Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam [Review]

Wondering if Cloaklinks Email Processing is legit? I’m here to warn you about it.

I’ve put together a full review and I’m sharing my honest opinion.

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Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam [Review] 5

Cloaklinks Email Processing Review

If you wish to know how scams happen in email processing offers on the internet, it would make sense for you to have a closer look at cloaklinks. It is offered as a home based business opportunity which promised $25 per each email that is processed. I have reviewed this offer and it has all the traits of a scam, similar to other link posting scams I have exposed recently like entrepreneur jobs club and home earning system. It is just the old email reprocessing scam which is being offered anew. It charges $25 from unsuspecting customers and nothing is offered in return. There is no provision for refunds and it is as good as throwing your hard earned money away.

Why It Is A Scam

This is called a scam because it calls for an upfront payment of $25 to become a member. I would not have recommended people to join this sham, even if it was offered for free. The initial money which you spend does not stop here. I will be explaining this in further details as I go forward.

It would be wrong to consider this as a job. It is more like the old envelope stuffing scam which has been around for so many decades ever since post offices came into vogue. The only difference is that this whole thing rests on aggressive spamming and here is how it works. It is basically a recruiting scam which persuades you to get other to buy the program and again resell it using the same old hackneyed ad which could have tricked you in the first place.

You Do Not Get What They Promise

I have found out that you do not actually get the $25 per recruit which they promise. You actually get back only $16 because there is a commission which has to be paid to Cloaklinks Email Processing. People generally fall for the gimmicks and hype which lures many to join. The video presentation also is slick and uses a news segment that has been ripped off. The income calculator is rigged and the payment photos are morphed and doctored.

There is one more area of concern that we need to be aware of. The website has a disclaimer which says they should not be held responsible for anything which could range from virus infection or other dangerous malware which could remain hidden in the product. It given rise to suspicion that such malware could be intentionally hidden in the product. All that one needs to do is to spam it to as many people as you can through mass mailing campaigns.

The other catch is that if you agree to the clause that they are not responsible, you could be violating the CAN-Spam Act because you will be spamming it in your quest for looking for new clients and customers. You could be hauled up for illegal spam abuses which could bring more problems than solutions. They also encourage you to use social media such as Craiglist, Backpage and Facebook or any other such sites to spam as generously as possible.

Cloaklinks Email Processing – Upsells

I have also found that they offer aggressive upsells which looks innocuous. However, you need to be careful about it because it is another scamming and spamming device. In many cases you also could be asked to divulge your personal information including login data and share it in social media sites like Twitter. You need to keep in mind that spamming people on social media is highly immoral and unethical. You could end up having your friends do the same thing and you could land yourself into trouble. Advertising on classified page is also not recommended because you could see your advertisements getting banned at least on a few of them.


Cloaklinks Email Processing Conclusion & Verdict

After reviewing well over 200 products and systems here at No Bs Im Reviews it’s easy to spot scams. This system is not one we would ever recommend getting involved with. Instead of wasting more time on this scam, wasting money only to be left disappointed, why not check out our no.1 rated system below?

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Cloaklinks Email Processing Scam [Review] 5

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