The Advert Platform Scam – Don’t Believe This Scam!

The Advert Platform is a brand new rev-share program and I’m here to share my honest review and give you all the details, hype free. If you’re thinking of joining please spend 5 minutes or less to read my full review below and let me share the real facts with you before you join The Advert Platform.

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The Advert Platform Scam - Don't Believe This Scam! 7

The Advert Platform – The Real Truth

The Advert Platform Scam - Don't Believe This Scam! 8So you want to know the real truth about The Advert Platform? I’m about to share everything with you and hopefully save you from losing money. You may or may not know but The Advert Platform is NOT a new system. The original system behind it was called My Advertising Pays which launched in 2013.

The company was a revenue share company which meant that people signed up, bought advertising packs for $50 each and when these packs expired they paid out a total of $55. The concept was pretty simple, you could sign up and deposit money and then re-invest your profits. In order to get paid the daily profits you had to view other peoples ads. It was 10 ads per day, and then you could get paid. The goal for most members of My Advertising Pays was to reach 1200 ad packs because at this level a person could earn $600 per day in passive income from the program.

The problem is that My Advertising Pays was basically a ponzi-scheme. It wasn’t your typical ponzi which promised a percentage return from an “investment” as such, however when you peel back the curtain and forget about the whole “ad pack” bull sh*t that they try and use to legitimise the system you soon start to see that it’s not a legitimate advertising platform. The people viewing the ads are other members, this is not targeted advertising. Nobody is going to actually advertise on the platform unless they are involved in the money making side of the platform. So really the whole “ad pack” only exists to try and make the ponzi scheme appear legitimate.

The biggest affiliates did such a good job of selling it that even I bought into the BS for a while. I signed up in 2015, bought ad packs and I even promoted the program to my subscribers and brought in a couple 100 people. Not everyone bought packs but some did and they kept re-investing profits. I was even able to withdraw some profits, albeit not much. Deep down I knew it was BS but I was sold on the hype!

The Collapse Of My Advertising Pays..

Things were going smoothly until about the end of 2015 when they closed down the program to US customers and only operated in Europe. I’m pretty sure they did this because of cash flow problems and also the fact that if they kept operating in the USA the authorities would probably close them down anyway. There have been businesses that appeared far more legitimate than My Advertising Pays which have been closed down by US authorities. That’s just my opinion though so you can make your own mind up.

When this change happened I’m not sure what happened to my ad packs or my team but my income pretty much disappeared overnight. I never committed 100% to the program or invested much money so this wasn’t really a big deal for me, however I know of people who have invested their life savings into My Advertising Pays so this would have affected those people a lot. At this stage I pretty much forgot about the program and moved onto other things.

It was never my main business or income, so it didn’t really bother me to move on and forget about it. However I learned in 2016 that they had problems with their payment processor VX Gateway and it seems that they are in a legal battle with VX Gateway. They used a middleman to process payments and also deal with withdrawals. I personally had a few $100 sat in my VX Gateway account that never got paid out to me. A friend of mine had a few $1,000 in his VX Gateway account which he hasn’t received either. It’s hard to know who is really at fault as VX Gateway seem to be blaming MAP (My Advertising Pays) whereas they are blaming VX Gateway. I’m not going to talk too much about VX Gateway because I don’t know the real details behind the legal battle, but ultimately I didn’t get paid, and neither did anyone else.

It’s really confusing to know what’s going on however people are not getting paid from My Advertising Pays and now they are rebranding the whole company as The Advert Platform and I think anyone who signs up to this is inevitably going to lose money. Maybe you will make some money initially, maybe even for a couple of years but sooner or later the fate of this company will be the same as all revenue shares. It will fail, people will lose money and lives will be ruined. And the people that always come off the worse are the smaller people that don’t really understand the business yet commit a lot of money to it.

The people who make money in these programs are not really the people that buy ad packs but really the people who participate in the affiliate side of the program. The ones that refer other people in and then earn off the ad packs these people buy. This is how top guys in the company have made a fortune. The top earner in My Advertising Pays made over $1.5 million before the program stopped paying. But the people who earn this kind of money can do it in any program, and chances are they will all start promoting The Advert Platform to you now claiming its a new program when it’s not.

The Advert Platform – It’s Doomed (In My Opinion)

The only reason a company like My Advertising Pays would rebrand as The Advert Platform is because of cash flow problems. They will rebrand their business and relaunch it under this new name in order to build hype and bring in new customers who will then start buying ad packs. They might even transfer some old accounts from My Advertising Pays over to the new system and start paying them again. I don’t really know the technicalities behind how it will work, but I know that it’s doomed in the long term.

Rebranding and relaunching will make them money. But it won’t last. The fate of companies like this is always that they are doomed because they rely on “new money” coming into the program in order to pay. And the whole business model of people buying ad packs is fake. The top guys will always make money because they can recruit however people who can’t recruit who rely on the “Ad pack” income will be the ones who are hurt the most.

Conclusion – Don’t Join The Advert Platform

I’m not recommending The Advert Platform because I don’t think it will help you make money in the long term. And you could potentially lose a lot of money.

The truth is you “could” make money, but at what cost? The program is most likely going to fail sooner or later and do you want to take that risk?

In my opinion it’s much better to build a real online income with a sustainable system.

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The Advert Platform Scam - Don't Believe This Scam! 7

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