Prove My Profits Scam – My REAL Review

Prove My Profits just launched and it’s a huge scam. I’m not going to hold back here, you need to avoid Prove My Profits because it will steal your money. This system is a complete and utter scam and it’s not even a new system it’s just been rehashed over and over! Keep reading to get my full review and learn the truth.

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Prove My Profits – Real Truth Exposed

I’m glad you’ve found this review because that means you’re not going to become the latest victim of the Prove My Profits scam. I’ve been taking a closer look and the first thing I noticed is that this system is nothing new. Similar to other rehashed systems like The Royce Code and My Profit Formula this “new” system is just an old system that has been essentially given a “makeover” so that it looks like a new system. Don’t be fooled though, the whole sales video is a lie and this system is a scam.

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Prove My Profits is actually an older system known as Lie Detector Millionaire. It launched around 8 months ago and many people were sucked into this scam. They use the old “lie detector” method which has been used time and time again on sales pages and is not to be trusted. This system claims you can make 6-figures per month and all you need to do is click a few buttons and it’s really that easy.

The truth is far different. If you actually sign up to this system you won’t make a penny! The sales video is all a complete lie full of actors. What will really happen when you sign up is you’ll lose your money and wish you never found this system!

Prove My Profits : Important Information

Product Prove My Profits
Developer Daniel Wilkins
Review Author Mark
Rating 1/5
Conclusion Not Recommended

How Does Prove My Profits Work?

The scam starts off with you hearing about this system via an advert or maybe a spammy email! The email tells you how you can make a lot of money and all you need to do is just follow the simple steps. You then land on their website and learn about their system via the BS sales video. If you decide to sign up you are forwarded to their recommended binary options broker and you’ll be promoted to fund your account. Once you’ve funded your account you get access to the software which will make trades on binary options automatically for you. This is the stage where you should start making a fortune but obviously that’s not going to happen as their software doesn’t work as it should. It will make random trades and actually LOSE your money instead of making you money.

What will actually happen is you’ll make this deposit to fund your account and never see it again!

So what’s the real truth here? The real truth is actually quite simple. The binary options brokers pay commissions to people who can refer new customers to them. So the scammers create these super hyped up websites that claim you can make money and all you need to do is sign up to the brokers. You go ahead and sign up, fund your account and the owner of the scam website (in this case Prove My Profits) gets paid. It’s really that simple! Non of the income claims on their website are real, they are all fake and exist only to convince you to sign up and fund your account at the broker so that they can get paid their referral commission.

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Prove My Profits Scam

It should be obvious that you can’t trust this system however I want to go a step further and explain another reason why you want to avoid this and all binary options.

If you’re one of the lucky unlucky ones you’ll only lose $250. Let me explain, obviously if you sign up and get scammed you’ll lose $250 and be “unlucky” however if you only lose this much money and nothing more you might be considered one of the lucky ones because some people lose far more than just their initial deposit. You see once you sign up the binary brokers that Prove My Profits is connected with will do everything in their power to get you to deposit more and they can be very convincing.

These guys are crooks and many brokers have been banned from a number of countries for their bad practices in scamming vulnerable people. There was one story about a guy who got scammed out of his whole life savings from a binary options broker and was actually suffering from dementia. This person didn’t even know what he was doing and the broker manipulated him into depositing money he had worked all his life for. Obviously he never saw this cash again!

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