Weed-Tirement – Legit Investment or Scam?

james altucher weed-tirement
James Altucher

Looking for more information on Weed-Tirement by James Altucher?

Weed-Tirement is a term coined by James Altucher for strategically investing in pot stocks.

Today I’m going to share my honest review and more information below.

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Weed-Tirement - Legit Investment or Scam? 5

Weed-Tirement Review

Today’s review of Weed-Tirement will cover the following topics:

What Is Weed-Tirement?

Weed-Tirement is a quarterly payout scheme run by one of the most profitable companies in marijuana.

James Altucher believes it is the best way to grow your retirement savings – faster than a 401(k) with a much smaller investment.

james altucher weed-tirement
James Altucher

If you have been looking to invest in the pot market, you have probably heard of “penny pot stocks”.

These stocks belong to companies that are in the pot business.

I actually recently reviewed Ray Blanco’s Pot Stock Millionaire so figured I should also research James Altuchers program.

Many investors believe that they are the best way to make money off of the growing industry.

However, they are wrong because only a minority of those stocks become profitable in the long haul.

For example, in 2018, only 10% of the most popular marijuana stocks finished the year better off than they started.

Even the index does not provide genuine optimism notwithstanding the full legalization of the drug in Canada and the wave of legalization in the US.

James realized that it doesn’t make sense.

He figured that there must be a lucky group of people making money in Marijuana stocks whose stories we never hear of.

He did his research and found a company that enables investors to make money from tiny investments.

It is so lucrative, members of Congress are putting their money in it.

He says it has such low risk, it can be a retirement plan (hence the portmanteau “Weed-tirement”).

It is unlike the penny stocks that have you walking a tight rope, often requiring you to be a skillful trader with flawless market timing skills.

This company allows you to capitalize on the booming pot trade sustainably.

Investing in it is highly rewarding but you won’t read about in the newspaper or hear about it on the news.

He claims that the brokers who know about it want to keep it a secret and that the SEC forbids companies from advertising the huge opportunity.

Since the company is not allowed to publicize their alternative investment plan (Marijuana stock), investors have to learn about it through research or in this case, other people’s research.

Weed-Tirement works a bit like a 401(k) fund without keeping you waiting anywhere as long for you to receive your payments.

James claims that when you invest in the company, you will be receiving quarterly payments the size of which will commensurate with the magnitude of your stake.

He also thinks that with widespread legalization in the horizon, legal cannabis sales will increase in the US.

Therefore, more corporate money will be poured into the industry and there will be even bigger payouts for those who own a share of it.

Who is James Altucher?

James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur and author.

He has 25 years of investing experience most of which he has either gathered managing hedge funds or establishing around 20 companies.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has had his fair share of successes and failures.

Although he admits his failures were painful, he has used them to re-evaluate his business strategies and become better at it.

He made accurate predictions about the successes of both Facebook and Bitcoin long before both of them became big hits.

He regularly contributes to The Financial Times and The Huffington Post.

How To Join Weed-Tirement?

To join the program, you need to buy a stake in the company that James is talking about.

He says that you need a minimum of $50 to get started (the bigger the stake, the bigger the payout).

The company pays its investors every three months (quarterly).

James does not share the name of the company outright.

You have to subscribe to his newsletter, “Altucher’s Investment Network.”

When you subscribe, he regularly provides you with trendy ways to earn income and build wealth plus:

  1. Weekly mail updates discussing investment opportunities and market trends of the week
  2. Telephone and email access to a customer care team during working hours on weekdays.
  3. A 12-month money-back guarantee

All the details concerning Weed-Tirement are packaged in a report called:

“Weed-tirement: The Key to a Seven-Figure Pot Pension in the 21st Century.”

As a subscriber, you will receive this report free of charge.

In addition to the Weed-Tirement report, you will receive the following items for free:

A bonus report called

“How To Cash In On The $15 Trillion Super Gadget: A Chance To Add As Much As $516,000 To Your Retirement This Year.”

In this report, James shares a discovery he made about a gadget powering driverless car technology.

He says that investors should buy shares in a particular company that has developed the “$15 Trillion gadget”.

If you want to be involved, you have to act quickly before the technology goes mainstream.

In the report, he shares the details about the company.

A second bonus report titled

“Bitcoin’s Final Bull Run: 3 Penny Cryptos Set to Explode 10,000% or More in the Coming Weeks.”

James predicts that the demand for cryptocurrency will spike to unprecedented heights in the near future.

He thinks the growth will rival the one we saw in 2017.

He wants you to gear up for the opportunity by investing in the right cryptocurrencies.

A soft copy version of his book “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth.”

In it, he shows you how to make money on Amazon, eliminate debt, start your own business, among other things.

Is Weed-Tirement A Scam?

Weed-Tirement is not a scam.

You should note, however, that like any other investment opportunity, it comes with inherent risk.

Although James promises that the opportunity will make you a “boatload of money,” it could be a valid claim because the Marijuana industry is still very young.

As the US government embraces the idea of legalizing it – for medical use at the very least – Marijuana investments will grow by default.

Even with all the growth potential, he notes that some companies will be better placed to take advantage of the opportunity than others.

If you still have doubts, remember that he, a guy who’s been successful in business for many years, must know what he’s talking about when he waxes lyrical about a good investment opportunity.

Pros of Weed-Tirement

  • There is a low barrier to entry. You need a relatively small initial investment to get in; as little as $50.
  • James has an impressive history of predicting big market trends. Since he made bold but accurate predictions about Facebook and Bitcoin, he could be right about the pot industry.
  • By subscribing to his newsletter, you receive his popular investment book, “The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”, for free.

Cons of Weed-Tirement

  • It is still risky to invest in Weed-Tirement. Like other business opportunities, you could lose your money if things do not go according to plan.

Weed-Tirement Conclusion

To take advantage of the growing pot industry, James Altucher wants people to avoid penny pot stocks.

After doing his research, he recommends a company that enables stakeholders who want to make low-risk, high-return investment in the Marijuana industry make money.

All in all I think this is a good program for learning how to invest in pot stocks, however it is not a silver bullet and will still require you to take risks with your money.

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Weed-Tirement - Legit Investment or Scam? 5

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