Electoral Profits Review – 100% Scam!

Electoral Profits is a new binary scam I’m investigating today and on this page I’m going to share my full review. The truth is Electoral Profits is a nasty scam you should avoid and if you keep reading below I’ll explain exactly how this scam works.

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Electoral Profits – The Truth Exposed

A quick Google search brings up many fake reviews of Electoral Profits but lucky for you mine is one of few REAL ones. You see most reviews out there just tell you how amazing this system is but those reviews are fake and in my experience this system is no different to other binary scams like Click Money System. The people who write those reviews are affiliates for Electoral Profits which means they get paid a commission when you sign up so of course they will tell you how amazing it is because they just want you to make money. I have no affiliation with binary options or Electoral Profits so I can bring you a fair and unbiased review!

After taking a look at Electoral Profits it’s clear to me that this is another binary scam as all the warning signs are there. First off the ridiculous income claims like making $120,374 on the 8th of November and the fact that this scam has used the election as a way of making money because it’s a hot topic right now. So let me explain in more detail how this scam actually works so you can fully understand why you need to avoid it.

The fact that you’re here tells me you probably heard about Electoral Profits via an email or some kind of online advert which claimed you could make money. You clicked through and ended up on the website where you watched the sales video. This is where the scam really starts and the sales video tries to convince you that their system and binary options is a great way to make money and all you need to do is sign up for free and get started. In reality these are lies and literally every bit of income on the video is made up, it serves only to try and convince you to sign up to their recommended binary options broker. You see the owner of Electoral Profits is an affiliate for the binary options brokers which means they get paid a commission for signing you up to their “recommended” binary options broker. As soon as you sign up to their recommended broker you need to make a deposit of at least $250 to get started and once you do that the owner of the Electoral Profits website gets paid. Also once you’ve made that deposit you’ll be able to use the Electoral Profits software which will literally automatically trade away all your money to nothing. Their video states how their app will make you money, but in reality it’s programmed to lose money.

You see what happens is the binary broker will actually pay out 100% and in some cases even more of the deposit you make to the person that referred you which in this case is the owner of the Electoral Profits website. The reason they do this is because the broker knows based on their history of scamming people that you are worth a lot more than $250 to them. So they’ll pay out big commissions to people who can refer new customers to them. Since they’ve literally paid out YOUR money to the Electoral Profits owner they need you to lose otherwise it would cost them money so they make sure that the app you get access to loses. They have the trading software programmed to make terrible random trades that will lose money.

Once your account balance is back down to zero they’ll call you up and try to get you to deposit more money. They have a team of professional sales people who can be very convincing at getting you to part with your money but don’t trust these people as they are not really there to help you. They will try and get you to deposit whatever you can afford whether that’s a few $100 or a few $1,000. There are reports of people losing literally their life savings to binary options scams and it’s really quite sad. These people will try and act like they are your friend and they are here to help you but in reality they are just out to scam you for as much as they can!

Electoral Profits – Actors / Testimonials & Reviews

The Electoral Profits website is full of actors and fake testimonials. You might wonder whether these testimonials are real but trust me they are not. It’s very easy to get fake testimonials and many scammers use websites like Fiverr. This is a website where people will do small tasks for $5 and you can pay people to give testimonials starting from just $5 so many scammers use this website because it’s quick and easy and the majority of people would never know these are fake testimonials.

Also as I already mentioned above the reviews you see that are positive about this system are fake. They are written by people who are affiliates of this system who will earn a commission when you sign up so naturally they will write positive reviews in the hope you sign up via their link so they earn a commission.

Electoral Profits – My Conclusion & Recommendation

I’m not recommending this system and you should definitely avoid it.

Binary options is a nasty industry full of scams!

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