Polygraph Millionaire Scam – Don’t Believe The Fake Reviews!

If you’re here to learn more about the Polygraph Millionaire scam you’re in the right place. What a complete joke this system is. I’ve been taking a closer look and to be quite honest it’s laughable. Also there are many fake reviews out there that will tell you how amazing this system is, don’t believe them! Keep reading to learn the truth…

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polygraph millionaire scam

Polygraph Millionaire – It’s Fake BS!

This system claims that you can make a fortune from binary options but in reality it’s a complete scam. Of course in the sales video they will try and fool you by having the “creator” take a polygraph test but it’s fake. Don’t believe that this is real because I can tell you 100% that it is not! In reality this system is no different to other known scams such as push money app and private profits club which scammed 1,000’s of people.

I find it pretty funny that they even put on their website “no bullsh*t and that you can make $498,628 per month. I mean seriously are they for real? That’s a crazy amount of money and nobody is making that kind of money from binary options. Even the creator of this scam won’t be making that kind of money.

polygraph millionaire scam website

So let me explain how binary options actually works…

Polygraph Millionaire – The Truth Revealed

So how exactly does the scam work? It starts with you usually receiving an email from some spammer telling you how you can make a fortune from this new app/system that just launched. You click the link and end up on the website where it tells you how you can make a fortune and you don’t need to lift a finger. All you need to do is sign up and their “recommended binary broker” and make a deposit of at least $250. You’ll be encouraged to deposit far more though. Once you make a deposit the software app starts trading for you on autopilot and within a few hours or maybe a couple of days at most your account will be drained.

Yes you read that correct, you’re account will literally have nothing left in it and you’ll be told you need to deposit more money in order to keep trading. The software app that is supposed to make you rich doesn’t work, in fact it’s been programmed to lose trades on purpose. The $250 or more you just deposited? All gone! You just got scammed. That’s how it works and it sucks but people are getting scammed and losing money everyday to these kind of systems.

There’s a few people involved in the scam. You have the spammers who spam your inbox with promotions. These guys get paid commissions when you sign up. Then you’ve got the owner of the “offer” (the Polygraph Millionaire website), he also gets paid a commission from the binary broker when you sign up and make a deposit. And then of course you have the binary brokers who are also in on the scam. They’ll have their sales floor call you up and try to get you to deposit far more money. They’ll do things like offer you the “real software” that actually works and say you need to deposit at least $1,000 or more. Some people have literally lost their life savings. I know of 1 person who lost $12,000 in a scam like this.

Polygraph Millionaire – My Conclusion

From the moment I first visited their website I knew it was a scam. Further researched confirmed it when I learned the real truth that it was just another binary options scam software. As Forbes states “Binary options has an aura of being more respectable because they represent themselves as offering a form of investing” and it’s very true. But ultimately binary options are nothing more than gambling on the direction of companies stock and currency pairs and the odds are stacked against you from the start. As soon as you start using these scam softwares your odds of winning are even less since they’re designed to lose!

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