Tube Scout Software – Scam or Legit?

Tube Scout is a new software for ranking YouTube videos and today I’m sharing my honest review. Does Tube Scout really work and can you use it to make money or is this software actually a waste of your time? Keep reading below and I will share my honest opinion with you.

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Tube Scout – Overview

Tube Scout is a software for ranking YouTube videos. Essentially it will help you get your videos to the top of YouTube and presumably Google too. Ranking at the top obviously has it’s benefits so I can see why this software tool has already become extremely popular since launching in the past couple of days.

tube scout

So what does Tube Scout actually do and how does it work? Let’s take a look at their website which has a number of things that it can do. Their website lists that it can legally “hack” YouTube. To be honest this sounds risky but apparently it’s not, they probably just used the “hack” word to make it sound more interesting. It will also show you keyword difficulty, reveal hidden stats, reveal social signals, can be used in a few seconds and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

To be honest it looks pretty good, but in my experience of ranking many YouTube videos at the top of the results, I’m skeptical as to whether you really need a software tool to do this.

How Does Tube Scout Work?

The reason certain videos rank at the top of the results in YouTube & Google is because of a number of ranking factors. The Tube Scout software will essentially scan the videos for your chosen keywords and find out what the reason is that these particular videos are ranking. This will allow you to reverse engineer the ranking process. So instead of going out and guessing how you need to rank, the software will basically tell you.

For example, let’s say a video is ranked no.1 in YouTube and it has 50 likes, 25 dislikes, 2000 views, and 20 comments. All of those things are factors as to why this video ranks. And the Tube Scout software can see this and give you that data so that it’s easier for you to rank. It’s a pretty handy tool and reverse engineering is something that works well with a number of things so I can see why people are so interested in this software.

Do You Really Need Tube Scout?

This is where I question whether you need the Tube Scout software. The reason I say this is because it really isn’t that hard to rank videos in YouTube. Sure if you are a complete newbie you won’t have a clue what you are doing however once you learn the simple method you’ll realise it’s actually quite easy. So let me sprinkle some gold dust on you right now. Here is a simple method to rank any video for a “low to medium competition” keyword.

  1. Create your video and name the video file as your keyword
  2. Upload it and put your keyword in the title of the video
  3. Write a content filled video description and again mention your keyword a few times
  4. Upload
  5. Go to a website called QQ Tube
  6. Order 1000-2000 high retention views
  7. Order 50-100 video likes
  8. Order 25-50 video shares
  9. Go to Fiverr (or Konker) and order a backlink package
  10. Wait a few days

If you follow the simple 10 step process I laid out above which took me about 2 minutes you’ll rank for pretty much anything you want. Sure if something is SUPER high competition you might not rank, or you will need to increase everything such as get more views, do more likes, shares and all the other things like backlinks, but generally if the competition isn’t that high then this will work most times, and it won’t require you to use Tube Scout.

Tube Scout Conclusion

Tube Scout is not a scam, it’s a good little software that can certainly be helpful. If you don’t mind spending a bit of money to test it out, then by all means buy it.

However in my personal experience ranking videos in YouTube I don’t believe you necessarily need it. But it’s entirely up to you, for the cheap price, you might as well test it out after all it’s got a 30 day money back guarantee so really there’s nothing to lose.

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Tube Scout Software - Scam or Legit? 5


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