CryptoFundz Review – Scam or Legit?

CryptoFundz is a new opportunity that I’ve been taking a closer look at.

If you’re interested in my honest review of CryptoFundz then keep reading as I am sharing all the details.

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CryptoFundz Overview

There are many ways to make money online. A new trend I’ve come across is making your money multiply itself through investing. You’ve probably thought about stocks and currency trading when I mentioned investing. Well, thanks to the introduction of crypto currency, investing now isn’t limited to bonds and stocks. Online investing is now focused on investing on virtual currencies such as bitcoin which show promise of bringing in huge returns.

In my investigation about the different businesses offering crypto currency investment opportunities, I came across one named CryptoFundz. I’d heard it mentioned a couple of times and wanted to know whether it’s what most people claim it is, an investment opportunity no one should miss out on. Here’s what I found out.

CryptoFundz is fairly new as it was launch sometime mid May 2017. It offers members the opportunity to invest their money and get high returns over a short period of time. To me, claiming that investing my cash in crypto currency to get high returns isn’t enough to convince me to plunge in. So I decided to learn more about this opportunity. I have reviewed similar opportunities in the world of crypto lately like icoin market and icoin pro, neither of these I was able to recommend unfortunately.

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Who is the founder of CryptoFundz?

Before investing in any online business, I always advise that you find out who the business owners are and their track record. In CryptoFundz case, a quick Whois lookup showed that the domain name is registered under a lady named Ann Coleman. Apparently, she’s from North Carolina but further investigation on the web didn’t come up with additional details about her.

Since Google didn’t seem to have much about CryptoFundz founders, I went to the second best place to search; social media. CryptoFundz runs a Facebook page whose admin is Atif Sohali. He’s the only person I can associate with the business so far since Ann Coleman (owner of CryptoFundz) remains largely anonymous in social media.

As for Mr. Sohali, a look at his internet footprint revealed that he has been involved in a number of online money making programs. Some of these include Coin Leaders, The Ads Team and MMM India. By the way, Atif Sohali is based in Dubai.

CryptoFundz Conclusions

Mr. Sohali does have some experience running online make money programs. However, this experience doesn’t necessarily mean that he has experience in crypto currency investing. CryptoFundz is a solo business run by Mr. Sohali since there’s no proof of Ms. Coleman’s existence besides the Whois record. Anyone can use fake details to register a domain.

Does CryptoFundz offer products or services?

Investors will want to know that the business they invest in has a way of generating income such as selling a product or service. There’s no evidence that CryptoFundz sells any form of product or service. All the business does is collect member’s investments. Members are also encouraged to recruit new members.

CryptoFundz – How To Make Money

Like any type of investor, you expect that money you invest will multiply itself by earning interest. CryptoFundz offers a daily interest rate ranging from 3.5% to 5%. The company offers 4 different plans which are as follows:

  1. Earn 5% daily for 30 days after investing between 10$ and
  2. Earn 4.86% daily for 35 days after investing $100 to $500
  3. Earn 5% daily for 40 days after investing $501 to $10,000
  4. Earn 3.5% daily for 30 days after investing $500 to $250,000

Besides earning interest on the money you invest, you can also earn commissions by recruiting new members. Similar to MLM businesses, you will earn commissions on investments made by members you recruit down to 4 levels. For people you directly recruit, you’ll earn 15% of their investment as commission. For people you indirectly recruit (for example those recruited by people you personally recruit), you’ll earn a 5% commission on their initial investment.

Final CryptoFundz Verdict

During my investigation of CryptoFundz I couldn’t help but notice several red flags. It offers a pretty high ROI and doesn’t quite explain how the money is invested. There’s also the issue of ownership where all evidence points to Mr. Sohali as the owner. Finally, the compensation plan seems to be fueled by the ability of affiliates to recruit new members. If new members don’t join, it’s likely that the business will sink but that’s just my opinion and reasons why I am not recommending it.

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CryptoFundz Review - Scam or Legit? 7

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