Easy Marketers Club – Scam or Legit?

The Easy Marketers Club (aka the Easy Marketers Society) is a new program that recently launched claiming it can help you make over $600 a day but is it really a legit system? I’ve been taking a closer look and now I’m sharing all the details about this new system. You can read my full review and get my honest opinion below.

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Easy Marketers Club - Scam or Legit? 9

Easy Marketers Club – Overview

So after landing on their website and watching the video it’s pretty clear to me that this is your typical make money online “scam”. What do I mean by that? It has all the trademark signs of a get rich quick scheme that in reality offers little value to the customer. It talks about making $600+ per day and how you can do that starting straight away. Let me be clear for a moment, at this moment I’m making somewhere around that figure per day, actually a little higher if I look at my stats for the last 30 days but it took me years to get to that level. I know some people can see success a lot quicker but $600+ overnight starting from scratch? It’s not going to happen!

Easy Marketers Club - Scam or Legit? 10

To me this system is very similar to others that have launched recently such as Massive Online Paydays and Online Profits Breakthrough. They sound great but in reality they are lying to you because you are not likely to earn the kind of money they actually talk about. I’m really sick of how this industry keeps on lying to people in order to make a quick buck. I’m no saint myself and in the past I’ve been guilty of promoting a few of these kinds of systems to earn affiliate commissions but at the start of 2017 I said enough is enough and I switched to only recommending genuine products and services I am personally using.

The problem with systems like Easy Marketers Club is it’s all sell sell sell. They literally offer you zero value for free. I don’t believe that everything online should be free but I do believe in offering some kind of value to you before asking for money and Easy Marketers Club offers absolutely zero plus they are using fake endorsements on their website to help gain your trust which is another huge red flag.

Easy Marketers Club - Scam or Legit? 11

They claim the Easy Marketers Club has been seen on Time, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Fast Company and The Washington Post. Seems a little hard to believe that these big well known and respected brands would feature some scam system. Especially when the scam only recently launched too. The real reason you see these big brands logos on their website is simply to gain your trust. In the marketing world it’s a fact that when you include big brands endorsements on your website it helps increase your sales conversions. There’s actually nothing wrong with doing this when it’s honest and you HAVE actually been featured. Yet so many of these scam websites put up these logos and say “As Seen On” because they want to abuse your trust and they know that the majority of people will never actually verify whether they have been seen in those publications or not.

How Does Easy Marketers Club Work?

Okay rather than me sit here and rip into this program let me talk to you about how it actually works. This program is listed on ClickBetter which is an affiliate network. The person who made the website has listed this on ClickBetter so that other affiliate marketers can sign up and promote it. It’s also listed on a bunch of other affiliate networks too that many marketers are signed up to so they can promote these kind of products and systems.

An affiliate will start promoting this system and driving traffic. Chances are you probably heard about it via an email? That would be my guess since a lot of affiliate marketing these days is done via email marketing. You probably ended up on someones email list because you were looking for another money making system and now they are recommending this to you. What I’ve personally noticed lately is that a lot of the scammers who were involved in binary options have started to promote systems like Easy Marketers Club. That’s because binary options doesn’t work anymore and most places around the world (especially the USA) have literally made it impossible for binary scammers to operate. So now they have moved on to promoting other money making scams like Easy Marketers Club.

When you sign up you’ll need to pay $97 but that’s just the beginning. You’ll be put through a series of up-sells in order to extract more money from you. I personally have not got a problem with this when it’s done in a genuine way with products that can actually help you. Most companies have some kind of up-sell and I’m sure if you ever bought anything from Amazon you’ll have seen that they always recommend other products to go with the product you are buying. It’s clever business however many get rich quick scams abuse this by offering tons of pointless up-sells that you don’t even need and that rarely offer any value.

In the end you’ll probably end up spending a few $100 in the hope you can make the $600 a day they claimed but unfortunately you’ll be left disappointed.

Easy Marketers Club – Conclusion

In my opinion it looks likeĀ another get rich quick scam that’s a waste of your time and I won’t be recommending it.

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Easy Marketers Club - Scam or Legit? 9

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