Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

A consumer services employee may play a variety of roles. It can be to help, support, and advise clients of a business and address their issues or assisting client to use products.

There are several job options in consumer services jobs and they can pay well.

In this review, we are going to look at the best paying consumer services jobs in the industry, what the salaries look like and what they entail. You can then make an informed choice at the end of the review.

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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services 7

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

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What is Consumer Services?

Consumer services are jobs that involve direct client interaction. This could be a job as a front desk clerk at a hotel, a retail service worker at a fashion retail store, or a customer service representative at a telecoms company. Nowadays, you can even work from home as a virtual assistant.

It is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that it comprises approximately 450,000 single-location and multi-location companies and employed 2.9 million people in 2021.

Consumer service jobs can be found in a variety of sectors, including travel and hospitality, food and beverage, retail and more.

Strong customer service abilities, exceptional communication skills, multitasking prowess and the ability to function both independently and in teams are all required to be employed in this field.

If you are skilled enough to work in consumer services, you can easily switch from one job sector to another.

It’s difficult to land a high-paying position in consumer services. That being said, even if you begin with a lower pay, there are many ways to advance.

What are the Best Jobs in the Consumer Services Industry?

  1. Customer service manager

Your tasks and responsibilities as customer service manager include managing and supervising the day-to-day operations of a company’s customer service or support department.

Customer Service Manager

Together with setting short- and long-term objectives for the business, you are also responsible for determining how your department may enhance client connections, satisfaction, and the speed at which the organization responds to problems.

You recruit new department workers, manage their training, conduct performance evaluations, assess customer service feedback and strive to build and enhance your department’s customer service policies and practices.

One needs customer service experience to land this position. For this job, vision and leadership qualities are essential. It is after all one of the top jobs in consumer services careers. Apart from being one of the top jobs in the business, the pay is excellent. The annual salary of a customer service manager is about $142,899 to $185,115

  1. Bank teller

Bank tellers help customers complete financial transactions such as withdrawals, deposits, transfers, currency exchanges, and check orders. They respond to customer inquiries and electronically document all transactions.

Despite the fact that there is a growing need for virtual bank tellers, the majority of tellers physically work in financial institutions. With interactive teller machines (ITMs) that use video technology, virtual tellers frequently provide clients with remote assistance.

The majority of bank teller jobs are entry-level occupations that call for a high school diploma or GED. As required, businesses offer on-the-job training.

Since you’ll be handling sizable sums of money, employers will typically need that you pass a background check.

In the United States, bank tellers make an average salary of $34,930 per year.

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  1. Flight attendant

A flight attendant’s top priority is the safety of airline customers and employees. They ensure that everyone complies with aviation safety regulations and responds to any situations that may arise during the flight.

It takes a lot of effort and attention to detail to be a flight attendant. On-duty flight attendants are required to perform an emergency checklist prior to each takeoff that includes onboard safety supplies including fire extinguishers, oxygen masks and life vests.

In order to diffuse any panic situations that might occur during the trip or to to calm a violent passenger, flight attendants must also possess great communication skills.

For the majority of airlines, candidates must be at least high school graduates in order to be considered for employment. Nonetheless, some significant passenger airlines favor applicants who have an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree.

They must undergo rigorous training in order to be prepared for emergency landings, in-flight medical emergencies, cabin fires and depressurization, and hijackings. All passengers must have easy access to emergency exit doors at all times during the flight.

As required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), this training will enable flight attendants to file for a Certificate of Demonstrated Competency

Flight attendants work 65-90 hours in air per month additional 50 hours for flight preparation. They receive an annual salary of around $64,446 to $99,544 per year

  1. Customer Service Representatives

Customer support jobs frequently require you to use the phone, email, or live chat to help customers with their product or service needs and offer consumer support services. It is one of those jobs where you can get paid by the hour.

Depending on the business you work for, you might assist customers in opening accounts, troubleshooting problems, recommending goods or services, or resolving complaints. Even if there is an increasing need for remote workers, there are plenty of in-person positions.

You have to deal with a lot of consumer calls every day, listening to their customer complaints and attempting to solve them as fast as possible. With every call, the primary goal is to produce a satisfying customer experience.

A call center representative must adhere to the organization’s customer service requirements and use CRM tools and applications properly. Participating regularly in learning opportunities to broaden your horizons is another aspect of the job.

Taking sales orders is a common call center function in many businesses. In that instance, they must also give customers sales advice utilizing techniques like cross-selling and upselling.

A customer service representative role is typically an entry-level profession that doesn’t call for any prior experience or a college degree.

Although you learn on the job, some roles require excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as some basic computer knowledge.

The annual salary of a customer services rep is about $39,070.

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  1. Receptionist

Receptionists at a business or organization handle a wide range of front desk duties and administrative support activities. It entails taking visitors’ calls, returning their calls, receiving and delivering emails and directing visitors to the proper department based on their needs.

Typically, a client or business contact will first interact with a receptionist when visiting a company. Some receptionists may also serve in other capacities, such as cashiering and bookkeeping, depending on the nature and scope of the business or organization.

Also, they may be assigned to an organization’s security access control function, which requires them to issue visitor passes, confirm the identity of users and employees, and report any suspicious or unlawful entry.

There are numerous employment options for an experienced receptionist. A highly talented front desk receptionist can advance in a company to become a personal assistant or even an executive assistant who works directly with senior executives. Furthermore, they are capable of taking on other administrative positions like office manager.

For a position as a receptionist, a high school diploma is typically sufficient, but an additional certificate or associate degree in office management can vastly raise your profile.

Receptionists must possess sufficient knowledge of computer programs like the Microsoft Office Suite as businesses and organizations rely more and more on networked computers. Multitasking and strong customer service skills are other essential skills for a receptionist.

A receptionist may double as an office manager in some places of business, such as small law companies and medical practices, responsible for managing administrative tasks.

The average annual salary of a receptionist is around $45,717.

  1. Medical Receptionist

Medical receptionists work clerical tasks such as welcoming and checking in patients, making appointments, providing appointment reminders and other clerical for hospitals, clinics, and private offices.

They could also help with data input, bookkeeping and payment processes.

A high school diploma is typically required for a medical receptionist. However, a medical receptionist is not required by federal law to possess any particular certification or licensure.

Medical front desk receptionists frequently work on medical billing and documentation while pursuing additional certifications. You can apply for a number of specialist medical documentation jobs with these credentials, such as Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist.

A Certified Professional Coder is entrusted with applying specialized medical codes to capture the treatment records of patients. They must be proficient in medical terminology and compliance.

A patient financial consultant is another potential job path for an experienced medical receptionist.

The average salary of a medical receptionist is about $38,064 per year.

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  1. Concierge

The typical place of employment for a concierge is a hotel or other lodging establishment, while some may work in private homes. In addition to assisting to organize their schedules, a concierge is in charge of offering outstanding customer service to visitors and residents.


Typical responsibilities include answering requests and complaints, booking reservations, booking transportation and tours, managing the luggage of visitors, offering information about nearby attractions, and managing inquiries.

There are various concierge services and they include:

  • Hotel Concierge: A hotel concierge offers a range of services to make hotel guests’ stays more comfortable and hassle-free. They handle practically all of the visitors’ travel requirements, from transportation to dining and entertainment bookings. They might also recommend other sites of interest and nearby attractions.
  • Travel Concierge: A travel concierge handles all aspects of your vacation planning and itinerary, including transportation, hotel rooms, and any additional travel arrangements you may require e.g. reservations at nearby restaurants and tourist attractions. They provide both tour guide and travel agent services.
  • Concierge Medicine – A retainer-based medical practice, concierge medicine gives paid members access to specialized and individualized medical treatment. You may schedule same-day appointments and access to the doctor’s office without having to worry about copayments for a monthly cost.
  • Shopping Concierge: A personal shopper who can assist you with all of your shopping needs is known as a shopping concierge. A personal shopper or shopping concierge can assist you in finding hard-to-find items or locating excellent prices on items you want. A shopping concierge’s services are also available online.
  • Lifestyle Concierge: A lifestyle concierge manages all of your daily needs, enabling you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. To relieve yourself of numerous personal responsibilities like making bookings for meals or doing errands, you can employ a lifestyle concierge. They operate similarly to a personal assistant who organizes your daily schedule.

Most concierge positions accept applicants with a high school diploma. An associate’s degree in business and hospitality can help you get a job and advance in your profession, however it is not a required.

Most newly hired concierges briefly work as entry-level customer service representatives while being mentored by an experienced concierge to develop the skills they need for their position.

The income of a concierge typically relies on experience and the size of the firm you work for, similar to other customer service professions.

The average annual salary for a concierge is $37,520.

  1. Patient care coordinator

Another consumer services job is patient care coordinator. Patient coordinators are typically employed in hospitals and long-term care facilities. They consult with patients and their families to plan their care and to educate them about various procedures, drugs and therapies.

Throughout the course of the patient’s care, patient care coordinators keep in touch with the patient and their families, assess the results, and report them.

Strong communication skills are necessary for the job of a patient care coordinator. Although it is not at all necessary, many facilities do have a registered nurse to fill this position.

Some of a patient coordinator’s most important duties is to routinely check on the patient’s progress, confer with specialists and medical professionals to manage the patient’s treatment, and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in health care.

To apply for a patient coordinator position in a hospital or other medical facility, you must possess at least a two-year associate degree in nursing or medical assistance. Having a business administration certification is very advantageous to your job.

Several businesses might additionally want you to have experience working with account books and to have a basic understanding of the law and ethical principles. They have an average annual salary of $41,714.

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  1. Client service representatives

A client services manager makes certain that a customer is happy with the goods and services they get from the business.

Even if you work for the company as a manager of client services, you and your team represent the client.

As you are the manager of a bigger customer service team, your duties also include supervising employee training and making sure the division follows all business policies and procedures.

Experience in customer service and strong managerial abilities are prerequisites for a job as a client services manager. The average salary of a client service representative is $40,500-$67,000 per year

  1. Account coordinator

An account coordinator’s main goal is to increase client satisfaction in order to draw in and keep customers. An account coordinator collaborates closely with customers, taking note of their unique needs and presenting the products and services that are most appropriate for them.

They might also individually address client grievances, exhibit a novel product and manage the full sales procedure.

The job of account coordinator is difficult. They must maintain constant contact with both current and potential customers if they want to increase overall customer satisfaction.

They produce sales leads and frequently oversee the whole sales process. Furthermore, account coordinators must also keep and update their client database.

You must establish trusting relationships with your allocated clients as an account coordinator. Being knowledgeable about the services and goods provided by your firm in order to properly market them is one of the most important components of this job. They must remain consistent with newly released products or discontinuations.

Supporting account executives and senior directors to improve the sales process and order fulfillment is another crucial duty of an account coordinator.

Account coordinators with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or another field closely related to business are frequently hired by employers. It’s best to have experience in sales, marketing, or account management. An account coordinator has an annual salary of around $31,900.

  1. Technical support representative

Technical support staff members often operate remotely or in contact centers for cable and internet providers or manufacturers of consumer devices.

They are in charge of responding to technical inquiries from customers via chat, email, or phone. These experts are responsible for assessing, debugging, and resolving technical difficulties as well as deciding the best course of action.

Technical Support RepresentativeIn addition to that, they might deal with consumer transactions like purchases and returns.

As we depend more on new technologies to get through our daily lives, the work of tech support specialists is becoming more and more crucial. Although there is a growing need for skilled tech assistance, the job is also quite demanding.

You can work in tech support, just like any other profession, eventually rising to senior tech support engineer and other supervisory roles. You can take on the more complex duties of a network controller or IT project manager after getting the necessary expertise as tech support.

The qualifications for an entry-level tech support position can vary depending on the employer. While a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline is typically required for a tech support position, candidates without a formal degree may still be hired if they have the relevant experience and skills.

Technical support agents who have just been hired must have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities in addition to other soft skills.

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  1. Customer success director

A customer success director is in charge of a group of experts whose job it is to handle interactions with their clientele in order to maintain their growth and retention.

As a director, you are responsible for client management as well as the creation of programs and campaigns to find marketing and revenue-generating opportunities.

You collaborate proactively with your team to raise the organization’s performance and maximize the usage of its goods and services. Together with these responsibilities, you’ll need to fix any delivery or efficiency issues and train both your team and consumers.

One of the skills needed for this position is the ability to make decisions quickly. After all, the position also calls for planning to maximize prospects for upselling and business expansion for the organization.

To qualify for this position, one must have prior industry experience. One of the highest paying positions in consumer services, this position typically pays around $166,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a good job in the consumer services industry?

Having the proper combination of abilities and experience can help you get a good career in the consumer services industry.

The majority of the positions on the list need at least a high school diploma. Your chances of landing a well-paying position in consumer services might be improved by obtaining this level of education along with soft skills like effective communication, leadership qualities, problem-solving talents, and critical thinking abilities.

Where can one find the best paying jobs in consumer services?

  • ZipRecruiter: Millions of jobs hiring nearby are listed on the career search engine ZipRecruiter. Browse for consumer services jobs on ZipRecruiter, read employee testimonials, and check the salary. For career search services, it serves as a one-stop shop.
  • Glassdoor: One of the top websites for job searching, it enables you to look for careers, wages, and employee reviews. You can conduct a complete job search, read anonymous evaluations left by both current and previous employees, and compare employers.
  • Indeed: It is a website that facilitates career search for jobs. They provide a simple, user-friendly job search tool to assist you in pursuing a career in consumer services. Use Indeed’s tools, such as job alerts and the resume upload option, to your advantage.


In conclusion, the modern consumer values the experience as much as the good or service they get which means every organization requires a solid consumer services team.

Consumer services Jobs are in plenty, well-paying and available. If you’re unsure of which position to pursue, we hope this review will help you make an informed decision.

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Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services 7

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