Brad Thomas Prediction: Swan Retirement Blueprint Legit?

Wondering what Brad Thomas Prediction for 2022 is?

Brad Thomas shared the “SWAN” Retirement Blueprint which informs his investment strategy. He is pretty confident that it will earn you enough money for a comfortable retirement irrespective of how the market is – with a small portfolio of unique stocks.

You will learn more about his strategy in the sections below including how it works, the pros and cons, and you can decide whether it is worth looking into.

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Brad Thomas Prediction: Swan Retirement Blueprint Legit? 7

Brad Thomas Prediction 2022

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Introduction to Brad Thomas’s Prediction

Brad Thomas’s Prediction was the subject of a presentation where the millionaire investment strategist shared the name and ticker symbol of one particular stock that he thinks will do well. The goal is to help you create for yourself a comfortable retirement.

Brad Thomas's Prediction

Brad Thomas claims that the SWAN investment strategy has been endorsed by big investors and CEOs. He wants you to invest in what he calls “SWAN Stocks.”

He says that in today’s volatile market, while most investors lose money, you can enhance your chances of earning profits by investing in SWAN Stocks.

What are SWAN stocks?

SWAN stands for “Sleep Well at Night.” Therefore, he is saying that you will be investing in “sleep well at night stocks.”

Brad notes that with inflation hitting 40-year highs, it has forced the Fed to finally start raising rates, which has disrupted the market. With less money to go around, he says that riskier assets like cryptocurrencies, SPACs, and others are not doing well.

Brad says that a group called S&P Global did a study to see which investments performed during the worst interest rate environment ever – the late 1970s – and found that SWAN stocks performed nearly 3 times better than the S&P.

Here are some of the reasons he insists on SWAN stocks:

  • They are Anti-Fragile: This means that their income and profits are rock-solid. These are companies that have contracts in place that ensure the checks keep rolling in or they have a product that’s so critical to modern life – no one can do without it.
  • Income: These stocks pay a dividend every month. On top of that, the payouts grow so fast, they can quickly exceed your cost of living. Brad says that SWAN stocks are companies that pay out millions, even billions of dollars to their shareholders. These are not just the ordinary, quarterly dividends because some of these stocks are legally obligated to pay you.

Brad says that in some cases, these pay you three times more than the typical company and you can be paid nearly 50 times a year.

He is targeting one such company that has a “Payout Increase Program.” By that, he means that if you start out getting $100 deposits, over time those become even more.

As the market crashes, you will not panic like most people. Brad says that you may, in fact, even look forward to the next crash because you will buy SWAN stocks for a bargain.

He quotes Warren Buffett who once said, “be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

#1 SWAN Stock

Brad Thomas is targeting four stocks that fit his SWAN stock criteria. They are a unique type of real estate investment that are ideal in an inflationary climate because real estate does well during an inflation – inflation causes the value of land and buildings to rise.

According to Brad, real estate can protect your portfolio from inflation and earn income.

The four companies belong to a tiny subsector of the real estate market that most people have never heard of, per Brad. And, it does well during periods of high inflation.

One company he is targeting is a favorite of the world’s wealthiest investors. More than 60 members of Congress and dozens of billionaires have invested in it.

One company he is recommending is called Mid-America Apartment Communities (the ticker symbol is MAA).

Mid-America Apartment Communities is a REIT that was founded in 1977. It is based in Tennessee and owns 300 apartment communities containing 100,490 apartment units as of December 2020.

Brad Thomas has identified other companies he wishes to recommend and he’s put them all together in a brand-new report called The SWAN Portfolio. This report has all the details on how to get started with these investments.

To get the report, you must sign up for Brad Thomas’ newsletter called The Intelligent Income Investor.

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Who is Brad Thomas?

Brad Thomas’s Prediction is brought to you by none other than Brad Thomas. He is the CEO of Wide Moat Research and the Author of The Intelligent REIT Investor Guide.

According to Brad Thomas, there’s only one rule in investing: protect your principal at all costs. He has spent over 25 years as a developer, investment banker, and real estate analyst.

He has been doing a lot of research on the best investments for someone who’s planning for retirement. He’s not the only guru who’s done this as we’ve seen others like Dave Forest (The Zero To Retirement Summit), Keith Kaplan (Retirement Calculator), and Andy Snyder (Gold-Backed Retirement Plan) share their opinions on what they deem great retirement investments.

On researching, connecting, and doing what’s best for the client, he has always come up with the best investment options. His investment ideas and other articles have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Kiplinger’s, U.S. News & World Report, Money, NPR, and Fox Business. 

Brad Thomas received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/Economics from the Presbyterian College.

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A closer look at Brad Thomas’ The Intelligent Income Investor

As mentioned earlier, Brad Thomas has come up with a special report named — The SWAN Portfolio. In this report, he has detailed stocks that he claims are designed to do well with enough guarantee that investors can sleep well at night – investors will get the names and tickers of all of them, along with a full write-up.

Note, this special report is sent to you if you buy a subscription to the Intelligent Income Investor newsletter.

When you sign up, you get a guide that contains Brad’s latest research and recommendations. These are the exact plays that he has used to build his wealth over the last decade. Every month around the first Monday, you’ll receive Brad Thomas’s latest ideas.

In addition to that, you will receive two bonus reports…

  1. Sucker Yields – and How to Avoid Them – It contains the names of several of the most dangerous high-yielders on the market.
  2. Brad’s #1 Growth Stock – This report contains the name of several stocks, ideal for those who are looking to jumpstart their entire portfolio. These stocks have huge upside potential, and are relatively low-risk.

Other benefits you get when you sign up for The Intelligent Income Investor include:

  • Brad’s Open Recommendations – immediate access to all of Brad’s open recommendations – including buy-up-to prices and full analysis.
  • Frequent Updates – updates on all Brad’s picks – including when to sell… as well as bonus trade recommendations.

The Intelligent Income Investor Subscription Cost

$49/year for your first year. Every year after that, the subscription renews automatically for $129 per year as stated on the order page:

Your subscription to Intelligent Income Investor will automatically renew on an annual basis until you cancel. Upon renewal of your Intelligent Income Investor subscription, Wide Moat Research will charge $129 (plus applicable taxes) to the credit card or other means of payment on file. To cancel your subscription without incurring such a renewal fee, you must do so at least one day before the renewal date.

You can easily miss this detail if you don’t read the fine print. Therefore, never ignore that part.

The Intelligent Income Investor Money-Back Guarantee

They have a 60-day money-back guarantee, as stated on the order page:

“I’m happy to say that most of my readers love my research.

I get positive feedback all the time.

However, if for some reason it’s not for you, that’s okay.

Just call our customer service team within the next 60 days, and they’ll give you a full cash refund.

And to make it fairer than fair, I’ll let you keep my special reports. No questions asked.”

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Is Brad Thomas’s Prediction Legit?

Yes, Brad Thomas’s Prediction is legit for sure. The creator of this strategy is a well-known investment veteran. He has come up with a special report named The SWAN retirement portfolio, featuring the best stocks for a smooth retirement.

If you sign up for The Intelligent Income Investor, you will receive Brad’s SWAN portfolio stock recommendations and as a matter of principle, the subscription is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. That’s not what you’d expect from an illegitimate operation.

Brad Thomas’s Prediction Verdict

If you are looking for expert advice on retirement planning, then Brad Thomas’s Prediction is worth your attention. Brad Thomas will share with you his hand-picked stock recommendations on the SWAN portfolio.

He is pretty confident that these stocks have huge upside potential with minimal risks and that irrespective of the market situation, they are bound to do well. However, don’t forget that all stock investments are subject to market risks.

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Brad Thomas Prediction: Swan Retirement Blueprint Legit? 7


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