Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives]

Cider clothes is certainly a brand name you’ve heard about if you’ve spent any time on social media scouring the fashion trends. You may have seen Cider in those gorgeous clothes in targeted advertising, on Tiktok or with your favorite Instagram influencer

In this shop cider review, we are going to take a deep look into Cider, how it began, what it’s all about and how to shop on this platform.

At the end we will look at some reviews, answer some of the frequently asked questions and find out whether it is the right digital clothing store for you.

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Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 22

Cider Clothing Review

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What is Cider Clothing?

Cider Clothing is an an online clothing store and fast-fashion brand founded in Hong Kong that has become all the rave amongst Gen Z women for the past two years. As proof of its rapid growth, the Cider app reached 2 million downloads in the US in just the first half of 2022.

Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 23

Shop cider clothing is named after the hot apple drink that usually indicates onset of the fall and they claim to be just like the drink; bubbly, sweet and with just the right amount of sass.

They advertise having fashionable, comfy clothing that can be worn every day to elevate your appearance into an unexpectedly bold representation of your personal style.

They produce clothing in sizes XS to 4XL (US Size 0-24) at a reasonable price range that is accessible in more than 130 countries.

This retailer specializes in AI forecasting and produces clothing in thoughtfully small amounts. By doing so, waste from surplus inventory is reduced.

The online store has a strong internet and social media presence with over 4M followers on Instagram as I write this.

Cider Clothing instagram

Customers enjoy shopping at Cider a lot due of the enormous selection of goods offered. There are lots of fantastic styles and lovely clothing collections available.

The head cooperate office of Cider clothing is based in Los Angeles. The brand emphasizes on positivity and inclusivity and is well complemented by the sunny, easygoing mood and diverse culture of LA.

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Who founded Cider Clothing?

Cider clothing was co-founded by Fenco Lin (Chief Fahion Officer) and Yu Oppel (Chief Marketing Officer) in September 2020.

Fenco Lin

Fenco lin studied at Columbia University in New York before embarking on her career. After starting her career in the Bloomingdale’s Executive Development Program, she went on to work at two fashion companies where she developed her e-commerce, merchandising, branding and operations skills.

Currently, she divides her time between Guangzhou and Los Angeles, where she oversees production and works with Cider’s design and merchandising team. Fenco Lin has been mentioned by Forbes in the 30 under 30 section.

Yu Oppel was a student at UC Berkley and prior to Cider, she worked as a stylist for Totokaelo in the US and as a product manager for Dolls Kill. She also worked for Uber for four years as a founding member of UberEverything, where she helped UberEats grow to become one of the biggest food delivery companies in the world. Yu splits her time between Singapore and Los Angeles and collaborates closely with the brand and content team at Cider.

In October 2020, a few weeks after Cider was founded, Christa Allen reimagined the character of Jenny Rink from 13 Going on 30 in a TikTok video. She dressed in a variant of the famous Versace striped outfit from the movie for the video.

Shop Cider grabbed this opportunity as the video went viral on the internet and they developed their design for the traditional 13 Going On 30 outfit based on the works by independent designer Wanda Cobar from Etsy.

Cider’s version of the dress went for about 14 Euros and this took the internet by a storm as all the Gen Z youth working on a budget strived to get the fit. This is how Cider went viral and began its fast growth.

The Cider team is spread across 14 countries and their services are available in 11 languages. Most of the team is either female or female-presenting, with women in half of the leadership positions.

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How does Cider work?

Cider specializes in selling and creating women’s wear. Their clothing is manufactured in Guangzhou and it has partner companies all over China. However, there is no information about the factories they work with.

The Cider Website is quite is easy to use with it’s interactive user interface.

Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 24

Once you visit their website, there are a variety of options to browse, starting with their latest sales, new batches, swimwear, accessories, some of their best sellers and clothes in various sizes.

You can narrow your search using the provided filter, where you can choose what type of clothing you want from tops, dresses, jumpsuits, matching sets, denim and many more. You can also specify your specific size, with the range running from XS to 4XL.

Furthermore, you can specify what sleeve length, rise, length, style, color, occasion, pattern or price you are interested in. Once you have found your preferred piece of clothing, click add to bag.

Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 25

Pictures of the clothing in different angles will be provided for you to make sure it is what you want before you make a purchase. Once you confirm it is what you want, an order summary is provided that breaks down cost and gives you a total of the amount you need to pay, inclusive of shipping.

If you have any coupons or Gift cards from Cider, you will be prompted to enter the code so that it is processed and a discount is deducted from the total price.

Once you are satisfied with the price, click the Checkout button which will then redirect you to fill a form with details such as your country of residence, names, phone number, email address and shipping address.

After you are done filling in the form, you will be asked to place and confirm your order before making your payment. This is to avoid mistakes and wrong shipments. Payment can be done via credit/debit card, Paypal or Google Pay.

After making payments, you will receive a receipt in your email confirming the purchase and containing the order number so that you can track it as shipping may take a few days depending on your location.

Cider clothing uses a pre-order model which means that they produce clothing in smaller batches while minimizing waste.

It is also available as a mobile app, both on the Apple Store and Google Play store. Downloading their app gives you access to live shopping shows, new daily deals and a faster checkout.

Cider claims that they use a “smart fashion” business model, only producing items that they are certain will sell. When they unveil new styles, they immediately modify manufacturing based on direct client input and insights.

To add to that, Cider has #Cidergang, which is a 24/7 online party hosted by Cider where influence and inspiration from the fashion world transcend geographical boundaries. It is the foundation of their brand, and it includes duets on TikTok, holding discussions on Discord and creating live designs.

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How much does Cider cost?

Cider is a platform that sells women’s clothes at an affordable price; which means exclusive deals and affordable prices on amazing fits.

The platform is especially suitable for eccentrics and women who are strapped for cash but still love cute clothes

How to join Cider

Signing up for a Cider account is free and easy to do. Just visit their website or download their mobile app on your device.

Click the human icon on the top left corner of the screen. This will lead you to your account set up where you will be prompted to enter your personal details such as your names and email address.

You do not have to create an account to shop on Cider since as soon as you enter your order details, this information will be uploaded to the site and will be logged in as your account details.

This automatic method allows you to visit the site later and still be able to access your bag and wishlist on Cider.

Account Dashboard

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Cider reviews

Cider has received a lot of positive feedback on the internet; both from social media and other platforms. This can be seen with their 3.5M+ followers on Instagram and 750K+ folowers on TikTok.

They have received many positive comments on their clothing but have more negative reviews on Twitter, where most users complain about the quality of their clothes and speculate on the ethics behind production of Cider clothing.

On Trustpilot, Cider has received a 4 out of 5 star rating and there has been suspicions that some of the reviews were found to be fake. Here is what some users have to say:

I ordered one item from Cider shop to test whether it would arrive as the reviews online were very mixed.
It arrived but with 3x the value of the item in customs charges.
The shipment was coming from China in to Egypt.
I obviously refused it.
Check their returns policy and returns address before you buy. If its China and you’re responsible for shipping charges the Likelihood is you won’t see your item, or your money back. Unless you want a hefty customs bill for a cheap item from China I wouldn’t waste your time or money with Cider.

-Sarah Fearn

I’ve placed two orders with Cider so far, 4 items in each order. Three of the items in the first order fit really well, were well made, and felt like they were really great quality for the price! The last item, a pair of shorts, didn’t fit, so I contacted customer services about requesting a refund. They were quick, diligent, and they were able to process my refund. Great experience! For the second order, all four of the items fit me really well, and I had no complaints! All in all, I’ve had a great experience with Cider, and even if one of your items doesn’t work, they’re really good at helping you process a return. I definitely recommend!

-Spencer graves

My kid ordered a homecoming dress from cider and it was never delivered by the courier evri. The proof of delivery by evri was a picture of a house thats not my house while the driver was sitting in the car. Going back and forth woth cider for a few weeks now and they haven’t resolved my issue. I’ve given them proof that the “delivery” was never delivered to my house. They just keep going back and forth with the emails instead of sending out another dress, refunding my kid their money or even giving her store credit. Poor customer service and uses Evri for deliveries, who are terrible for not delivering parcels and the drivers just keeping them.

-Deniz Muren

I ordered 4 items and yesterday I received the package. Unfortunately one thing was missing and two things were added which I didn’t order.
The support was very good (the WhatsApp support and the 24/7 support). They were both very friendly and helpful.
I got told that the other two missing items were delivered in an different package.

Of course it took some time for them to answer, but that’s completely understandable, tho I’m not their only customer.
Especially the woman from the WhatsApp support was really friendly and kind. She tried everything she could to help me find a solution for my problem.
Both asked for some information and in about 30 – 45 minutes the problem was solved.

-Jeanni Mean

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cider clothing ethical?

Cider aims to minimize waste through their pre-order model which only allows production of clothes that will sell in the market.

However, Cider has been accused of greenwashing on both Reddit and Twitter. Greenwashing is a marketing strategy used to make an organization appear to be environmentally friendly when they aren’t.

Greenwashing can be spotted when businesses spend more time and money on portraying themselves as caring for the planet rather than taking actionable measures to reduce their impact on climate change.

Brands need to consider things like manufacturing facilities, modes of transportation, and environmental effects of raw materials in order to control these effects. Providing a sustainability report should show precisely how an organisation addresses supply chain emissions.

Companies that also claim to use minimal, recycled, or “recyclable” packaging are greenwashing. This is because recycled packaging barely covers for the waste made as the biggest sources of waste in fashion are the textile waste at the production stage and the surplus of clothing being produced.

The only way to manage and reduce this waste is by changing their mass production practice. This reduces the chances of throwing away or burning down unsold clothes.

Cider is clearly limiting their production thus reducing waste. Unfortunately, they produce few eco-friendly materials, producing scores of clothes overwhelmingly made from harmful fabrics like virgin polyester and spandex.

Furthermore, they have no known water reduction initiatives.

There is no proof that CIDER reduces its supply chain’s carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, and it doesn’t seem to have done much to lessen or get rid of dangerous chemicals either. Before shopping at this or other fast fashion retailers, it is important to educate yourself about the dangers of toxic substances in the industry.

Does cider promote animal cruelty?

No. In all of its collections, the brand avoids using leather, exotic animal hair, fur, down, angora, or exotic animal skin; however, it does occasionally use wool without mentioning its sources.

There is no indication of an animal welfare policy and it doesn’t seem like the company even traces the use of any animal products to the very beginning of production.

Is Cider Fast Fashion?

Undoubtedly, Cider remains a fast fashion brand that manufactures fashionable clothes. However, unlike most fast fashion companies in the fashion industry, the firm is able to significantly reduce waste thanks to its preorder approach of manufacturing.

Is cider clothing of good quality?

Not necessarily. While Cider manufactures and sells fashionable clothes, there have been complaints about the quality and durability of the clothing.

Some users report having received clothes with loose threads and frayed ends while others report the clothes either loosing their shape after a while or having threads that stick out.

Does cider have a return policy?

With Cider, the return request must be made within 14 days from the day you received all of your ordered items. Within seven days from the day your return request was received, your package must be mailed out.

All items must be undamaged, in their original packaging, with all tags still attached, and unworn. Refunds will not be granted for any clothing that seems to have been worn, washed, or changed in any manner.

The return shipping fees are at your cost and most times are higher than the actual item’s cost. This is because the clothes are being shipped back to China. The original shipping cost is non-refundable.

The refund/ return service is only available on their mobile app. All you have to do is go to your orders and choose the said order. Once that is done, confirm delivery of the order which will then give you access to a return option.

Ensure you follow the instructions throughout the whole process before submitting your request. The order’s linked email address will receive a return confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

To minimize any further return shipping costs, you can request a refund or return for numerous items at once.

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What are the alternatives to CIDER?

Some of the alternatives to shopping with Cider include:

  • For Days- They provide everything from casual adult t-shirts to elegant yet basic outfits to cozy loungewear for children. The clothes sold by For Days are created using zero waste principles and are 100% recyclable. For Days As part of its closed-loop system, any clothing can be returned after use. The group uses materials like organic cotton, twill, and recycled terry while designing and making its items.
  • Girlfriend Collective- They offer a fantastic selection of inclusive, eco-friendly, and reasonably-priced activewear. Additionally, they provide bras, shorts, leggings, and other clothing in sizes XXS to 6XL made from recycled materials like water bottles and old fishing nets.Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 26Employees receive defined work hours, safe working conditions, and fair compensation. In order to recycle used items, Girlfriend Collective also established the ReGirlfriend initiative.
  • Quince- In order to maximize client satisfaction, the company set out to produce luxury goods at fair rates. The crew also responsibly seeks out sustainable resources to produce stylish, sleek designs that are built to last. These include cashmere, Mulberry silk, and organic cotton and linen.Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 27

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Pros of Cider

  • Free to join
  • Has both a website and mobile app available for use
  • Provide a variety of cute, fashionable clothes at affordable prices
  • Operate using a pre-order model

Cons of Cider

  • Complaints of poor quality and low durabilty
  • You are charged for return shipping which may cost you even more than before
  • There are no refunds of original shipping cost if you return an item
  • Does not have any initiatives to control greenhouse gas emissions.

Conclusion: Is Cider Legit?

Cider Clothing is a legit online clothes brand that strives to provide fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.

They operate on a pre-order model which means that the company is working on managing waste by minimizing mass production; however, they offer no other solutions to curb the effects of their production activities in the environment.

Furthermore, there have been complaints and speculations concerning the quality and durability of their clothes. This is quite disheartening since if you order from them and receive an item of poor quality, the return shipping costs will be on you and may end up costing you more than you initially spent.

All in all, if you are not going to use this site to shop for clothes, there are various other alternatives that are safer to use and more eco-friendly.

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Is Cider Legit? [2023 Reviews & Alternatives] 22

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