Is Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator Legit?

Welcome to my review of Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator.

Whitney Tilson and Berna Barshay recently got together to host the Wealth Accelerator summit and during the webinar they discussed a new approach to investing that involves a “hidden” corner of the market.

If you are interested to find out whether this investment strategy is the real deal, then keep reading this unbiased Wealth Accelerator review for all the details.

In this article, I am going to reveal how this strategy works, the pros and cons of the event, and my verdict of the whole thing.

Before I start…

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Is Empire Financial's Wealth Accelerator Legit? 7

Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator Review

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Introduction to Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator

Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator is basically a pitch for Empire Market Insider, a financial newsletter. Empire Financial Research released this video of Berna Barshay and Whitney Tilson talking about Berna’s unique stock-picking ability.

The host, Jared Kelly, clarifies early into the video that the investment strategy they are highlighting does not entail investing in options, cryptos, or other forms of investment that are typically risky even when they provide you with the prospect of high returns.

Empire Financial's Wealth Accelerator

The discussion centers on Berna Barshay’s approach to investing and how a woman’s perspective in certain scenarios can be more beneficial. In fact, the main motivation for hosting the event was to introduce Berna and her new newsletter.

The panelists point out that statistically, women analysts perform better than their male counterparts. And this is not some farfetched opinion because some researchers did a study and found that female analysts did better overall and made more bold calls that ultimately led to better returns. The caveat is very few women get into trading and, therefore, it is possible that the only women who get involved have above-average abilities bringing the mean performance of the entire group up.

Nevertheless, Berna Barshay claims that as a woman, she has a better understanding of certain sectors than her male peers particularly if those sectors have women as the drivers of consumption.

She argues that when a female analyst combs through the company’s fundamentals, she uses her financial analytical skills (that are equally available to both men and women) but she has the added advantage of having the gut instinct to know what women look for when making purchasing decisions. She can see through the marketing language and identify new products of a company she is analyzing that will truly resonate with the end consumer if the product is meant for women.

Berna explains that most male analysts lack this and even when they are excellent at picking stocks of companies that cater to women, they still overlook many brands that end up doing well in the market.

She gives the example of a company called L Brands (LB) that owns brands like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. According to Berna, L Brands does not get a lot of attention from investors and she says that a good number of them have never even heard of it. Nevertheless, its shares have risen from $15 to more than $64 in one year on the strength of its popular brands.

This also applies to other companies like Nordstrom, Peloton, Fiverr, The Children’s Place, and Revolve that have largely done well.

Barshay is eager to guide you with detailed and step-by-step info on such companies so that you can earn a continual stream of triple-digit gains.

According to her, you can tap into these one-of-a-kind opportunities for you to grow and accelerate your wealth. That’s why she will ask you to become a charter member of Empire Market Insider where she will guide you and hopefully give you an edge in the market.

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Who is Berna Barshay?

As I mentioned earlier, Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator was hosted to introduce us to Berna Barshay as a fully fledged editor at Empire Financial Research.

Before this, Berna Barshay was a financial writer and the leading investment analyst of the Empire Financial Daily newsletter. She has also been a regular contributor to various other publications, including Empire Investment Report and Empire Stock Investor.

Berna Barshay is an experienced investment veteran who has industry expertise in apparel, e-commerce, media, retail, and all other consumer industries. She has more than seventeen years of experience in this industry. 

She has also worked for hedge funds like Buckingham Capital, Metropolitan Capital, LaGrange Capital, and Sky Zone Capital as an equity long/short portfolio manager. In addition to that, Berna Barshay has additional work experience as a management consultant, equity derivatives trader, strategic advisor, and CFO. 

Speaking of her educational background, she has an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School.

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Empire Market Insider Review: What You Get as a Subscriber

Berna Barshay’s Empire Market Insider is a new investment research service that will be published by Empire Financial Research. It is her first premium newsletter and she will be providing insights into the stocks she reckons few investors pay attention to. She calls it the “hidden corner” of the market.

Berna Barshay is confident that joining will be the best financial decision you make because it is a rare and unique opportunity where you will get access to it at a discount.

Let’s now find out what benefits you get when you sign up for Berna Barshay’s Empire Market Insider.

  • Access to Berna’s newest report — Three Stocks to Own for the Roaring ’20s Redux. This is a detailed and comprehensive report that will point you to Berna’s three favorite stocks. Each of these stocks has the potential to earn you tremendous gains in the coming months.
  • Subscribers should have access to all the monthly issues of Empire Market Insider. Each month you will get complete market updates, market trends, small- to mid-cap stock ideas, actionable stock advice, and clear and concise trading instructions.
  • Access to The Empire Market Insider Manifesto — This is an in-depth report that will explain how Berna operates, how she finds the right opportunities for you, and what her special tips for professional investing are.
  • You will also have access to The Empire Market Insider Members-Only Website where you will get access to Berna’s special reports, videos, monthly updates, stock alerts, and her model portfolio.
  • You will have access to Empire Market Insider Member Services Team. 

How much is the Empire Market Insider Subscription Fee?

If you sign up for the Empire Market Insider through the link at the bottom of the presentation, you get a 60% discount. 

So, instead of paying the usual $5,000, you only pay $1,900. Note that this offer is only available through the presentation and its availability can change any time without warning.

What is the Empire Market Insider Refund Policy?

Unfortunately, Empire Market Insider does not have a refund policy. Therefore, once you pay for it, they get to keep your money even if you are displeased with the service.

There is a provision of a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to cancel your membership within the first 30 days and divert that membership fee to any other newsletter offered by Empire Financial Research.

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Pros of Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator

  • You will get access to Berna Barshay’s market insights, investment trends, and some of her hand-picked recommendations at a discount.
  • If you join Empire Market Insider through the link provided, the subscription is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is applicable for the first 30 days of purchase.
  • Berna Barshay is a competent investment analyst with more than 17 years of experience.

Cons of Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator

  • The subscription fee is quite costly even with a 60% discount because it will set you back $1999.
  • There are no refunds once you join the newsletter.

Is Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator Legit?

Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator is a legit presentation because it features competent financial analysts who talk about a valid investment strategy. The strategy on which they focus on is designed by Berna Barshay who is an investment analyst with close to 17 years of experience in this industry. She is ready to share with you her best stock investment ideas so that you can earn profits and build your wealth.

Empire Market Insider is also legit because it features her investment ideas and it is published by a publishing company (Empire Financial Research) that I have found to be legit in my Empire Financial Research review.

Empire Financial’s Wealth Accelerator Verdict

If you would like to get market updates and unique stock picking ideas from Berna Barshay, then Empire Market Insider is worth a try. As she said in the Wealth Accelerator, she wants to give you a woman’s perspective to the investment world and this means that you will learn about some companies you’d typically overlook in your analysis.

She combines her competence and expertise as an experienced analyst and portfolio manager with her gut instincts to give you access to market trends that you can leverage to earn profits. Subscribers to Empire Market Insider will be entitled to a range of other benefits. 

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Is Empire Financial's Wealth Accelerator Legit? 7

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