5 Tai Lopez Programs To Help You Make More Money!

Today I’m sharing a list of Tai Lopez programs and specifically my top 5 programs of Tai’s for making money.

tai lopez knowledge society
Tai Lopez founder of Knowledge Society

Tai Lopez went from basically being unheard of a few years ago to being one of the most well known and recognised gurus on business and making money online.

Tai has been behind numerous programs to do with making money online, social media marketing, real estate and even credit repair so today I’m going to share my list of his top 5 programs to help you.

This list is not in any particular order either, but I will link to each review in case you want more information.

I should also mention that I am a big fan of Tai Lopez and what he has achieved.

I think that now more people are coming round to Tai Lopez and his methods but a few years ago people were very skeptical and quick to call him out as a scam.

Ultimately Tai has proved these people wrong by standing the test of time, and many of his enemies have now actually become advocates for him.

SMMA 2.0

One of the first programs Tai came out with was his social media marketing agency.

Over the past few years Tai has used social media to make millions and he has grown his own social following to millions.

The SMMA 2.0 program teaches you how to help small businesses with their social media and get paid $5000 to $10,000 per month for every client you help.

In my opinion this has been Tai’s most successful program he has launched with 1,000’s of successful students.

Tai has continued to update the program and is now on version 2.0

Tai often opens and closes the program so to get access you have to be on his waiting list and be quick when he does open it up. If you are reading this there is a good chance it could be closed in which case you’ll have to simply wait until it opens.

Home Sharing Management Company

The next one on Tai’s list is the HSMC which stands for Home Sharing Management Company.

This is a personal favourite of mine since it teaches you about real estate which is one of my passions but more specifically how to make money from real estate that you don’t even own.

The HSMC program teaches you how to basically take control of properties that are vacant or where the owner is making a small monthly rental income and turn them into short term lets using the likes of AIRBNB.

This is great for people that don’t have a lot of start up capital.

I personally am getting into this myself but I am purchasing the real estate however I have the funds to do this.

If you are just getting started you likely don’t have lots of money to invest and this will help you grow quicker.

Ecomm Agency

The Ecomm Agency is one of Tai’s most recent programs.

The Ecomm Agency teaches you how to grow an e-commerce agency.

People have said that this sounds similar to the SMMA 2.0 program however it is completely different.

Where the SMMA 2.0 program focuses on helping offline businesses to grow an online presence the Ecomm Agency focuses on specifically online businesses that simply need help to become more profitable and more importantly e-commerce businesses so they are selling products online already.

It’s a great program in my opinion and highly relevant to the businesses of today.

The Cashflow System

Next on my list is The Cashflow System.

This is a program that I was very happy Tai released because ultimately it is exactly what Tai is doing to make millions online from his own personal brand selling his programs.

Sure, Tai has lots of businesses but we can’t forget that Tai has built an incredible amount of his wealth through selling his programs online after building up his personal brand.

The Cashflow System specifically shows you how to make money online using sales funnels.

The Knowledge Society

The final program on my list today is The Knowledge Society.

Tai Lopez created The Knowledge Society to be like the Netflix for entrepreneurs.

The layout of this program is great and essentially you are getting access to tons of different experts.

You will be able to go at your own pace and learn from dozens of these industry leaders who will give you a lot of expertise.

Verdict – What Should You Get?

I’ve shared what I believe to be Tai’s top 5 programs but which should you buy?

If you have the funds should you buy all of them?

My honest opinion is no. 

I would NOT recommend buying all of them because that will most likely lead to information overload.

If you have multiple programs to work on you will likely to put in enough effort with one program and will end up getting poor results than if you had just bought 1 and put a lot of effort into it.

In my honest opinion look at all the programs and consider picking 1 or 2 to get started with.

For example, you could get The Knowledge Society and his SMMA 2.0 program and focus on just those 2.

But really it’s up to you and you can focus on whatever you want.

I hope this article was useful gives you an insight into one of my favourite “gurus” Tai Lopez.

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