BinaTrust Scam – Review Exposes The Truth

BinaTrust just launched and what a complete and utter joke of a system. I’ve been looking into it and I’m not recommending it. In this review I’ll be exposing BinaTrust for the scam that it is and urging you to avoid it. Read the full review down below and get all the details on why this system is a scam.

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BinaTrust Scam - Review Exposes The Truth 9

BinaTrust Review – It’s All Lies

BinaTrust comes across as a professional system but the truth is it’s a scam. When I first came across their website I was thinking that it looked really good and professional however when you look deeper into the system it becomes very clear that they are not legitimate. Their nice looking website is simply a front and everything on their website is lies. The positive testimonials and the endorsements from the big brands are all fake. Unfortunately many people won’t realise this and will just get sucked into it.

BinaTrust Scam - Review Exposes The Truth 10

Let’s look at some of the claims that they make like how you can make $250 to $4,800 per day. And you can make this even if you don’t have any experience. Well isn’t that just amazing? How absolutely fortunate are we to find this amazing system and be able to make that kind of money for free. What a joke, these guys really don’t think much of me or you that they can put together these websites and think people will just fall for them. The fact is people are becoming a lot smarter and less people are getting sucked into these scams. Unfortunately some people are still getting sucked into them because they might have not experienced them before.

I don’t know whether this is the first binary options system you have looked at but either way I am glad you decided to look for a review and found my page. This is not the first review I have done, in fact I’ve put together 100’s of reviews on other binary systems that are very similar to BinaTrust such as Tesler Software and Nasdaq Inside Trader. The scams work exactly the same way. They suck you in with a nice looking website and a sales video that convinces you about making money and then pushes you into signing up a binary options broker where you have to start making deposits and actually spending money. They tell you it’s “free” but that’s a complete lie as you need to deposit at least $250 to get started and these guys will suck you in with false promises of income and try and get you to deposit more. You really shouldn’t trust a word that they say because these guys make money when you sign up and deposit, they do not care about your success in the slightest.

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Fake Endorsements For BinaTrust

Another reason you should not trust the BinaTrust system is because they are using fake endorsements on their website. I noticed this immediately when I visited their website because I know that these big brands would never endorse a binary options system. Even if the system was legitimate big brands like this would never associate with a binary options or money making system it is just not something they would do, and after doing further research I’ve verified that these are 100% fake endorsements which is yet another reason not to trust BinaTrust.

BinaTrust Scam - Review Exposes The Truth 11

Unfortunately the majority of people will never actually look up these big brands to verify whether they are endorsing the system or not. But people will see these big brands and it will increase the trust of the website even though it’s all fake. People will naturally and probably subconsciously think, “oh well if Forbes, Entrepreneur and CNNMoney endorse this system then it must be legit” and they won’t even verify it. It’s a real shame but this is yet another reason you need to avoid the BinaTrust system as it’s extremely unethical and not trustworthy.

Testimonials For BinaTrust Are Fake

So not only are the guys behind the BinaTrust software using fake endorsements from some of the biggest brands in the world but they are also using fake testimonials. Take a look at the testimonials listed on their website which are completely faked. These are actually listed on Facebook however they are not real, they are literally photoshopped testimonials.

fake binatrust testimonials

The people listed such as Emma Devos, Oliver Hamilton and Lucas Jacobs are not real people. These people are made up and are NOT making this kind of income. These testimonials are completely fake and should not be trusted. Scammers have caught on that social media is great “proof” of whether something works because let’s face it, real people do post things on social media about their experiences with things like movies or products. However the scammers behind BinaTrust are abusing this by creating FAKE testimonials on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t believe these fake reviews as they are not legit.

Conclusion – BinaTrust = Huge Scam

BinaTrust is a huge scam and I am not recommending it. This system won’t make you a penny and I highly recommend you avoid it.

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BinaTrust Scam - Review Exposes The Truth 9

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