Automata Formula Review – Avoid This Nasty Scam!

Automata Formula is a new binary options scam that just went live. I’ve been taking a closer look and my verdict is that Automata Formula is a scam. You can read my full review on this page and learn the real truth about this system.

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Automata Formula – The Real Truth

After doing my research on this system it’s clear that there is some misinformation out there and a lot of fake reviews. Whilst people are giving reviews saying how amazing this software I’m going to share the truth. Automata Formula is a scam and it’s going on my scams list! The truth is you won’t make a penny from this system and all they care about is trying to get you to part with as much money as possible. It’s no different to other known scams like Cloud Track Trader and Orion Code. Their sales video has literally no truth in it, they talk about how much money you can make but it’s all made up lies, all they want to do is convince you to sign up and make a deposit, because when you sign up and deposit $250 (or more) into your account they will get paid. This is the reason that the sales videos for these scam systems are so hyped up because they just want to convince you about how much money you can make so that you part with your money and deposit, but in reality the income you’ll make is a lie, and you’ll only end up losing that money. The people behind the scam have also been behind many other scams just like this. There’s a group of people who launch these scam systems and each help one another to promote them and spread the word. But non of these people actually make money trading or using their systems, they all make their money from the referral commissions that binary brokers pay them for referring new customers from their scam sales videos!

Automata Formula – Scam Software

The software itself that will do the trading for you is a scam. It’s been designed to lose and it will make random losing trades until your account is completely drained. In the past few years I have tested many of these software robots and they all have the same results. The truth is that the software robots are designed to lose so that the binary options brokers make more money. They operate like casinos and don’t like people winning on their trading platforms because it costs them money. They want you to sign up, deposit your money and lose it, because then they make money.

My Automata Formula Conclusion

It’s clear to me that this is another scam software and you should avoid it. After reviewing 100’s of these scam softwares I’ve not found a single one that works and I highly recommend you avoid all binary options systems. If you really want to make money online you need to use a proven system. Take a look at what I recommend below.

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