What Is Jeff Brown’s Confidential Briefing?

Jeff Brown's Confidential Briefing

Welcome to my review of Jeff Brown’s Confidential Briefing. The Confidential Briefing is an event that Jeff has been promoting a lot over the past few days. He says that it centers on a unique inflation-proof way to profit from Apple’s launch event that he says can make you as much as 21 times your …

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Is Grant Cardone’s 10x Money Challenge Legit?

10x Money Challenge

Interested in Grant Cardone’s 10x Money Challenge? Grant Cardone, a self-made multimillionaire in sales and real estate and familiar face within the self-help community, has been promoting a program he is calling the 10x Money Challenge. The 10x Money Challenge is a 7-day coaching program during which Grant Cardone and a series of high-profile guests …

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Is Clients & Community Legit? [Unbiased reviews]

Is Clients & Community Legit? [Unbiased reviews] 5

Looking for Clients & Community reviews? Clients & Community is an online program that is designed to help high-ticket coaches, consultants and course creators generate high-quality, targeted leads on a daily basis. If you have encountered the program and are wondering what to make of it, keep reading because in this review, I discuss how …

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Is Contrarian Outlook Legit? [Unbiased Review]

Contrarian Outlook

Contrarian Outlook is a financial research company that publishes articles and newsletters offering general investment advice and market commentary.  The editors at the firm promise to reveal plenty of profit opportunities from which they believe you can find objective, independent, and unbiased investing ideas. If you are now eager to know more about Contrarian Outlook, including …

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What Is “America Ground Zero” by Nick Giambruno?

America Ground Zero

America Ground Zero is the title of a presentation by Nick Giambruno who’s discussion centers on a “A dark financial storm [that] is brewing in America right now” that he thinks will decimate people savings. Never one to shy away from making such gloomy predictions, Nick says that he has found a $3 trade that …

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Is Click Build Connect Legit or Another Scam?

Click Build Connect

Welcome to my review of Click Build Connect. It is an online program being promoted by someone called Jason Perriman whereby he promises to provide you with a simple way that anyone can use to make thousands of dollars every month. It is a brand-new automated system that he claims he wants you to beta …

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Is Bill Spencer’s “Profits from Apple Cars” Legit?

Profits from Apple Cars

Bill Spencer, the editor in chief of True Market Insiders, did a presentation where he talks about Profits from Apple Cars. What does he mean by this? He is talking about investing in a way that you profit from the possible launch of an Apple car without even buying Apple shares. He says that Apple’s …

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Is Luke Lango’s The Crypto Code Legit?

Luke Lango The Crypto Code

Welcome to my review of an online event by Luke Lango called “The Crypto Code.” I recently received an email invitation about this event and in the invite, Luke Lango promises to show us how to extract gains as high as 760% from the crypto markets “with near-mathematical precision.” If you would like to more …

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What Is Taylor Welch’s Fractional Content? [News Feed Authority]

Fractional Content

An internet marketer called Taylor Welch has been promoting what he refers to as “Fractional Content.” It is a new plug-n-play system he created that he says is designed to help freelancers, consultants, agencies, and coaches offering different kinds of services more clients through social media. In this review, I will be taking a closer …

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Is Teeka Tiwari’s The Bitcoin Boost Legit?

The Bitcoin Boost

Teeka Tiwari, one of the most prolific advocates for cryptocurrency investment, has been promoting a presentation he did called The Bitcoin Boost. It concerns an investment opportunity for all those who missed the previous bitcoin boom. And according to him, this opportunity can allow investors to make up to $72,637 more per Bitcoin. If you …

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