BinaryBotMaster Scam – Real Review

I’ve been taking a closer look at BinaryBotMaster and it’s a complete and utter scam. I’m not going to drag this review out and give a verdict like some people might. I’m jumping straight in and telling you to avoid this nasty scam system as it will steal your money and won’t make you a penny. You can read the full details below, or you can skip straight to my #1 recommendation below.

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BinaryBotMaster – Complete Fraud

I’ve been taking a closer look at BinaryBotMaster and doing my research and I’m 100% convinced that this system is a scam. I would literally bet my house on this system being a scam because I have reviewed 100’s just like it which all turned out to be scams. Also this has all the warning signs such as a flashy website, fake testimonials, fake reviews and their website was only recently registered which is another big warning sign.

Some other scams that I exposed recently were My Profit Formula and Jarvis Formula which were big fat binary scams that operate no different to BinaryBotMaster. The scam starts with you receiving an email or seeing an advert about it and visiting their website which claims you can make a fortune. If you follow through and sign up you’ll need to make a deposit of $250 to get started trading with their system. Once you’ve made that deposit this is when you’ll start to lose your money. In fact the moment you make the deposit you can wave bye bye to your money because the “BinaryBotMaster” software will automatically trade until you have no money left. Their software should technically make you money because that’s what they claim in their sales video however the truth is far different, what will actually happen is you will lose money.

How The BinaryBotMaster Scam Works

The reason you’ll lose money is because the binary options broker that you have to sign up and make a deposit at needs you to lose money for them to make money. The creators of the BinaryBotMaster have partnered with the binary options brokers as affiliates. This means that they will get paid for referring new customers to the binary broker. However what you may not know is that a binary options broker needs you to lose money for them to make money. Their business works very much the same as a casino works. But instead of placing bets on games like blackjack, roulette and other gambling games you are betting on stocks and currency. It’s important you know that you are betting here, you are not investing which means the broker wants you to lose, because if you win the money is paid out of their pockets!

When you understand how the brokers operate you can link up the dots and understand that it’s a complete scam. Think about it for a moment, why would the binary brokers pay the owners of the BinaryBotMaster website commissions for referring new people to them, if these people then went on to make a fortune? That would mean they were paying to lose money because the customers (new traders) they were referring would make a fortune which would cost the binary broker money.

I hope that makes sense. Whether it does or it doesn’t don’t worry, all you need to know is that BinaryBotMaster is a complete scam and you need to avoid it.

These guys use fake reviews, fake testimonials and fake data on their website which is another huge sign that they are a complete fraud. I’m not going to go into detail about the specifics of all the ways they are scamming, but ultimately they have utilised actors for their testimonials and they are deploying a number of scam tactics. Just avoid the BinaryBotMaster and all other binary options systems and you won’t go wrong!

My Conclusion For BinaryBotMaster

In conclusion after taking a closer look at this system it’s clear to me it’s another scam, similar to others I have reviewed lately. Rather than wasting your time on this system you should go ahead and take a look at my #1 recommendation for making money online below which is a system I’ve used to make 5-figures per month. Out of 100’s I’ve tested over the past few years this one takes the crown of my #1 recommendation.

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