure earners, and 3,000 people who’ve quit their regular jobs to work as consultants full-time.

If you’re wondering whether you can trust Sam Ovens and Consulting Accelerator training, and whether he’s legit or a scam, keep reading below.

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Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 7

Sam Ovens Review

Here is what I’ll cover inside this review:

Who Is Sam Ovens?

I first came across Sam Ovens a couple of years ago.

I think it was a YouTube ad where Sam talked about how he was crushing it with consulting and making a 6-figure income from it. At first I thought he was a fake guru but I gave him the benefit of doubt.

I have encountered many fake gurus online with positive fake reviews, so I am always skeptical whenever I see someone making big promises.

A couple of years later, it seems like he has continued to grow and now he’s trained students who have followed in his footsteps and made a lot of money from consulting.

People might wonder whether Sam Ovens is a fake or a scam but from what I have seen, I think he’s the real deal.

Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 8

So what’s this guys backstory then and is he legit?

After doing some digging I’m confident that he is legit.

Sam Ovens is an entrepreneur who comes from Auckland, New Zealand.

He started 2 successful companies by the age of 24 while he was still living and working at his parents garage.

Sam considers himself a “digital marketing consultant” because he helps businesses to make more money through digital marketing.

Sam also manages ad spend for big clients and helps them to improve their return on investment.

Sam also founded a company called SnapInspect, is a property inspection app that helps people/companies that are engaged in property management. We’ll delve deeper into it in a bit.

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Sam Ovens’ Consulting Journey

Early Background

Sam Ovens was born and raised in New Zealand. He was born to a blue-collar, working-class family.

From his upbringing, Sam Ovens was programmed to keep his head down, live within his means, and pursue the traditional path of seeking a corporate job after college. His version of success in his formative years was pursuing a white-collar job.

He got a job at the age of 21 while he was still in college at Vodafone.

In fact, here is a picture of his desk back in 2012:

Vodafone cubicle

His family back then considered him successful for that because he was working in an air-conditioned office and doing pretty well for himself (or so he thought).

But his outlook on life soon changed when he was invited to a friend’s beach house. This was when he had his first epiphany.

When Sam accepted the invitation, he thought that the beach house would be a modest house in a far-flung location but when he arrived, he realized that it was on a private island with a helicopter pad.

Being exposed to someone who owned a private island opened his eyes and he had his first epiphany.

He realized that up to that point, he thought that making $50,000 meant you were doing well and making six figures was the holy grail.

He realized that there were people who were outrageously rich, living a life he had never even fathomed. Sam realized that he would never acquire such wealth working at his job.

He also noticed a few things about the rich friend:

The guy wasn’t tolerating negativity. Even when something negative came on the TV, he walked away because he didn’t want to put into his mind anything negative. This is one of the key features of his online course.

He also noticed that wealthy people approach life different to how people who are raised conventionally do.

When he left the island, Sam Ovens was no longer satisfied with a desk job and salary because he now knew that there was more to life and he wanted it. He wanted out of the rat race to have the freedom to live however he wished.

Sam Ovens later found out that the owner of the island made his money from running a business.

From that point on, Sam decided that he too wanted to run his own business.

At the time, he had no idea how to go about it but he realized that entrepreneurship was the kind of thing he wanted to do.

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Starting his first failed business

Once he had decided to be an entrepreneur, Sam Ovens quickly realized that at first you don’t succeed.

He quit his corporate job and moved into his parent’s garage where he started his first business. The first business was called PromoteYourself, a job seeker Network for New Zealand clients.

In 12 months, it failed miserably because his $15,000 investment yielded zero revenue.

He started a second business called ToTheDesk where he delivered meals from local restaurants to office workers to make it more convenient for people to have lunch on the job.

He failed yet again because after 12 months, he had sunk $10,000 of his money into the business with zero revenue.

He decided to go back to the drawing board, $30,000 in debt, to start over again in his entrepreneurial journey.

He realized that while he was running his first two businesses, he had acquired the skill of creating websites. Therefore, to hack away at his debt and make money, he started building and selling websites to other businesses.

It was his first encounter with the gig economy because it started to reshape his idea of what entrepreneurship meant. He now had a third business to launch.

Sam Ovens’ First Successful Business: SnapInsect

Sam Ovens’ third attempt at starting a business was a successful one.

He started a company called SnapInsect.

Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 9

SnapInspect is a property inspection app that is used by property management businesses. When he started the company, Sam Ovens says that he wasn’t just trying a bunch of business ideas to see which one would stick.

He was intentional because he had learned a lot from each failed business.

He went about things differently with the third business. He realized that his first business targeted a customer base that was too broad, and so did his second business. With his new business, he was more specific and only targeted property management businesses.

He also decided to pre-sell his product to property management businesses to ensure that they actually needed his product before he even wrote the first line of code.

Sam Ovens had his second epiphany as he was running SnapInsect. What was this second epiphany?

He had realized that the key to success in business is to identify the niche you are targeting, know their pains and desires, and help them solve their problems and achieve their targets.

Sam Ovens realized that while running a software business because he found out that it is not cheap. To offset his deficit, he decided that rather than attempt to source third party funding, he would create and sell websites on the side and expand that into a fully-fledged business; he would now run a digital marketing consultancy.

As he was offering the service, he found out that it was actually in high demand and he was making more money from it than from SnapInsect. He sold SnapInsect and decided to scale his digital marketing consultancy.

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Consulting Business and Coaching Services

Sam Ovens realized that when you master a skill that people need, they start wanting to learn it or benefit from it.

Businesses started hiring him as a consultant to run their digital marketing campaigns. He also discovered that many business owners wanted his advice.

Soon, he reached multiple six figures and people started approaching him requesting him to teach them to build their own business (consultancy).

He expanded his business and started teaching people how to offer digital marketing services. He focused on customer acquisition where he would identify a niche, target the customers, sell to them, and his students started experiencing success.

He was teaching people to become consultants to start their own consulting businesses.

He realized that he needed to streamline his training program to be available to students without his direct involvement. He began creating a course that people would take online to learn how to build their own business in a short period.

The Consulting Accelerator Training

How Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course began

Taking the lessons he had learned in previous businesses, he started a new training program. The first few training modules he created earned a solid profit but he wasn’t quite hitting his targets.

Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 10

Sam Ovens realized that most people who offer online training usually break their programs down into scattered modules and charge for each one of them.

He didn’t want to go that route and decided that he would run his program differently. He realized that he wanted to give people everything they needed in one package and that was how the Consulting Accelerator Program was created.

Sam Ovens claims that it has been battle tested and proven with over 10,000 students across the world.

He first launched Consulting Accelerator to a group of 50 people and within three years, it had made many people financial successful because some quit their jobs and others decided to start their own business full time. People paid thousands for his various courses.

Sam Ovens earned $20 million from the venture allowing him to move to New York City, where he launched with Consulting Accelerator 2.0.

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How Sam’s Consulting Accelerator works

The Consulting Accelerator program is a 6-Week online program. It brings together a community of entrepreneurs and shows you how to start your own consulting business from scratch.

Consulting Accelerator is for people who want to start their own business and grow them to 6 figures. It works for anyone regardless of their previous knowledge or experience.

Consulting Accelerator is offered online and it consists training videos, tools, and live Q&A sessions.

What’s Included In Consulting Accelerator

Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator comprises 104 hours of video where he breaks down his process and shows you how to build a profitable consulting business.

the Consulting Accelerator product

Since it is dense with content, you may have to go through it a couple of times to understand how to run such a business.

Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator program is offered as follows:

Week 1 – Fundamentals and Foundations

In the first week, Sam offers guidance on the fundamental laws of business and consulting so you can understand the basics. These are important to your entrepreneurial journey.

This includes topics like picking your niche, creating an offer, polishing your message, and testing your market to see whether your consulting services will have a ready market. He emphasizes the importance of having a battle-tested message.

The modules are:

  • Setting your foundations
  • Natural law & the equation
  • The evolution of a consultant
  • Taking a view on the market
  • Picking your 2.0 niche
  • Crafting your mvo
  • Resonating your message

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Week 2 – New Paradigm & World View

In the second week of training, Sam introduces you to a new world view that is so different to what you may be accustomed to.

Sam also discusses why most people’s thinking and beliefs are destructive and how you can rewire your brain. He covers the following modules:

  • The dark force holding your heels
  • Face off with the devil
  • Duality & conflict of man
  • Seeing for the first time
  • Alchemy of self
  • New paradigm & world view
  • Rolling Gods loaded dice
Week 3 – Alchemy of Client Conversion

In the third week, Sam talks about converting a total stranger into a paying customer with just one phone call.

He talks about the common mistakes fake gurus fail to catch and shows you how to sell like a pro. He provides you with his sales script that covers everything from handling objections to asking questions. The modules are:

  • The illusion of sales
  • Alchemy of conversion
  • Crafting your script
  • Pendulum of doubt
  • Igniting your flame
Week 4 – Alchemy of Client Attraction

On the fourth week, Sam discusses the art of attracting new clients to your business using free and paid strategies.

He reveals strategies you can start implementing for free as well as others people pay tens of thousands for. Sam claims that with these, you should start attracting customers to your consulting business. The modules are:

  •  Falling for the trap
  • Alchemy of client attraction
  • Organic attraction methods
  • Paid attraction methods
  • Assembling the war machine
  • Planning your 30d attack
  • Conquering paralysis

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Week 5 – Fractal Facebook Evolution

Here, Sam shows you how to attract clients to your online business using paid Facebook Ads.

Sam also reveals his secrets to understanding the Facebook algorithm to show you how to use it as a natural selection engine that mutates and finds customers where people aren’t looking.

Some of the online courses here are:

  • Fractal Facebook evolution
  • Unveiling the fb algorithm
  • Facebook’s book of law
  • Playbook for a new epoch
  • Your ad hypothesis
  • Your audience hypothesis
  • Tracking swans & the polaris star
  • Achieving omnipresence
  • Ad & audience templates
  • Campaign genesis
  • Governing initial conditions
  • Daily workflow of the king
  • Ratcheting up the kingdom
Week 6 – Minimum Viable Service Delivery

This is the final week of the online course. Sam teaches you how to structure the service delivery of your consultancy business to serve your clients and deliver results.

You learn how to set expectations with your clients, work with contractors and clients, and manage your time. The modules here include:

  • Minimum viable service delivery
  • Setting client expectations
  • Hiring top 1% contractors
  • Project mgmt & workflows
  • Finance & cashflow mastery
  • Platform growth & scale
  • Marketing automation

Facebook Consulting Accelerator Community

Sam Ovens is a strong believer in the power of Facebook. Therefore, it makes sense that Sam started a community on Facebook where you and other students get to exchange ideas and review materials.

When you purchase his course, he signs you in to the private Facebook group where you can find other like-minded students and exchange ideas.

Most online courses usually come with a Facebook community, so this is not particularly unique.

Live Weekly Q&A Sessions

Consulting Accelerator allows students to ask questions that they want answers to. Sam Ovens along with other coaches answer the questions live.

The sessions happen every Monday at noon and Friday at 7 PM (Eastern Time because Sam is based in New York City).

Consulting Accelerator Questions and Answer Session Screenshot

You can ask questions about the Consulting Accelerator Program as well as others about other aspects of training.

Consulting Accelerator has earned positive reviews this way because some clients feel valued when Sam Ovens takes the time to answer questions.

On Saturday at 3 PM in the afternoon, Sam also hosts another session alone and he focuses on concerns about the program. He takes on a more personal tone when he is handling the session alone.

How Much Does it cost to join Consulting Accelerator?

To join Consulting Accelerator, you will pay $1,997 in a one-time arrangement. If you don’t have the cash, you can pay for the program in five payments, each at $597.

You can take part in a trial run of Sam Ovens’ Consulting program through a seven-day trial for free. There are also discount offers that allow you to pay a smaller fee so you should look out for those too.

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Is Sam Ovens Legit?

A quick cursory look through Google shows that many people have been wondering whether Sam Ovens is a scammer.

Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 11

In my opinion, he is clearly not a scammer.

The real reason I think some people brand him as one is because he does a lot of advertising online and the majority of people are skeptics (and rightly so because vulnerable people are swindled every day). People refer to what they don’t understand as a scam.

The exact same thing has happened with Tai Lopez.

Tai Lopez has spent millions advertising online to grow his own personal brand similar to what Sam Ovens has done and many people have called him out for it (even though he’s legit).

If you ask me, Sam is similar to Tai Lopez because he is actually one of the genuine marketers online offering a lot of value, and the majority of that value is free.

He’s even been featured in Entrepreneur giving tips on how to grow a successful business.

Running this blog, I come across real scams everyday from people who literally offer zero value.

So I can tell you 100% that Sam Ovens consulting is not a scam.

What Is Sam Ovens Net Worth?

There has been a lot of people searching for his net worth on Google so I wanted to cover this in my review too.

According to Forbes, his estimated net worth at $65 million. That is certainly an impressive figure.

That being said, we don’t really know how accurate this figure is because Sam Ovens has not technically confirmed it with tangible proof, although I think it sounds like it could be true based on the growth of his consulting business.

I am sure Sam Ovens’ net worth will keep growing year after year as his business grows.

Is Sam Ovens Consulting Worth It?

I haven’t personally been through the Sam Ovens consulting training however after doing some research online and learning from those who have been through it, it’s clear that the reviews are a mixed bag.

Some people state that they have had an amazing experience and made a lot of money while others complain about everything from poor support to how slow the refunds are processed.

From my experience working as an online marketer for the past several years where my job has been understanding how people operate when it comes to making money online, my understanding is that there are really 2 types of people.

The first type of person is a real action taker and someone who implements the Sam Ovens consulting program and sees the desired results.

This person can grow their already successful business from being a $17k per month business to earning well over $200k per month.

The 2nd type of person will do nothing even when presented with the blueprint to making money and they won’t see any progress. Unfortunately, you can’t have success without taking action.

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I have worked with people who fall under the second category; so I have real experience with this type of person.

I will literally lay it out step-by-step exactly what they need to do to make money, yet they will still procrastinate and find a reason not to do the work, and then claim that it’s a scam.

So whilst I haven’t been through the Sam Ovens consulting program I do have a general feel for what it is all about based on other peoples’ experiences.

You simply don’t get someone saying it’s rubbish, and someone saying they made $200k from it (verified) if the program is a scam.

That being said, from the looks of things, Sam Ovens does need to improve his support so that they can issue refunds quicker.

Since some reviews I found were from a couple of years ago, I assume that by now, this has improved as he has continued to grow his company and added more staff.

Sam Ovens Verdict

After learning everything I could about the man that has been filling up my Facebook newsfeed for so long, I’m happy to state that Sam Ovens is not a scammer.

I believe that Sam Ovens is actually one of the good guys online because he offers a lot of value for free on his webinars before you even spend money. Many Sam Ovens reviews share this take too.

If you want to start a successful consulting business, I think he is one of the best people to show you how to go about it.

If you do sign up, you should actually implement what he teaches if you want to get results.

Although it is meant to offer you a ton of value, I don’t think there is anything unique to Sam Ovens’ Consulting Accelerator because some of the principles he teaches to his followers can be found on the internet because there are tons of training materials on how to start an online business from many other gurus.

Perhaps what Consulting Accelerator does better than other training programs is delving deep into the strategies to give you a deep understanding of them. Sam Ovens is insistent on that.

This approach is crucial because, unfortunately, many programs you find online are by fake gurus who promise the world and severely underdeliver.

When most people buy Consulting Accelerator, they expect Sam Ovens to regurgitate the techniques that other courses offer but they are always pleasantly surprised when they pay attention because Sam teaches differently.

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Sam Ovens Scam? [Consulting Accelerator Program Review 2022] 7

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