The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online…

Just this year I passed $1 million in total commissions generated online.

It’s a figure I am pretty proud of, even though the majority of it has been earned in the last 12 months (over $500,000).

That’s just my cut too as an affiliate since I don’t actually create products / services myself.

The total revenue if I had to guess would be between $2.5 and $3 million (WOW!)

Pretty amazing really for a 27 year old who has zero staff, and does most of his work from local coffee shops.

Today though I don’t want to talk to you about HOW I made it, or what systems I used, or even what I was promoting, but instead show you my no.1 TOOL that made it all possible!

Without this tool would I have made that much? I’d certainly have made money, but I’m 100% CERTAIN it would have been a much harder and more time consuming process.

No.1 Tool – ClickFunnels

The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online... 11I remember when I first got started online, it was back in 2007 (a long time ago now).

Back then, if I wanted to create a landing page to promote a product I would have to download a HTML website builder and literally piece together a landing page from templates I found on the web.

By the way…. yes I got started online back in 2007 but didn’t make a penny for years.

I didn’t start making a full time income until 2013 and even then it wasn’t much. I’ve made a good income online since 2014/15 and a REALLY good income 2017 onwards.

Anyway getting back to landing pages…. 

Basically it was HARD to create simple websites (let alone a complicated one) and even if you managed to create something that looked half decent, integrating tracking services so you could track visitors and sales was near on impossible!

Believe it or not this stayed very much the same until around 2012/13.

This is when tools like leadpages started coming out and then ClickFunnels.

At first I was a big advocate for LeadPages, I think because it was such a drastic change from what I was used to and was so incredibly simple to create landing pages.

I still have an account with them, but over the past couple of years my focus has been on using ClickFunnels as I feel it’s the superior tool for creating landing pages, membership websites and also for internet marketing training in general!

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clickfunnels stats

You can see in this image some basic stats that they give you.

Inside my account I’ve had 9130 visits to my funnels this month which consists of 77 pages and 14 total funnels.

I’ll be honest, the majority of them are random ones that don’t see any traffic, and 99% of my traffic goes to a small handful like my no.1 recommendation page.

You can also create membership websites too, and literally every other kind of funnel from giving away e-books to opting in for a webinar.

Why ClickFunnels Though?

The reason it’s my NO.1 TOOL is not just because of the fact that it’s the best out there for creating landing pages but it’s also because of the owner of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson.

Russell hasn’t just created a tool and left people to figure out how to use it like most software owners.

Instead he’s actually put together incredible amounts of training that compliment ClickFunnels to train you on how to build a successful business online and get the most out of the ClickFunnels membership.

Also ClickFunnels is not just a tool, but it can be a complete online business if you want it to be since Russell actually has training programs teaching you how to make a full time income as a ClickFunnels affiliate.

Whilst it’s not my main income, I do make a couple of $1,000 a month from the ClickFunnels affiliate program just by sharing it with people because it’s a tool that I use everyday and has genuinely been directly responsible for over $1 million in revenue in the last 18 months that I have used it.

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Creating A Funnel With ClickFunnels

Whilst I won’t give a full demo let me show you just how easy it is.

Step 1 – Build A Funnel

clickfunnels step 1

You can pick between the Cookbook Builder Process or the Classic Funnel Builder. Both are good, personally I tend to opt for the classic just because it’s what I am used to, but the cookbook is cool since it gives you a variety of pre-made funnels to pick from.

Step 2 – Choose Type

I’m going to pick to “Collect Emails” since we’ll just make a simple funnel here.

The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online... 12

Step 3 – Name It / Create

Now just enter the name and tag it too. Tags are like categories so you can keep things organised.

Then you can hit build funnel.

The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online... 13

Step 4 – Select Template / Edit

Once you hit build funnel in step 3 you’ll be shown a selection of templates you can pick from.

Now it’s time to pick the template and then you can edit it.

The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online... 14

Step 5 – Edit Template

Now we are onto the fun bit where you can take the default template you selected and edit it so that it fits your business.

I’ve selected a simple one, and then edited it to make it an opt in page to get more subscribers on my blog.

Here is what it looks like:

The No.1 Tool That Made Me Over $1 Million Online... 15

Once you have the look right you just need to edit some of the sections and integrate your email auto-responder so that you actually collect the subscribers and then you are good to go.

You can let ClickFunnels host the page for you, or you can even follow their step-by-step instructions to host it on your own domain name.

They also have a WordPress plugin too that lets you host it on your WordPress website. This is the option I tend to use since I run this blog and some others so it’s easy.

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More Reasons I LOVE ClickFunnels

It’s not just a fantastic tool but it’s also got an incredible founder who wants to help you and offers tons of training to help you get the most out of ClickFunnels. His name is Russell Brunson and he doesn’t want you to just pay for his software tool, but he wants you to actually get the most out of it and make money with it too.

Plus ClickFunnels has a great online community. When you join, you’ll be encouraged to join their Facebook group where you can see the success stories of other members and get the help / advice you need on top of the regular training Russell does to help you be successful with ClickFunnels.

Final Thoughts…

Yes, ClickFunnels is just a tool and won’t make you a fortune unless YOU put effort in.

However, unlike other tools, ClickFunnels actually comes with quality training to help you get the most out of it.

Plus when you sign up, you can select the kind of business you are in, and you can even select if you DON’T have a business, and then Russell Brunson will give you training on how to use ClickFunnels to start a business from scratch!

That is why ClickFunnels is my no.1 tool for my business and one I will happily be using forever!

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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