Automated Millionaire System Scam – Avoid It!

Automated Millionaire System is a scam and a waste of your time in my opinion and today I’m going to share my full review below giving you all the details on why you need to avoid it.

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Automated Millionaire System – Overview

So if the name “Automated Millionaire System” didn’t already give you some warning signs let me tell you exactly why I am not recommending it, and why I’m actively exposing it as a scam here on this blog. You see after reviewing literally 100’s of systems and many of those turning out to be huge scams I know a thing or two about spotting scams. In fact when you’ve seen as many scams as I have it becomes incredibly easy to tell what is legitimate and what’s not. Also it does help that I make a full time income online so naturally I know what kind of methods actually work for making money and what methods don’t so there’s actually no guesswork involved. The Automated Millionaire System is actually nothing new and looking at the website looks suspiciously similar to Massive Internet Profits which is a scam I exposed a few months ago.

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The website is practically a clone of Massive Internet Profits apart from the name is different. Also one of the tell tale signs that I know exactly what I’m looking at here is that they guarantee $500 profit. That tells me one thing, that this system is actually promoting the Mobe business opportunity which I reviewed here.

What Is Automated Millionaire System / Mobe?

Mobe is the business opportunity behind the Automated Millionaire System and it’s a company created by Matt Lloyd. Matt is an Australian entrepreneur who founded the company a few years ago with the aim to teach people how to make money using digital marketing methods. His company is a digital marketing training company and business opportunity since the people who come in as “customers” are actually people looking to make money, and Mobe offers them products that teach them about digital marketing and then the opportunity to become an affiliate of Mobe reselling the products.

Mobe is what we call in the industry a “pay to play” program because essentially you need to buy all the products in order to be able to resell them and earn commissions. The products are not physical products, they are digital ones, so once you buy them once, you can resell them over and over. Mobe is also known as a “high ticket” opportunity which basically means it’s expensive. The products can cost you 5-figures if you own them all.

What Are The Mobe Products?

Like I mentioned above the Mobe products are actually mainly events. You are paying for an event which includes your hotel requirements and also gives you the training. Usually Mobe will fly in a bunch of experts on the subject of making money online or digital marketing and teach you these methods live in person. Sometimes the people they bring in to coach you are actually top earners in the company. The information you learn can be applied to any kind of digital business however most people will apply it to their Mobe business and try to make money as an affiliate.

Where Does Automated Millionaire System Fit In?

So you’re probably wondering if this is all about Mobe then where on earth does the Automated Millionaire System fit in? It’s pretty simple actually. The person who owns the Automated Millionaire System is an affiliate for Matt Lloyd’s Mobe company. That means when they refer you into Mobe they will earn a commission from you on any products that you buy. This is something that the top affiliates in Mobe do, they create websites like this and they list them on affiliate networks so that other affiliate marketers can sign up, promote it and get paid, whilst the owner of the website will earn more money from you joining Mobe and buying the up-sells. Of course not everyone will buy all the up-sells but plenty will.

So Is It A Scam?

It’s a matter of opinion to be honest. On 1 hand I don’t believe that Matt Lloyd’s Mobe company is a scam however on the other hand I do think that the affiliates for Mobe can be pretty unethical in the way they promote the opportunity. There are so many websites out there like the Automated Millionaire System that make ridiculous income claims and refer people into the Mobe opportunity. To me, it’s not very honest or ethical to claim someone can make $1,000+ a day and is guaranteed $500 when the honest truth is they are not. The majority of people who join will never earn that kind of money and I think that the Automated Millionaire System does a good job of lying about that, and that’s why I can’t recommend it.

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Also look at the “endorsements” they have which are clearly fake. They say that “work at home” has been featured on these big news websites like CNN. Sure they have, but this particular system has NOT been featured but it’s misleading!

Automated Millionaire System Conclusion

Obviously I am not recommending it. I don’t believe you will earn the kind of money they claim and I personally think there are better options out there for building a real and sustainable income online. For example my no.1 recommendation that you can see below is much better (in my opinion) as I’ve personally used it to generate over $80,000 in just the last few months alone. Go ahead and check it out:

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