Blazing Trader Scam – Avoid The Fake Reviews!

Blazing Trader is a new scam that’s gathering momentum! It recently launched and the hype surrounding it is pretty big. You’ve come to the right place to read my full review though because I’m going to share the truth. Don’t believe those other fake reviews that tell you how amazing this software is. It’s a complete scam and those reviews are BS.

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Blazing Trader – The Truth

Blazing Trader has just launched and chances are you heard about it either through social media, an ad or most likely you received an email from a spammer promoting it and telling you how amazing it is. One of the fastest ways scammers spread the word about their new scam systems is by offering their affiliates big commissions for spamming your inbox with promotions about it. These guys will spam your inbox with promotions for one scam such as Private Profits Club or Polygraph Millionaire and then they’ll move onto the latest scam, in this instance it’s Blazing Trader. When visiting the website you are told how you can make a fortune and all you need to do is sign up “for free” and activate their software app. Their trading software will do the rest of the work and you just sit back and get mega rich making 6-figures per month. The truth is far from that because what will actually happen is you’ll sign up, deposit $250 and you’ll never see that money again. And if you only lose $250 you’ll be lucky since some people lose $1,000’s and even their life savings.

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Once you sign up and make a deposit of $250 the owner of the Blazing Trader website’s job is done. He gets paid the moment you sign up and make a deposit. After that he doesn’t care about you because he’s been paid his referral commission for getting you to sign up. Oh and the person you see in the video? That’s just an actor. Don’t be tricked into thinking he’s actually the real owner. The same goes for all the testimonials too, they’re all actors! Once you sign up and give your phone number it’s the binary brokers job to extract as much money from you as possible. Firstly once you’ve made a deposit the app will trade automatically and literally trade away all your money leaving you with zero in your balance. Next you’ll most likely receive a phone call from one of their “experts” telling you to deposit more money. Each broker operates differently but they’ll usually say that the software you were using wasn’t very good and they can hook you up with a much better one, you just need to deposit more money. These guys are basically expert sales people and they will do their absolute best to make you deposit as much as possible. I had a conversation with someone a couple of years ago who had deposited $12,000. It was a real shame since they obviously lost all that money which they had worked hard for.

Blazing Trader – Who’s Involved In The Scam

There’s a few people involved in the scam as I shared in a recent article I did on binary options revealing the truth. You have the owner of “the offer” which is the person that owns the Blazing Trader website. In this industry the latest scams to launch are known as “offers” and each scammer will essentially create their own offer and launch. It’s kind of like an inner circle where each person takes their turn to launch a new scam and everyone else helps spread the word about it and shares in the money that is made via commissions from the brokers.

So as I mentioned you have the owner of “the offer” and then you also have the affiliates. These are the guys that promote it and spread the word. This usually happens through email spam but sometimes other methods such as banner advertisements and Facebook ads are used. Next up you’ve got the binary brokers. These are the actual brokers who facilitate the trading. Yes these guys are in on the scam too because they often provide the scam software that is programmed to lose. Sometimes you’ll have a middle man between the scammer and the binary brokers, this is known as a network. They basically cut deals with many different binary brokers and help the scam owner get the most commission for referring new customers. It’s a nasty industry but as long as people keep signing up and believing these scams then the scammers will keep creating them until they stop working.

Blazing Trader Conclusion – Avoid It!

If you’ve been reading my review above it should be obvious that you need to avoid this system. It won’t help you make any money and will only leave you disappointed and out of pocket. Binary options are the scammers vehicle of choice and I’ve personally never seen anyone actually make money with them. So definitely avoid this system and if you really want to make money online check out what I recommend below. It’s something real that can actually help you.

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