BO Millionaire Scam System – Don’t Trust It!

BO Millionaire aka the Binary Options Millionaire system is a nasty scam and I’m here to bring you the real truth about this system.

I just came across their website and I knew I had to put together this review to warn you about the BO Millionaire system before you lose money to it. You can see my full review on this page where I expose this scam for what it really is. But first things first before I get started…

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BO Millionaire – What A Scam

For the rest of this review I will be referring to this system as the BO Millionaire. The system is also known as the Binary Options Millionaire system but BO Millionaire is obviously easier to type out since it’s smaller so let’s run with that. Okay so what’s the BO Millionaire all about? It’s a binary options system and it’s a complete scam. The website is literally full of lies and if you get sucked into it you could lose potentially $1,000’s. I have been doing a number of reviews lately on binary systems and the majority of them come from the same group of people.

In the last week alone I’ve reviewed the likes of Tesler Software and Nasdaq Inside Trader and to be honest it makes me laugh that these systems are still going strong. I guess people are still getting sucked into the thought of making easy money but the truth is you’ll never make money with binary options, you need a real system with proven results but it’s not always easy to distinguish which systems are genuine and which are a fraud like this one.

bo millionaire scam

Let’s look at the real details here. I’ll be straight with you, I have reviewed so many of these binary options systems that I can literally tell within a few seconds of seeing a website whether it’s a scam or not and sometimes my reviews might assume that you know that too, but I know I have readers who have varying experience levels with scams like BO Millionaire. Some people reading this will have never been scammed by a binary system whereas others (maybe you?) have already fallen victim.

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Why Is BO Millionaire A Scam?

The scam starts off with you visiting their website and learning about what they have to offer. What you might not know is that literally all the people on the website are fake. The testimonials are all fake and the guy on their website is a stock photo. This is not the real person behind the system. Also the income claims of making over $300k a month are completely fake too. Literally everything you see on their website is a lie.

The truth is these guys get paid to refer you to binary options brokers. So if you follow through and “Create your free account” you will be forwarded to another page where you have to sign up to their “recommended” binary options broker. The only reason this broker is recommended is because they are paying these guys a commission to sign you up to them. If you follow through and sign up you’ll be prompted to deposit $250 or more in order to start making money. These guys tell you that it’s just a deposit and you can withdraw it anytime but that is pure BS. Anyone who has tried binary options before knows how difficult it is to withdraw deposited money. However this isn’t even the worst part about the scam, once you actually sign up and activate their “Bo Millionaire” software chances are you’ll lose all your money before you even have a chance to withdraw it!

I am being 100% serious here. Once the software activates it will start trading for you on autopilot and will literally trade away your money until you have nothing left. You’ll see your account balance getting smaller and smaller and you won’t have any control over it. The truth is by the time you’ve made your initial deposit to fund your account it’s already too late and you can say bye bye to that money forever as it’s gone. If you’ve already invested money into BO Millionaire then I’m sorry my friend but it’s long gone!

BO Millionaire Fake Endorsements & Testimonials

Like I mentioned already the testimonials on their website are completely fake and also another thing that’s fake is their endorsements. They have listed endorsements from some major brands online and these are completely fake. The reason they stick these logos of big companies on their website is because it’s been proven that it builds trust and means you are more likely to invest and it’s fine to do that if they are real endorsements however they are not. The BO Millionaire endorsements are all fake, as these brands would never endorse binary options.

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Conclusion = BO Millionaire Is A Scam

Obviously I am not going to be recommending the BO Millionaire system. This has all the signs of a scam and the people behind this system have been behind many other scams in the last few years. I highly recommend you DO NOT spend anymore time looking at this system as it won’t make you a penny.

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