Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review

Looking for a review of Tai Lopez’s Traveling CEO Program? You’re in the right place.

I’m going to be sharing my full review of Tai’s Traveling CEO Program and let you know what I think.

Tai Lopez is basically a celebrity now, it seems like he’s everywhere online. Whether you’re watching a YouTube video, or browsing Facebook, Tai is always popping up in videos and sharing his knowledge and wisdom but is he the real deal and can his new Traveling CEO program help you? Let’s find out…

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Is Tai Lopez The Real Deal?

Tai Lopez traveling ceo
Tai with his Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royces

Before I talk about his new program and what I think about it (which you can skip to down below if you prefer) I want to talk a little about Tai Lopez. You might be reading this right now because you like the look of his new Traveling CEO program but you’re not really sure whether you trust the guy, or whether he is the real deal. So I want to jump right in and tell you that he is definitely the real deal, in fact he is more real than anyone else out there selling this kind of information on my opinion.

Tai has been featured in many top publications including Entrepreneur magazine alongside top business guys like Grant Cardone, has done interviews with the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk and has even had the billionaire Mark Cuban over to his house to hang out, talk about business and to play basketball. The bottom line is out of all the “gurus” online Tai is one of few who are actually legitimate and can not only talk the talk but can walk the walk too.

Tai sometimes gets a bad rap from people however the people who call him out as a scam or say he is a fraud simply don’t understand his business and clearly haven’t been watching him or done enough research to really know the truth. The fact is Tai has connected with major business figures from around the world, he’s spent 10’s of millions on social media marketing and genuinely lives the dream life. If Tai was a scam then the people who he’s been able to connect with like Gary V, Mark Cuban, former president of the USA Bill Clinton and even Arnold Schwarzenegger are all idiots, and whether you like those people or not, they’re not idiots thats for sure.

So hopefully now you know that Tai is the real deal, and not some scammer, so let’s look at why you should learn from him…

Traveling CEO – Why Learn From Tai?

tai with arnoldSo why should Tai Lopez be the one you should listen to when it comes to living what he calls the “Traveling CEO” lifestyle? In my opinion you should listen to Tai because he’s living proof that it’s possible to live this lifestyle and make that kind of money. If you follow him on social media profiles like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat you’ll see the real proof of his lifestyle. Personally I like following his snapchat because its unedited and authentic. Tai has been traveling all over the place lately and has been to London, Norway and many other places in the last month. Following his Snapchat recently I noticed he was traveling for easily 1-2 months straight so it’s clear proof he is living this life and not just selling the dream.

Tai is also an expert at this stuff, just check out some of the stats on his website:

  • 635M minutes watched on his YouTube videos
  • $21.7M in social media marketing testing
  • One of the top 15 TedX talks of all time
  • His YouTube videos are used by college professors to teach marketing

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program – Overview

So what are you actually going to get if you decide to invest in the Traveling CEO program? Taken from his website itself here is what you’re getting:

traveling ceo program overview

As you can see the program is broken down into 4 months. Each month you are going to learn something new and progress through the program. Month 1 is all about the battle plan and essentially it teaches you how to actually make money with traveling. It’s about adopting the Traveling CEO mindset and learning how you actually make money. Month 2 is about travel secrets which teaches you how to actually make money traveling instead of wasting time like most people do. Month 3, it’s how to actually become the Traveling CEO. So once you’ve adopted the mindset and learnt the secrets you’ll discover how to really live the lifestyle and make money. Month 4, this is how you actually get the work done, without actually doing the work yourself. Tai will teach you how to outsource effectively to freelancers and subcontractors. This allows you to get paid, while someone else does the “hard work”.

Tai is also going to teach you 100 principles he has perfected. Each principle is shared in a 10-20 minute video, and is easy to grasp. Tai has considered charging $100,000 to teach this 1 on 1 to people, but instead decided to make it affordable to more people so he can help more.

Bonuses For The Traveling CEO Program

The good thing is if you act fast you can lock in a bunch of bonuses from Tai Lopez himself. He’s throwing in 4 free bonuses for you when you buy the Traveling CEO program.

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 18

So what are the 4 bonuses? Tai is throwing in a 4 month guarantee. That means if for any reason you don’t like the program Tai will give you your money back. The 2nd bonus is access to a private community. This is a group for high level entrepreneurs where you will get insider-only content with other people in the program. You’ll also get 1-year access unrestricted to the members area to the Traveling CEO program. Despite it being only a 4-month program the content will be available in a private members area, and Tai will give you 1 year access to learn it all and condense the information. You’ll be able to get free access to all the updates that Tai does on the program and new content that is released.

The final bonus is a “personal concierge group” – Tai is giving you 1-on-1 access to the people in his office who run his business. They contact Tai everyday and you can be just one phone call away from getting any questions you need answered. This is a really cool bonus because it means you can get the support you need for the program to be a success.

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Conclusion

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 19I am 100% recommending Tai’s Traveling CEO program. There’s a lot of people selling courses like this online but the fact is non of those people have the success or experience that Tai has. Who do you want to learn from, someone who makes a few bucks online and pretends to have a great life? Or Tai who is someone who’s made 10’s of millions online as a “Traveling CEO”, regularly travels the world, and even when he’s not traveling has an amazing life in Beverly Hills with all the dream cars and houses? I know who I would rather learn from and it’s not the wannabe person, it’s the real deal person.

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Testimonials For Tai Lopez

In case you are still skeptical check out some people who have made a lot of money after following Tai’s programs, like his Social Media Agency program.

Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 20 Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 21 Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 22 Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 23 Tai Lopez Traveling CEO Program Review 24

As you can see these testimonials are pretty amazing right?

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