Copy My Cash Code – Complete Scam!

Copy My Cash Code is a complete scam and I’m not recommending it. Read my real review and learn the truth before you spend your hard earned money on it. You can see my full review down below and get my honest opinion on this new scam.

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Copy My Cash Code – Real Truth

So after taking a closer look at the Copy My Cash Code website it’s clear to me this is another scam just like My Millionaire Mentor and The Money Academy. If you sign up and spend your money on this you won’t make a penny, you’ll only end up losing more money when you get sucked further into the scam. Systems like this are launched all the time, and the fact is they don’t work, they just prey on people who want to make money and never offer any genuine training or help on making money, it’s all BS and lies in my opinion.

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Their website claims that you can make $1,000 just for watching the video. The truth is it’s all BS my friend. And I’ll tell you the real truth behind these systems. You see money making scams have existed online pretty much since the internet came around. Scammers realised people were always going to be looking for get rich quick systems so they could create them and scam people out of their money. Obviously they never created a “real” system as there is no such thing as a genuine get rich quick system or method, however scammers want you to believe that so they put together fancy websites and sell you some bogus system so they earn money.

A few years ago a new trend took over called binary options and the scammers jumped on the trend. This trend lasted a few years and there are still some binary scams out there but they are starting to die off and the original scam where you buy into some bogus system is coming back. These guys claim you can make $1,000 just for watching the video but the truth is they just want to suck you in so you spend $97 and some other money on their crap products.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against spending money to access genuine systems. After all I pay money myself to access real systems for making money but not BS ones like Copy My Cash Code. It’s just another hyped up scam that wants to steal your cash.

How Does Copy My Cash Code Work?

Well the real question is how DOESN’T it work. When you sign up for Copy My Cash Code you need to spend $97. This gives you access to their system however this is just the start of the costs. You’ll be prompted to spend far more money with expensive up-sells that won’t make you a penny. The real truth about this system is that it exists only to make the owners money and the people who promote it as affiliates money. The customer who buys into this scam system won’t make money.

You will get access to a system and training but it won’t give you the kind of income that they claim. Those numbers are completely made up, it’s a script that has been written in order to sell you their system, but it’s nothing more than a story, it’s not a legitimate story, or fact, it’s all fake. And those testimonials are fake too, done by actors who probably got paid about $5 to give a fake testimonial, they haven’t made the money that they actually claim they have.

You might think my “review” is a bit harsh here, and maybe I’m not giving you all the details but the simple fact is I have done over 150 reviews here on this blog and exposed well over 100 systems. I have the experience to spot scams and I know from my experience that this system is BS and won’t make you a penny which is why I am being negative about it, because I don’t want you or anyone else to sign up and lose money.

Copy My Cash Code – Conclusion

Ultimately this system won’t make you a penny. If you sign up you will only end up wasting your time and money.

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Copy My Cash Code - Complete Scam! 7


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