Extreme Home Paycheck – Xtreme Scam!

Extreme Home Paycheck (aka Xtreme Home Paycheck) is a new scam that I’ve been taking a look at in more detail. I noticed that a few people have been promoting this so I was wondering what exactly it was all about. After doing some research it’s pretty obvious and here on this page I want to share all the details.

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Extreme Home Paycheck – Overview

So what is this new system all about? The first thing you should understand is that this “new” system is not actually new at all. It’s just a rebrand of a number of other scam websites like Home Jobs Now and Complete Profit Code. I’m not sure why but literally every couple of weeks this scam rebrands itself. Maybe they are trying to get away from the negative reviews that pop up on Google about them, who knows. One thing for sure is that this system hasn’t changed, all that happens is it gets renamed every few weeks.

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I bet the screen shot above looks pretty familiar right apart from it says Home Jobs Now instead of Extreme Home Paycheck (Xtreme Home Paycheck), right? It’s exactly the same website, the only different is they registered a new domain, cloned their website and changed the logo! All the endorsements are fake, and they are misleading in my opinion because they make it seem like this particular website has been featured on the likes of MSNBC and CNN but in actual fact it hasn’t. It states that “work from home opportunities” have been featured on this news publications, not this actual website.

Extreme Home Paycheck = Scam

In my opinion Extreme Home Paycheck System is nothing but a nasty scam that is out to steal your money. It’s listed on a bunch of affiliate networks where other affiliate marketers can sign up and promote it. In other words they will no doubt spam their emails lists in order to earn a commission for referring you to this system. There’s nothing really wrong about that however many of these affiliates use email spam to promote it. Chances are you are on my blog right now because you received an email about Extreme Home Paycheck and now you’re wondering what the heck this system is all about.

My honest opinion and recommendation is to avoid it. Ultimately you are wasting your time by going any further because you are being led into a scam. The people behind this website don’t care about your success and in a week, 2 weeks, maybe 3 they will close this website down, and re-launch it under another name ready to scam more people. Perhaps they’ll call it Extreme Home Income or something else similar. All I really know is that this scam keeps rebranding itself over and over and in my opinion it’s not worth your time. You’ll get sucked into a bunch of pointless up-sells that serve only to empty your wallet, they will not help you actually make the kind of money that is claimed.

Websites like this make such bold statements about income. I’ve found in my experience that rarely are they true and even with the most successful systems out there only a handful of people ever make that kind of money. That is why I moved on from promoting these kind of systems because ultimately very few people ever find success. I would rather recommend a genuine training that I think can help you build a real income (see my no.1 recommendation below).

What Do I Recommend?

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Extreme Home Paycheck - Xtreme Scam! 7

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