Copy My Cashflow Scam – Avoid It!

Copy My Cashflow is a new scam system that just launched and today I’m advising my blog readers to stay away from it. You can keep reading to get my honest opinion and review of Copy My Cashflow down below and see exactly why I am not recommending it.

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What Is Copy My Cashflow

I’ll be honest, I have no clue how the Copy My Cashflow website managed to get approved and listed on ClickBank. If you don’t know already ClickBank is an affiliate marketplace where product owners can sign up, list their products, use ClickBanks own payment processing and also attract affiliates to promote their products. They were huge a few years and filled with all kinds of digital products and a heck of a lot of scams. And then they decided to clean up their act and they stopped many of the super spammy looking products (just like Copy My Cashflow) from being listed on the website. They also did a manual approval of all sales pages, and any income claims of any kind were vetted and if they were ridiculous they were not approved.

This meant that a lot of the scammers behind products like Copy My Cashflow decided to go elsewhere and many ended up on the ClickSure website which has been full of scams, mainly being binary option scams like Tesler. I exposed many of these and then at the start of this year (2017) due to some law changes the binary options game died out and what’s happened is many of those scammers have gone back to good old “make money scams” like Copy My Cashflow. However I was most surprised to see this particular product listed on Clickbank. After all they stopped scammers like these guys from selling their products, so I’m honestly baffled by how they’ve managed to get away with it.

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One of the things I have noticed is that the website looks extremely similar to Profit With Our Sites and Copy My Websites which were two similar scams. Plus the name “Copy My Cashflow” sounds pretty similar to those ones too. Whether it’s the same owner I really have no clue since the scammers often hide behind fake identities ever and rarely show their faces on the sales page. That’s one way you know whether a system is potentially a scam or not, if the person in the sales video doesn’t share their name, or uses a fake name it’s a huge giveaway. Unfortunately for the average person it’s hard to know who is real and who is not, but when you are seasoned at exposing scams like I am, it becomes pretty easy.

Copy My Cashflow – Fake Testimonials

Apart from the stupid income claims the first thing that really caught me eye and proved to me that I was dealing with a scam website was the fake testimonials. The people claiming that they have made life changing money most certainly have not made a dime, and they have actually been paid to say the things on the video and give a fake testimonial.

Copy My Cashflow Scam - Avoid It! 15

This person has appeared in countless other sales videos claiming that he’s made millions. It’s a joke because he hasn’t made a penny with the system. He’s probably broke, why else would you sell these testimonials where potentially millions of people can see his face. I don’t know whether to be angry or to have some pity because ultimately if his friends or family happen to come across him lying in these videos I bet they’d be shocked.

Copy My Cashflow Scam - Avoid It! 16

This guy is one of the worst out there period. He’s appeared in literally dozens of sales videos claiming that he’s made millions online. In every video he appears in he talks about the system he has used and how it’s helped him to make a fortune. This guy definitely has not made a fortune, at best he’s made a few $1,000 online by selling these fake testimonial services on

Copy My Cashflow Scam - Avoid It! 17

Here is another clown from the website Fiverr who is giving a fake testimonial. By the way if you don’t believe me just to go the website yourself called Fiverr and search for testimonials. You will be able to recognise the people in the Copy My Cashflow video because they are selling fake testimonials for as little as $5 bucks. It’s really quite sad to be honest, I can only assume that these people are going through a rough time financially and they need to do this to pay the bills and keep a roof over their families heads, otherwise they are simply bad people!

Copy My Cashflow – Conclusion

If you buy into this program you are only going to be left disappointed. The truth is you will spend money on their products and up-sell products but at the end of the day you will never make the kind of income that they promise. Like I explained, this system is clearly a scam due to the fact that they use fake testimonials and I really have no clue how they managed to get it approved for sale on Clickbank.

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