AdvoCare Reviews – Legit Business or Scam?

If you’re looking for more information on AdvoCare I’m going to share my full review and give you more details about this company.

First off I stand by my verdict that I don’t recommend it as a business opportunity. I think there are better ways of making money and you can see what I recommend below…

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AdvoCare Reviews - Legit Business or Scam? 5

AdvoCare – Overview

Around 20 years back AdvoCare was born. Founded by an insurance guy who started off with Herbalife (another big MLM). AdvoCare has over 500k reps working for them and the majority have joined in the past 6-7 years. The company has grown a lot in recent years which has led to huge revenue numbers too.

AdvoCare is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) which is always a good sign!

AdvoCare – Products

AdvoCare has real products and they have over 70 available. These generally fall into a number of categories such as weight loss, energy, sports performance supplements, skin case and general nutrition. The AdvoCare products have endorsements from a number of people including Dr.Oz.

Advocare currently has an agreement to be the official sports nutrition partner for Major League Soccer until 2019. Naturally with this kind of company there has been some controversy and AdvoCare has not escaped this. It was found that Arginine Extremely which is one of their supplements was tained with clenbuterol after athlete Jessica Hardy failed a drugs test and tested positive for the drug which taking that product.

Despite some setbacks AdvoCare sales have grown dramatically and more distributors continue to join.

You can see their growth since 2004 here:


AdvoCare – The Compensation Plan

This is the part I am most interested in when it comes to a review of any network marketing company.

Let’s take a look at how you actually make money with this company:

  • Retail Sales – Similar to most companies like this you purchase products at a discounted rate and then sell them at full retail price and pocket the difference. The discount starts at 20% and goes up to 40% depending on products and sales volume. If you are able to hit higher sales volume you will qualify for 40% discount.
  • Earn From Your Team – AdvoCare is a MLM after all so you can recruit other distributors and earn on their sales. In fact this is the best way to earn a lot of money as you earn 10% commission on other peoples sales.
  • Bonuses – There are various bonuses available at different times of the year.

AdvoCare – Conclusion

AdvoCare has a strong name and reputation which is always a good thing when getting involved in a MLM. This is also useful when it comes to selling the products as brand recognition is very important with companies like this. The top MLM companies have a strong and trusted brand which really helps sell the products.

They are definitely not a scam as some people have suggested and are a legitimate company.

That being said when it comes to making money if you are interested in earning a substantial amount of money then in my opinion they are better ways and for this reason I wouldn’t recommend it as a business opportunity.

So Mark, What Do You Recommend?

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AdvoCare Reviews - Legit Business or Scam? 5


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