Secret Income Formula Scam – Avoid It!

Secret Income Formula (aka My Secret Income Formula) is a new website I have just come across claiming it can help the average person to make money. The question is, can this “Secret Income Formula” really help you or is it just another scam? Keep reading because I’m going to share all the details on this page.

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Secret Income Formula – Overview

So what’s it all about? Well the first thing you should know is that My Secret Income Formula doesn’t really exist. It’s not actually a product or a system. It’s simple a website that acts as a bridge to refer you to another product. The other product in question here is called My Super Affiliate Mentor. I’m not going to talk about that product because I’ve already put together a review of that product that you can see when you hit the link above. This review is all about Secret Income Formula to tell you more about it, why it exists and why I don’t recommend it.

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So the thing I find interesting about this website is that it all it exists for is to send you to a different website. Essentially once you opt in and enter your email you are forwarded through a bunch of questions that ask you about your income, and how much you want to make. I’m not 100% sure whether the outcome changes depending on your answers but my guess is that it doesn’t. These “survey style” websites are a type of opt in page and they basically exist to pre-qualify you for a product or offer. What these survey questions do is essentially engage you so that you are more likely to actually buy the product that they are putting in front of you which as I explained is My Super Affiliate Mentor.

Secret Income Formula Is A CPL…

What you won’t know is that the Secret Income Formula is actually a CPL which means it’s a “cost per lead” offer. In other words this website is listed on a number of affiliate networks where people can sign up and promote it. The person who owns the website will pay for email addresses. So when you visit this website and enter your email address the owner of the website will pay the affiliate network around $1.50 and the affiliate network will pay whoever actually sent the traffic. That means the owner of the website needs to make money from you. They’ve paid for your email address when you entered it, and now they are going to send you onto another website to make money.

You’ll also receive a bunch of emails promoting various products and other systems to you.

Secret Income Formula – Is It A Scam?

It’s a tricky question to answer because it’s not an outright scam because it doesn’t actually ask you to buy a product that they own. However it’s not really anything at all to be honest. The reason I’m calling it a scam is because the website claims to have a “Secret Income Formula” but in reality it’s just a website that is forwarding you to another website with the goal to make money from you. The “secret formula” is not really anything secret or special, in fact there is no real formula here.

Secret Income Formula – Conclusion

To me this website is a waste of your time and it’s not going to help you make any money.

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Secret Income Formula Scam - Avoid It! 7

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