Home Jobs Now Scam – Don’t Buy It!

Home Jobs Now is a big fat scam and I’m not recommending it. Today I’m sharing my full review and opinion on the Home Jobs Now website, giving you all the details so you know to avoid it.

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Home Jobs Now – Overview

So the first thing I notice about the Home Jobs Now website is that this is not a new scam. In fact the guys behind this scam website have rebranded this over and over again. It’s gone by similar names in the past like Auto Home Profits and seems to keep getting re-invented. My guess is that once they’ve scammed enough people they re-launch the website under a new name and start their scam off all over again.

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They claim that you can make $379 a day working from home and all it takes is 60 minutes a day. It’s a certified and proven guaranteed home job. All of that is a lie because there is no such thing as a home job that pays $379 per day. At least not to regular people who just want to make extra money online.

The truth is that this scam system is being promoted on various affiliate networks and many people are signing up to promote it in order to make money. These people do not care about your success, all they care about is extracting as much money as possible from your wallet. A lot of the people who are behind other scams online like The Money Academy and Affiliate Millionaire Club are simply spamming their email lists with promotions for this scam.

Is Home Jobs Now A Scam?

I’m 100% confident that Home Jobs Now is a scam because I’ve seen many different systems like this and they have all turned out to be scams. And I have reviewed an identical system to this one that simply had a different name. Everything else about it was the same. Another reason is that I’ve reviewed literally 150+ systems in the past few months and to be quite honest I find it pretty easy based on my experience to spot scams.

Home Jobs Now has all the signs of a scam. First off it’s using unethical persuasion methods like using fake endorsements and false scarcity. They tell you they have been featured on huge websites like CNN, Fox News, USA Today and some others too. The reason they do this is because they know if you think they’ve been on these big brand websites you’ll be more likely to trust them and actually sign up. There’s nothing wrong with doing this when the endorsements are real and accurate but in the case of Home Jobs Now they are completely fake which makes this website a fraud.

Home Jobs Now = Waste Of Time

They’ve done a good job of making their website look convincing for the average person who just wants to make some extra money online but unfortunately it’s a complete load of BS and if you sign up you will only end up wasting not only your money but also your time. I personally recommend avoiding this system and instead taking a look at my recommendation below.

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Home Jobs Now Scam - Don't Buy It! 7

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