Sells Like Hot Cakes – Scam or Legit?

Sells Like Hot Cakes claims that it’s a turnkey Amazon and Shopify system that can take you from zero to $47,812 per month. That’s a pretty specific number isn’t it, but can Sells Like Hot Cakes really deliver or is this just another scam? I’ve been taking a closer look to find out the truth and now I’m sharing my review.

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Sells Like Hot Cakes – Overview

First off I’d just like to say that Sells Like Hot Cakes is possibly the weirdest name for a product that I have ever come across. I’ve reviewed 100’s of products and systems in the last few years and there have been some strange names but Sells Like Hot Cakes definitely takes the crown for strangest that’s for sure. So what is it all about exactly? After taking a closer look I could see that this system is about helping you to make money with Amazon and Shopify. Amazon of course is huge and many people are making a lot of money from selling on Amazon, and Shopify has taken over the whole e-commerce space in the last few years. All the big names are using Shopify and recently I even saw that Kylie Jenner was using Shopify to sell one of her products. By the way, I don’t watch “The Kardashians” (honestly), but I did hear about the huge success of one of her products and noticed she launched it on Shopify.

So generally the theory is there, the method being Sells Like Hot Cakes seems strong, it’s not some glitch to make money, I really hate those!

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Sells Like Hot Cakes – What Do You Get?

I’ve just been taking a look at the tools and training. Essentially what you are getting access to here is a number of tools for helping you with e-commerce and the training to help you build the business, make sales and get to the magic $47k per month as claimed on the Sells Like Hot Cakes website.

Let’s have a look at the actual tools on offer.

Amazon Tools

Let’s cover the Amazon tools section first. There are a number of tools they offer to help you make money with Amazon e-commerce. These tools are basically there to make your life with e-commerce easier and help you do things a lot quicker. The tools are as follows:

  • Best Seller Finder
  • My Tracked Products
  • Supplier Finder
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Niche Finder

I’m not going to dive into the details on each tool as to be honest they are quite self explanatory.

Shopify Tools

Next up we have the tools for Shopify. Again these exist to help you with things like finding good products to sell. Here’s what you get:

  • Aliexpress Finder
  • Competitor Spy
  • Most Passionate Niches

Is Sells Like Hot Cakes A Scam?

You’re probably wondering whether this is another scam system. In my opinion it’s not a scam. I’ve reviewed many different products and systems and to be honest it’s really obvious to spot the scams from the real products. Systems like Online Profits Breakthrough and 700 Profit Club in my opinion are quite obviously scams whereas the Sells Like Hot Cakes product is nothing like those. You do actually get access to training plus a bunch of tools that can help you when it comes to making money with e-commerce.

Conclusion – Do I Recommend It?

Whilst I’m not calling it out as a scam unfortunately I won’t be recommending Sells Like Hot Cakes.

My overall opinion of the product is that it seems like it’s trying to do and offer too much. I’m an experienced online marketer and even I feel like I would be confused trying to implement all the tools on offer here. To me it seems that they have tried to cram as much into the product as they possibly can, going for quantity over quality in terms of the tools and training. I think a newbie would be completely overwhelmed and probably end up doing nothing.

I much prefer laser focused products and systems that are straight forward and easy to use (you can see my recommended system below).

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Sells Like Hot Cakes - Scam or Legit? 7

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