Book Bolt: Legit Book Publishing? [2023 Review]

On Amazon, hundreds of thousands of so called low content books or no-content books are sold each day. This makes use of a concept known as POD (print on demand) in the book publishing business.

This implies that whenever you have a product, you must first earn a sale before printing and shipping the item to the consumer.

Many people, especially those who are just starting out with low content books and no content books on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), have questions about Book Bolt and how it may help them make money.

In this Book bolt review, I will take you through the features of the program so Let’s explore Book Bolt and all that it has to offer.

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Book Bolt Review

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What is Book bolt?

Book Bolt is a beginner friendly low content books publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch. With such platforms available, now you can make money online by creating an eBook.

The software Book Bolt contains all the resources required to run a profitable minimal content book publishing business. It covers every stage of creating low content books, from keyword research tool to exporting PDF cover and internal files, making it by far the most comprehensive.

Book BoltThere are many pre-made interiors that you may download in various sizes, as well as a cover creator, interior builder, category finding tool, and many other features.

The tools at Book Bolt can also help you choose the ideal Amazon keywords to employ. You can find good keywords and competitive niches by using a service that lets you search for a keyword and see the books that rank for that keyword as well as their Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

Additionally, it has a keyword tool included that is comparable to Publisher Rocket. The tool provides details such as Amazon search volume and competition.

A puzzle designer tool is included in Book Bolt’s Pro edition. This feature can make Book Bolt a no-brainer for you if the puzzle books niche is one that you are very interested in.

Book bolt first page

Every step of the process was covered by the program creators’ tutorials. You may access the keyword research module, instructional module, and other modules using the tabs on the left after choosing the app option.

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Who is behind Book bolt?

Neil Lassen is the founder and CEO of book bolt

neil lassen

Book Bolt’s headquarters are located at 7993 Grasmere Dr, Boulder, Colorado, 80301, United States

What are the key features of Book Bolt ?

The primary features of book bolt are to offer access to important features like:

  • Keyword research tools
  • KDP spy
  • Interior designer and cover creator
  • Listing enhancement
  • Trendspotting instruments

Keyword research tools

With keyword research on your side, you’ll be able to identify the precise terms that Amazon users are entering in search.

With this information, you may incorporate those keywords into the titles and descriptions of your listings to increase clicks, which could result in an increase in Amazon KDP sales.

 Keyword Research Tools


You can use the KDP spy extension to browse Amazon in real time while discovering profitable categories that are making the most money.

Interior book bolt designer and cover creator

More than 1,200 typefaces, over one million royalty-free pictures, patterns, scaleable designs, and filters are available in the Book Bolt cover creator.


With this trend-spotting function included in your Book Bolt membership, you may discover obscure product categories and notice patterns. You may delve further into research to discover trends and gain an advantage over the competition by browsing their library of 5 million titles.

Optimization of Listings

Utilize listing optimization to improve your book listings on Amazon. You’ll have confidence in your ability to choose the appropriate categories for your books, and improved product listings may increase KDP business sales.

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How Does Book Bolt Work?

In this part of the book bolt review, let’s take a look at how the program works.

You will immediately have access to all of Book Bolt’s tools once you sign up.

You may get started right away with a few clicks by beginning your keyword, niche, and category research.

Discover the design tools to produce attractive book interiors and covers, and use Book Bolt to prepare your book for Amazon publishing from beginning to end.

Book bolt has 3 major functions which are:


Book Bolt studio offers several features to rapidly increase your research game. It contains a feature called “Cloud” that makes it simple to discover new trends and untapped markets. Wouldn’t it be amazing to get your hands on popular low-content books before they become popular?

Additionally, Book Bolt provides simple keyword research that shows Amazon search volumes in real time so you can outperform your rivals.

As an alternative, you can use its Chrome extension “KDP Spy,” which provides you with a list of keywords and frequently used customer searches on Amazon search volume to locate niches.


Book Bolt makes designing easier. Book Bolt makes it simple to design even if you’ve never done it before. It provides an interior generator and a cover designer.

The best part is that Book Bolt takes care of assessing bleed margins and considering best practices for Amazon publishing guidelines for you.


Webinars and training on how to produce low-content books and expand your business are available from Book Bolt. Being a publishing novice can be intimidating, but these resources are relatively easy to use.

In order to start earning money right away, Book Bolt also walks you through the process of listing your books on Amazon KDP.

They have a ticketing system, which means that if you run into a problem, help will be provided.

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Types of Low-Content Books made using Bookbolt

Making a decision about the type of book you’ll write is the first step. With a big list of starter templates, Book Bolt assists you in this.

The Cloud Search can be very useful if you’re unsure on the kind of book you want to write. You may receive up-to-date information on what books are selling and where they are ranking on Amazon KDP by typing in a book category or type.

You may view each book’s search volume and sales history. Additionally, you can see the keywords they employed. Remember that the sales history is probably only an estimate that Book Bolt can determine using their own search algorithms, but employing an estimate is still preferable to going into a book sale blind.

Additionally, browsing the Cloud Search bar results can provide you with unexpected ideas.

A complete list of low-content books you can make with Book Bolt is provided below:

  • Calendars
  • Daily planners
  • Music-writing journals
  • puzzle books
  • Prompt books
  • Log Books
  • Books for coloring activities
  • Journals

Book Bolt – No Content Book Research, Design, Listing - Book Bolt

Let’s explore these a little more.


Journals come in a variety of styles, from the straightforward daily diary to the more current bullet journal craze. Or how about a notebook of appreciation? Gratitude notebooks are becoming more and more popular as more people start to practice mindfulness.

You can design one that concentrates on particular prompts to assist in guiding your readers through the process, or you can simply provide them with a predetermined number of lines with dates on all the pages and let them wing it.

Prompt Books

People occasionally require a little motivation. In this situation, prompt journals are an another genre you can look into. Give your clients something to ponder. The use of prompt notebooks is common among authors and artists. Find a specialized area, such as sci-fi prompts, and be imaginative.

The writing prompts for this one take a bit more effort to come up with, but if you have a creative side, this could be your time to encourage others to use it.

Color-by-Number Books

Although they may seem silly, coloring books aren’t just for kids; adults can also enjoy them. That is not to imply that coloring books for children cannot be produced.

Themes like animals, shapes, sceneries, etc. are among your selections. Of course, these coloring books can also contain profanity and nudity if you’re aiming for a more mature audience.

Log Books

For folks who want to track something, log books are useful. You name it: costs, meals, workouts, habits, etc. Consider your intended audience and utilize Book Bolt to design a cover that will appeal to them.

Daily Planners

Daily planners require a little more work to produce than the other book types on this list because there is more information on the internal pages. But that’s also why they’re among the best low-content book genres.

You will stand out from the competitors with your distinctive twist. Researching potential niches and sub-niches is crucial in this situation. Of course, Book Bolt also provides keyword research to help you get started.

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Uploading Your Design Elements To KDP

We now have everything we need to publish books on Amazon. We made a cover, purchased a book with little information within, then conducted research to see what is selling.

Once you’ve done this a few times, you’ll be able to quickly finish a new book.

We must now post it to the marketplace and make it available for purchase!

Log in at KDP using the account you created at the beginning.  Because these are printed books, you should click the “paperback” button.

Next, you’ll need to fill out the 3 tabs; Paperback details, Paperback Content, and Paperback Rights & Pricing.

Indicate on the form if you want the book published in English. You will then be prompted for a book title and a subtitle.

It is essential that the book title reflect the information on the cover. You can use any subtitle you like, but it’s a good idea to link it to the book and the kind of interior design you utilized.

The following boxes are for your edition and series numbers. Since you are not making a series or an edition, leave these fields empty. Also skip the contributor section.

You will then be prompted for the author’s name. A place has been provided for a first and last name. These can be anything you like and don’t have to be your real name. Simply check one or both of the boxes, and there you have it—your pen name.

Your description should go in the following box. Put one or two sentences here so that the buyers may read them and understand what they are purchasing. Inform them of the benefits of the product. Put that in there if it is a notebook for nurses. Best is simplicity!

If you designed the book’s cover yourself, you can choose the radio button that states “You own the copyright for the book” when purchasing publication rights

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How to join Book bolt

In order to get started, you must first register a Kindle Direct Publishing account. When doing so, you will be asked to fill out the “My Account” section with some basic information. These comprise your nation, full name, address, and contact information. They will also need your banking information, and then they will ask you a few tax-related questions.

Depending on your demands, they offer the Standard and Pro book bolt subscription .

The standard book bolt cost is: Standard Month —$9.99 And Annual—$89.99

The pro package costs: Month—$19.99 and Annual—$199.99

Both packages include rival espionage tools, cover design, Amazon search volume, keyword and product research, and round-the-clock customer service.

The Pro Package takes things a step further by providing book bolt members with PuzzleWizz, a program that creates puzzles, along with everything stated so far. Another low-content book category is puzzle books, and using this program, you may build a variety of puzzle genres, including:

  • Crossword
  • Sudoku
  • Wordsearch
  • Word-scramble Cryptogram Maze
  • Dot to Dot Kakuro

Book Bolt offers a 3 day free trial if you’re not ready to commit right away. Every feature of Book Bolt is available during the trial.

You can still use a few Book Bolt free features even if you don’t wish to sign up for a free trial. The free version consists of:

Equally significant to the cover design is the content; a well-designed interior will distinguish your book. You can choose from hundreds of layouts and themes with Book Bolt.

Using the appropriate category while listing your book will make it easier for customers to find them. You can choose from low, medium, or high level of competition categories with Book Bolt.

With Book Bolt’s interior PDF combiner, you may also incorporate PDF of your own interiors without ever having to sign up.

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How to make money with Book bolt

Once your book has been submitted, Amazon KDP will display the printing cost so you can account for it when setting your book’s final price. This will now determine how much money you can make using this strategy of earning.

The cost of the book you want to sell can be determined by you. You may see the royalty you’ll get when your book sells right away while determining the price. So, if you want to get a specific amount of royalty, you can change your pricing.

However, the books you wish to sell will ultimately determine how much money you can make. Remember that being a creative is a difficult career to make money at.

A strong assortment of the books you intend to sell must be assembled over time. You might potentially make a lot of money by doing this.

Because of this, I would suggest that your ability to produce books that will sell will determine how much money you can make using this form of earning.

Pros of Book bolt

  • Product and keyword research
  • Publishing Low Content Most Complete Books Software Listing Enhancement
  • Database of products and trend spotter
  • Over a Million Royalty-Free Pictures
  • Patterns, scalable designs, filters, and many other things
  • Editor for drag and drop
  • Create Puzzle Interiors in One Click
  • Interior files that can be mixed and matched

Cons of Book bolt

  • A time lag is perceived by many users while performing keyword searches, and there are a few bugs when designing your covers and interiors.
  • The requirement to acquire separate plugins in order to do your research and upload can be a turnoff for you if you don’t love downloading different extensions.
  • Users of Book Bolt are not permitted to download data, thus if you want to edit your listing, this will provide a problem.
  • According to internet evaluations, Book Bolt occasionally crashes, and the user interface isn’t particularly compelling.
  • A small learning curve exists, particularly if you are new to design. But you can have your questions answered if you use their training materials, Facebook group, and tutorials.
  • The retrieval of the Reverse ASIN data may take a moment.
  • The support system is somewhat slow.

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What Kind of Book Is Low-Content?

A no content book is a book that has just that, no content. It could be a book with graph paper or dot grids, a notebook with unlined pages, or a book with lined or unlined pages. Puzzle books, activity books, and notebooks with prompts are examples of low content books. In both cases, the client will supply the majority of the text rather than the author as is the case in a traditional book.

The business of low content book publishing is quite appealing because these publications don’t have a lot of text. This also implies that the entry barrier is substantially lower, making it crucial to produce the greatest book possible.

Anyone entering this industry must have distinctive match interiors and eye catching book covers to succeed. Fortunately, there are resources available to aid in our success Such as million royalty free images.

What Is Kindle Direct Publishing?

KDP, also referred to as Kindle Direct Publishing, is a method used by authors to publish their own books on Amazon for global distribution. There are typically two methods an author can use to get their book into the hands of readers.

The first is the conventional approach, in which you would approach a publishing business to edit and publish your works while giving them the lion’s share of the profits and control. The second option is self-publishing, in which you locate a venue to publish your book on your own. The KDP platform allows authors to self-publish their books and sell them to millions of buyers who use Amazon search volume.

Before KDP, you had to utilize a company called Createspace to self-publish a book and make paperback versions of it. In the end, Amazon acquired Createspace and integrated it into the KDP platform.

You can upload the following items (Book covers, Interior file, Title, keywords)and put this book online for purchase on Amazon. When someone buys it, Amazon will print it, send it to them, and take care of all customer service issues.

Why Sell No Content Books On KDP?

Okay, now that you are aware of the location where these books will be sold, why should you sell on Amazon and through the KDP platform?

That is a simple one. In only the US, Amazon has about 50% of the market for printed books. They founded their business on selling books, and there are many clients who are willing to do so (making you money).

The nicest part about it all is that even if you aren’t an author, you can start and get involved. The low content is intended to emphasize this.

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How do you find what people are buying and want to buy on Amazon?

Based on what clients are already purchasing, you seek to see what people are purchasing. You accomplish this by looking at a small option called “sales rank.”

Every product on Amazon has one of these rankings, and every product’s rank is displayed in the product details box. You can determine how well or poorly a product is selling based on this figure.

Visit a product page and scroll down until you see a small box with the headline “product details. You can tell how many sales a book is getting by looking at its sales rank. The best-selling book on Amazon at the moment would have a sales rank of 1 in the book category.

You can also check out how products are performing over time. One of the most effective aspects of conducting research is this. You can reverse engineer a product if you can determine how it has been selling. We want to enter markets where sales are ongoing and not just one big one.

What Software is used for creating puzzles?

You can easily make activity books with the help of the Puzzle Wiz and Interior Wizard Pro.

You receive an all-in-one piece of software that includes hundreds of interior files with little content and hundreds of premium templates.

It enables you to make a huge variety of puzzle books, including:

  • Coloring books for Sudoku
  • Activity manuals
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Word search

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Any Alternatives to Book Bolt?

We also needed to consider any potential Book Bolt substitutes. A few software solutions can provide at least one of Book Bolt’s features, but none can provide all of them. Let’s get started.


Canva is a user-friendly design program where you can utilize thousands of templates from many categories to build your interior or exterior with this tool. Less low-content book-specific templates are present here, though.

Canva is free, but some of its components or templates are protected by a paywall. They do, however, provide a 30-day free trial period (you have to provide your credit card information, though).

Expanding Amazon Suggestions

The KDP specialized research extension Amazon Suggestion Expander will show you what your customers are looking for if you need assistance with your study. You can use this to determine which niche products are the most well-liked.

You can use this free tool to locate keywords and niche concepts for your low-content website.


Book Bolt is a practical solution that provides multiple functionalities under one roof when it comes to Amazon KDP book publishing endeavor.

This is helpful considering there is little material available and few publishers. They can use a single piece of software to develop, study, and upload.

A membership does everything you would need it to do, so you don’t need to pay for any other tools.

If you don’t know what to write for your first book, you can start with just a few clicks right away thanks to their research tools and the templates they have available.

It is more affordable and more complete than other Amazon/Merch products on the market for its pricing.

But some people might want to look into keywords and sectors a little bit more deeply, which might require spending money on additional research-focused products.

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