The Truth About HYIP Scams – What You Need To Know!

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve landed here looking for a review of a new hyip (high yield investment program).

Rather than give you a specific review of every single hyip that launches I’ve decided to put together this blog post explaining exactly why you should avoid all hyip programs. You shouldn’t be sucked into the hype and in this article I’ll reveal exactly why!

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High Yield Investment Programs = Ponzi Schemes

The image above really explains it best. The name “Ponzi Scheme” (1) comes from Charles Ponzi (2) who defrauded investors in the 1920’s by getting them to invest money claiming he would pay them great returns. Little did they know that the returns were actually coming from newer investors. Older investors are paid profits from newer investors coming into the scheme.

This is exactly how high yield investment programs (3) operate and the exact reason you should avoid them. It really doesn’t matter which program you are looking at. If it involves you investing money for a high percentage return over a short period of time with zero work then you are looking at a ponzi scheme and you should avoid it. There are a lot of websites out there that track the success of a hyip however you should not be fooled by these websites as they are also scams.

The owners of the high yield investment programs pay tracker websites to list positive reviews about them. The tracker websites claim to have invested money into the program but in reality the owner of the program makes an investment on behalf of the tracker website and then pays them to keep them in a good status on the website. It’s all a complete scam and many people each year lose a lot of money because they believe that these programs are legitimate. I know of 1 person who lost $12,000 in a program, and I’m sure that there are people who have lost much more.

Every year 100’s of these programs launch and in general their lifespan is around 1 to 3 months, with some lasting 6-12 months depending on how popular they are. The programs that are extremely popular can sometimes last 1-3 years because they have enough new investors coming into their scam to pay the old ones. The less popular programs might collapse after 1-3 months because they simply don’t have enough new investors to pay their older investors and the whole scam collapses.

But They Claim To Invest In Property/Forex/Other Assets?

Don’t be fooled by a high yield programs website that claims they invest in forex or property, or stock trading. This is a complete lie and it only serves to try and make them appear more legitimate. No legitimate investment company would take payments via the methods on offer on most high yield investment program websites. For example: they often use virtual currencies such as perfect money and bitcoin. Some virtual currency websites have even been shut down because of money laundering and illegal activities such as “Liberty Reserve shut down in $6 billion money laundering case” (4).

Hyip’s Are Run By Scammers

So you think the friendly admin of a new program is a good guy? He or she is not! They are professional scammers and do not care about you or your money. These people will take your life savings and won’t care at all. The websites of the high yield investment programs are setup so that they are incredibly hard to trace. And if you are one of the unfortunate people who loses money in one of these schemes the chances of you getting it back are extremely slim.

Here are some of the ways the scammers will setup their hyip to be untraceable:

  • Offshore domain registration
  • Offshore hosting regisration (or register with fake details)
  • Offshore bank accounts in fake names (opened with fake documents)
  • Use virtual credit/debit cards for payments
  • Use VPN’s to access their website (virtual private networks)
  • Use digital currencies that don’t verify identity

Conclusion – Don’t Invest In HYIP’s!

It’s not worth the risk! You can never tell when a high yield program will close it’s doors. The admin might decide that they have enough money in their accounts to shut it down and run off. So it’s really not worth the risk. Instead of trying to make money on these kind of programs you should look at a real online business that can provide genuine income.

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