Click Money System Scam – My REAL Review!

Click Money System is a new binary options system that I’ve been checking out and it’s 100% a scam! You definitely need to avoid this system unless you like losing money. It’s amazing that scams like this are still going strong but unfortunately they are, so you can read my full review here and learn the truth before you waste your money.

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Click Money System – The REAL Truth Exposed

Unlike other fake reviews I’m sharing the truth about this scam system. So what is the truth? The truth is the Click Money system is no different to other known scams in the marketplace like Automata Formula. The creators of this system are NOT the people you see in the sales video in London. Julia & Harold are simply actors and they are NOT the real creators of the scam. They are clearly not very ethical people because they must know that this system is a scam, however they are not the real scammers. The real scammers behind Click Money System stay well behind the scenes. The truth is they are not trading experts, they are simply affiliates for binary options brokers. That means they get paid commissions for referring new customers to the binary brokers.

For example if you sign up to Click Money System you’ll have to make a deposit at their recommended binary broker of $250. When you make this deposit the binary broker rewards the creators of Click Money System with a referral commission. They actually pay out over 100% commissions to the creators of the system which means 100% of your money (and some more) goes into the pockets of the creators. Why do they do this? It’s because they know based on their history of scamming people that you are worth far more than $250 to them. In fact they know that you are potentially worth $1,000’s to them. So they pay out very big commissions to the creators of this scam, so that they in turn can scam you even more.

First off when you deposit that $250 you will get access to the Click Money System software however it won’t work as advertised. The software will actually make losing trades until your account balance hits zero. Let’s face it, the brokers pay out all of your money as a referral commission to the owners of Click Money System, so they literally NEED you to lose otherwise they would be out of pocket. So they program the software so that it loses all your money. After you’ve lost your money they’ll call you up and they will try and get you to deposit more. They have a team of professional sales people who will call you and hard sell you into depositing more money and these guys are good. They will come across extremely convincing and like they are your friend who just wants to help you, but in reality they want to take your cash. These binary brokers have scammed people out of their life savings and one person reported to have lost over $500,000 to a binary scam similar to Click Money System.

Click Money System – Fake Testimonials / BS Actors & Reviews

Despite what I’ve told you about this scam you might still wonder if this is all true why are there so many positive reviews on Google about this system and why are there glowing testimonials about how much money people have made? The truth is the owners of the Click Money System have paid people to give positive testimonials which are actually fake. It’s really simple to do, you just go over to Fiverr which is a website where you can pay people to do small jobs / tasks. Then you look up testimonials and you can pay as little as $5 to get a testimonial. Many scammers use this service because it’s cheap and easy and most actors for these binary scam systems come from here.

The positive reviews in Google are done by affiliates. You can sign up and be an affiliate for Click Money System so you will get paid a commission when someone signs up. Naturally people become affiliates and write positive reviews which are nothing but fake BS because they want to convince you to sign up so that they can earn a commission. Don’t trust these reviews, they are fake and these people don’t care about your success.

Click Money System – My Conclusion & Recommendation

I’m not recommending the Click Money System because it’s simply another fraud scam!

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