Aspire Today – Scam or Real System?

I just heard about this new system called Aspire Today so I’ve been taking a closer look to find out what it’s all about and to see whether it’s a real system or just another scam. I’ve put together all the details below so you can learn exactly what it is and whether it’s worth your time.

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Aspire Today – What Is It?

As soon as I landed on the Aspire Today website I knew exactly what I was dealing with. This system is actually a website that promotes a company called Digital Altitude. The company is around 1 year old and was started by an entrepreneur called Michael Force. Over the past year the company has grown and attracted many top affiliates in the online business industry and many of them have made 6 and 7 figures.

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There’s been a few different websites that promote the business opportunity Digital Altitude the most popular of which is the Digital Income Method created by Mack Mills who is one of their top affiliates. He was also behind a similar system he created called the Daily Income Method but that was for another company.

Aspire Today – My Experience

I’m actually an affiliate of Aspire Today (aka Digital Altitude) as I joined approximately 1 year ago in April 2016. I was invited to join the company by a marketing friend of mine who was also an affiliate. I’m no longer an “active” affiliate since I’ve decided that I would rather promote other businesses which I feel can serve my website visitors and subscribers better (see the no.1 recommendation on this blog post) however during my time with Digital Altitude I was able to make some money, around 50k in 9 months. Let me list some of the positives and negative to give you my overall opinion on the company.

The Positives

The first positive for me was the ability to earn high commissions. This is what is known as a “high ticket” opportunity and you can earn $1,000’s per sale in commissions. Also you don’t have to do any of the selling because they have professional “coaches” (basically sales people) who will call up your leads and sell them high priced packages that you earn commission on.

The Negatives

As with any business there are always some negatives. Aspire Today / Digital Altitude is a new company (being only 1 year old now) and during the 1st year had some growing pains. I won’t go into the details but this was certainly a negative experience for me but I guess is to be expected with a new company. Also you should be aware that this is a “high ticket” opportunity.

You can get started for just $1 or even on a free trial, but this is literally just to get an inside look at the system. Once you start to progress through the steps you will be up-sold to much higher packages and if you want to be qualified to earn the highest commission level you will need to spend 5-figures.

Any business will cost you money, and if you go into this business thinking you’ll make money with the investment of just the $1 trial then you are definitely going to fail. But at the same time you need to be aware that this is not a cheap business and will require a large investment of money if you wish to be successful.

Is Aspire Today A Scam?

There are many websites out there calling Aspire Today and Digital Altitude a scam. To be honest whether something is a scam is subjective. One person might seem Aspire Today to be a scam and another may not. I personally do not believe it to be a scam. In my opinion a scam is something that takes your money and gives you nothing in return or something. Digital Altitude does give refunds for people who don’t want to proceed and you do actually have the ability to earn money if you follow through with the training. A system similar to Aspire Today that I have exposed as a scam is My Millionaire Mentor.

Aspire Today – Conclusion

After landing on the Aspire Today website it was obvious that I was dealing with Digital Altitude, a company which I’ve been an active affiliate of.

I don’t believe the company is a scam, however I am no longer recommending them since I have a “new no.1 recommendation” which I feel can serve you better.

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Aspire Today - Scam or Real System? 7

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