Zorpia – What Is Zorpia.com All About? [2020]

What is Zorpia.com all about?

On this page I’m going to share all the details about Zorpia, the pros and the cons so you know exactly whether you want to sign up to this social network.

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Zorpia – What’s it all about…

Zorpia is a social network and is really quite similar to Facebook, it operates in both English and Chinese languages. The founder of Zorpia is called Jeffrey Ng who started the site in 2003.

It’s user base is around 30 million with 1-2 million new users added each month. The website has good popularity in China and India with around 40% of it’s subscribers being from India.

As you may or may not know Facebook is not allowed to operate in China.

This has allowed Zorpia to thrive in China as it’s one of few social media providers to have permission to actually operate there.

What’s the point of Zorpia?

What’s the point of Facebook you might ask?

Sometimes I actually wonder myself! Basically Zorpia is a platform where you can connect with other people, existing friends and meet new people.

It’s very similar to Facebook. You can talk to them via instant messages, share your photographs, videos and other info with them.

Some people like to it as an alternative to Facebook.

Reasons to use Zorpia:

  • Connect to anyone instantly
  • Send messages to friends on the network
  • Share photographs with friends on the network
  • Use the platform to advertise your products and services to the Chinese market
  • Connect with fellow likeminded individuals and clients
  • Use your mobile to connect to Zorpia
  • Allowed to be used in China

Reasons not to use Zorpia:

  • Facebook – It’s far bigger, more features and is the leader in social networking
  • Smaller customer base – you can advertise but will not reach as many people or demographics as Facebook could
  • There are lots of scammers/spammers who will try and connect with you (this is the same for other networks too)

Signing up for Zorpia

If you decide to sign up you will want to make sure you don’t use the “sign up with Facebook feature”.

A lot of people have complained that this will connect to your Facebook and then message all your friends inviting them to Zorpia.

This is never a good idea so be aware that you won’t want to do this.

Just sign up normally with an email address and you’ll avoid this happening.

What can you do on Zorpia?

  • You can make new friends and catch up with old ones
  • You can use it in China
  • You can use it as a dating website to meet new people
  • You can share your views, opinions, photos, and more..

Beware of the message spam..

As I mentioned above you should be aware of letting Zorpia connect with your facebook account.

This could potentially have very bad consequences as they will send out spammy messages to all your friends on facebook.

Also you should be aware of any spam you receive on the platform. Their filtering system is not as complex as facebook’s so sometimes you may be spammed by people looking to connect with you, or sell to you, or try and get you on a date.

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Zorpia Conclusion…

Zorpia is obviously very similar to Facebook.

The pros and cons are simple, pros are that it can be used if you are in China and the cons are the message spam, and the fact that there are less features than what you get with facebook.

All in all you should be able to make a decision now whether to join and I hope you’ve found this blog post useful 🙂

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