Entrepreneur Jobs Club – Scam or Legit?

Entrepreneur Jobs Club just launched and I’m here to warn you to stay away from this scam website.

If you’re looking for an honest review of Entrepreneur Jobs Club then keep reading as I’m sharing the truth below.

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Entrepreneur Jobs Club – Overview

So if you’re new to the No Bs Im Reviews blog then let me tell you I don’t mess around when it comes to systems like Entrepreneur Jobs Club. I expose systems like this on a daily basis and this particular system keeps rebranding itself every month. I’ve already exposed clones of this website like extreme home paycheck, home jobs now and home earning system just to name a few. There’s even more but if I list all of them I could be here for a while!

Take a look at the screenshot below. It’s not the Entrepreneur Jobs Club website but it’s pretty similar right? The people behind this website keep on reproducing this scam under different names and websites but they don’t really change anything. All they do is close the old website down and come out with a new one to fool people like you into getting started with them spending money that you’ll never get back.

Entrepreneur Jobs Club - Scam or Legit? 12

As you can see they use a bunch of fake endorsements on their website and they mislead you by saying that “work from home” businesses have been featured on Fox News, MSNBC and other big well known TV channels like USA Today. The problem is that this is misleading since it makes you think that this particular system has been featured when it hasn’t. They are just misleading you into believing it has which falsely builds trust.

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Think that the website above looks really similar to Entrepreneur Jobs Club? How about the one below known as Home Job Position. It’s another clone and offers zero value but sucks people into believing that they can make money with a “home job” in truth that is not what is going to happen at all.

Entrepreneur Jobs Club - Scam or Legit? 13

The website literally looks the same. They made a few small tweaks to make it appear different but ultimately it is obvious to anyone looking that this is exactly the same website from the same owners.

So why is this happening?

The people behind this website have been behind many other scam systems. They create these websites to funnel you into home business opportunities where they can make money from you when you buy into higher priced products and services. It’s all part of a big funnel to get you spending as much money as possible in the belief that you will make money but ultimately the only people making money are the people behind these websites.

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How Does Entrepreneur Jobs Club Work?

Well the first thing you need to understand is that there is no such thing as the “Entrepreneur Jobs Club” because this is just a made up name. This name is made up to suck you in but in reality there is no club here where they will help you. Plus the name itself is a huge contradiction because an “entrepreneur” is a business person and doesn’t have a job, so why would they even call it this stupid name. Clearly they haven’t really thought about what the word job means and what the word entrepreneur means but anyway I guess that’s besides the point because sometimes systems with stupid names are still good systems.

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If you decide to join the Entrepreneur Jobs Club you won’t actually be joining the club itself. You will be paying $97 (maybe more) and then you will be pushed into a business opportunity that costs 10’s of $1,000’s. If you are unlucky enough to be sucked into this program and believe the claims you may end up spending over $20k. They have hired professional sales people who’s job it is to sell you high ticket products and services that will help you make money.

Now the truth is that these products and services could potentially help you make money but in reality they probably won’t. Most people never have enough information or the real correct training to profit and actually make money. It’s like investing in something you have no idea about, which is why I would never recommend this kind of program.

Here are the fake endorsements they use:

Entrepreneur Jobs Club - Scam or Legit? 14

Is Entrepreneur Jobs Club A Scam?

Whilst you may get a little bit of value from the products and services on offer the majority of people will not. In my opinion this is a scam because it lures you in with false promises of income that you will never achieve. Also it makes it seem incredibly easy to make money when in fact any kind of home business opportunity will require work in order to be successful. There’s no such thing as a magic button and you can only make “Easy” money after you initially build a successful business which takes time.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Clearly I am not recommending Entrepreneur Jobs Club. I personally think you should avoid it because you will only end up losing money.

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Entrepreneur Jobs Club - Scam or Legit? 11

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